DeMarcus Lawrence’s 2016 debut may be affected by back injury


Cowboys defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli said earlier this week that he “can’t wait” to have defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence back in the lineup now that Lawrence’s four-game suspension has come to an end.

It may be another day or two before Marinelli finds out if he’ll have to wait.

Lawrence had back surgery early in the offseason, which didn’t stop him from practicing during training camp or playing in two preseason games. He was limited in Wednesday’s practice, however, and coach Jason Garrett said that it wasn’t just because he was returning from a long layoff.

“He obviously was suspended for the first four weeks, and then the other part of it was he was dealing with a back injury,” Garrett said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “He did limited work yesterday and did a good job with that work and hopefully he can progress as the week goes on.”

Lawrence was on the field at Thursday’s practice during the portion open to the media, so the issue isn’t great enough to rule out his 2016 debut against the Bengals this weekend. The Cowboys hope Lawrence’s return boosts a pass rush that has produced six sacks without him in the first four weeks.

7 responses to “DeMarcus Lawrence’s 2016 debut may be affected by back injury

  1. just let him sit….haven’t had him the 1st 4 games, another week to heal isn’t gonna make or break the season

  2. If he needs to sit, sit him.
    The team has got on without him.

    Also cut Gregory and McClain. Why are those bums still on the team? Imagine all three of these guys as sober and playing their tails off? Dallas would for sure be 4-0 and Romo wouldn’t be coming back.

    But alas, we have Jerry.

  3. Jesus christ man do we have anybody on this team that is healthy? I feel like ever since we hired the strength and conditioning coach from NE our guys have been unhealthy as all get out.

  4. What is with all these back issues on the cowboys? Romo, T Smith, Bailey, Tapper, and now Lawrence…what’s up?

  5. Why in the He** was he playing in the preseason after surgery……when he had nothing to prepare for.

    I know Jason Garrett ultimately has no control in the decision making because JJ decides if players are healthy and can stand during the national anthem but it just getting harder and harder to be a fan of this clown show.

  6. We really NEED him on the D, if he is good to go! If not, then so be it…..It’s gotten to a point this season, where with our injuries, nothing surprises me 🙂

  7. A lot of people on the team are nursing the same injury. like they say “must be in the water” which in this case, must be some drill exercise / conditioning that has to change. Evidently it’s not working.

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