Defense, David Johnson push Cardinals to much needed victory


The Cardinals needed a win. Their defense and the 49ers obliged.

The 49ers scored first, but the Cardinals flexed their muscle from there and went on to score an important road win Thursday night, 33-21.

Drew Stanton threw two touchdown passes to Larry Fitzgerald, but the Cardinals took control by forcing turnovers and running David Johnson right at an overmatched defense. Johnson ended up rushing for 157 yards and two touchdowns.

The Cardinals sacked 49ers quarterback Blaine Gabbert seven times and intercepted him twice, both leading to points.

The game started with seven consecutive punts before the offenses got rolling. Fitzgerald caught a 21-yard touchdown pass late in the first half to tie the game, then caught a 29-yard touchdown pass in the third quarter to make it 21-7.

The teams traded scores from there, but Marcus Cooper’s interception set up a field goal to make it 24-14, then Johnson’s second touchdown run with 4:44 left made it 31-14 and basically sealed it. The 49ers scored again, then the Cardinals tacked on a safety on a Calais Campbell sack in the final 90 minutes.

Campbell also had an interception to set up Fitzgerald’s first touchdown.

Gabbert threw for 162 yards. Jeremy Kerley caught eight passes for 102 yards and became the first 49ers players in 15 games to go over 100 yards receiving.

Stanton was only 11-of-28 for 124 yards but he didn’t turn the ball over. Fitzgerald caught six passes for 81 yards.

The Cardinals snap a two-game losing streak and improve to 2-3. The 49ers, losers of four straight, are 1-4.

The Cardinals host the Jets Oct. 17 on Monday Night Football. The 49ers are at the Bills Oct. 16.

31 responses to “Defense, David Johnson push Cardinals to much needed victory

  1. EX 49ers fan glad to see they lost another game! Ugly anti-America protests at every game, disgraceful players, horrid team, clueless coach, half empty stadium, most dysfunctional front office and ownership group in the sport….
    Trashed every piece of Niner gear I owned at the beginning of the season and feeling really good about that decision.

  2. Ditch the Thursday night experiment. Looked like there were 100 people at the game. The NFL is evolving into the arena football league

  3. I can’t believe that, even after that horrible game he played (save for a few nice rushes), Gabbert didn’t at least have the basic decency to give the ball to Carlos Hyde on 1st & goal from the 1-freaking-yard line. Hyde would’ve scored easily, at least as a reward for his hard work.
    No, instead that moron Gabbert had to keep the ball for himself. I’d understand if it was 3rd down after getting stuffed a couple of times, but you don’t do that on 1st down!!

  4. I wish someone would explain the 49ers run game to me. They seem to run a read option 20 times a game, but then give the RB the ball with no blocking at all and have him plow into the line for 2 yards.

  5. To the guy who is an ex-Niner fan. Get off your high horse. You’re going to let Kaperchoke’s “anti-American” protest make you not a fan and burn all your Niner gear. You realize it’s your choice whether you are offended or not right? So sick of weak people being offended or hurt by what other people do that doesnt even affect you. Everyone has to be a victim. Try going through life only being affected by your own actions and decisions. It’s a good way to live. If someone wants to fear God or be an atheist my needle doesn’t move. If my neighbor is gay or straight I don’t even notice. If someone sits during the anthem or watches Fox News all day getting all angry in there living room I couldn’t care less. If it doesn’t affect my friends or family it’s all good to me. Your probably the same guy who gets all worked up that you can’t say merry Christmas. You can say it just like someone else can say happy holidays or God isn’t real. Who cares and why would you burn any calories on being a whiny baby victim??

  6. i’ve seen some bad quarterback play (being a cowboys fan, admittedly, last year was a pitri dish of bad quarterback play) but this Gabbert is a different type of stink. good lord, i mean–i don’t have the words to describe the atrocity that my eyes witnessed, just disturbing.

  7. Big win for the Cardinals. They have obviously been pressing. This win should do a lot to get the team to relax. 10 days off, and a chance to get some players back including Palmer will make a big difference when the Cardinals take on the Jets

  8. Heres a fact thats not talked about much because they have been winning. STEVE KEIM HAS NOT DRAFTED THAT WELL. I’ll start with the good. He found a gem in David Johnson in the 3rd round, although the guy they had targeted got picked a few picks earlier and they “settled” for David Johnson.

    First rounders: Drafted Buchanan in the first round at safety who couldn’t beat out any of their other safeties due to his lack of intelligence and inability to play the pass. So BA turned him into a 210 WLB. He Drafted DJ Humphries in the first round and he was inactive EVERY SINGLE GAME as a rookie. He Drafted Nkemdiche who is a 4-3DT…but the Cards play a 3-4 Hybrid scheme and he can’t even get on the field. Michael Floyd can’t catch a cold and has been demoted for a guy who was an undrafted free agent. Honey Badger is a GREAT football player without a true position. Again, BA uses him everywhere. He’s too slow to play corner and to small to play safety. Credit to BA

    BA has covered many of Keims mistakes with his coaching but here are some facts. Among GMs at the helm in 12-13, here are the facts of GMs with rookies on the All Rookie Team. Dave Caldwell-Jacksonville (0 for 17). Doug Whaley-Buffalo (1 for 15). John Dorsey-KC (1 for 14). Steve Keim-Arizona (2 for 16). The bottom 4 in the NFL..#AbsoluteTruth

  9. Seattle fans had already given up at this point in the season in 2015, then later celebrated a second place finish and sneaking past the first round. The Cardinals are better than that, and they are better than you.

  10. “I cannot stand and sing the anthem. I cannot salute the flag; I know that I am a black man in a white world.”

    ^^Like the ugly anti-American who said that huh? (Jackie Robinson)


    thermalito says:Oct 6, 2016 11:36 PM

    EX 49ers fan glad to see they lost another game! Ugly anti-America protests at every game

  11. number1hawkfan says:
    Oct 7, 2016 12:45 AM

    To the guy who is an ex-Niner fan. Get off your high horse. You’re going to let Kaperchoke’s “anti-American” protest make you not a fan and burn all your Niner gear. You realize it’s your choice whether you are offended or not right


    Holy crap did hell freeze over cause I just agreed with this guy.

    As for game, I said it before and I’ll say it again: Jed York and his sheister parents should sell the team out of shame but they don’t posses the integrity to recognize the emotion.

  12. jmc8888 says:

    The reports of the Cardinals playoff death are greatly exaggerated.
    “Greatly?” They’re terrible. You were lucky to be playing an equally terrible team that went Aquib Talib on themselves.

    The Seahawks will have this division put away by Christmas

  13. No horse in this NFCW battle, but if Cards fans think their team is back on track after that win, they must still be drunk from drinking enough to make last night’s game watchable.

  14. The Seachickens haven’t been better than second place for more than a year now.


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