Giants owner on OBJ: “Sometimes he goes a little too far”

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The conversation about the recent outbursts of Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has reached the Vatican.

Of course, the Pope hasn’t weighed in yet (we’re still waiting for his hot take on Colin Kaepernick), but Giants owner John Mara was at a conference on faith and sport in Vatican City, and offered his thoughts on his most visible and volatile employee.

“He’s a young man who is very emotional but he’s basically a very good young man who does a lot of good things off the field,” Mara said, via the Associated Press. “But he plays the game with a lot of passion and sometimes he goes a little too far. . . .

“But that’s true with a lot of players. Unfortunately for him it seems like everybody’s focused on him right now.”

They’re focused on him primarily because Beckham continues to make a spectacle of himself, one visible even from the Holy See. But Mara’s response is interesting, as the team would clearly like Beckham to settle down, without running the risk of alienating one of their best players.

28 responses to “Giants owner on OBJ: “Sometimes he goes a little too far”

  1. Not obj biggest fan but hes only got 1 penalty which came off a late hit out of bounds. A lot of overreaction and throwing him under the bus going on. Not much about Eli’s game killing picks though..

  2. I remember when NFL had diva receivers like Terrell and Randy and Keyshawn all playing at same time.

    Odell is kind of a throwback to those days with all his Lifetime-original movie drama.

  3. He’s just very emotionally fragile, like females are. He needs to toughen himself up and stop having little hissyfits and crying.

  4. The heavy bleach he uses in his hair is affecting his brain. Great talent but a mind of a 15 year old. Hope you are reading this OBJ. Get you sh*t together When you are double teamed they can’t get the ball to you. You snack one more player and the media and public and your team, are going to bury you kid. Stop the BS you know you are better then that

    Unforetunately you have now set yourself up to be harassed by all defenses. Deal with it

  5. Hey, his antics overshadowed my team’s win last week — nothing wrong with flying under the radar.

  6. At the rate this is headed, next week we’ll all get told about how OBJ is a “victim”

  7. Mara is mad that Josh Norman exposed OBJr…that’s why the Redskins were penalized for “shooting a bow and arrow”….but the Saints weren’t when Brandin Cooks did it …neither were the Seahawks when Doug Baldwin did it…neither were the Cheifs when Travis Kelce did it….

    Redskins Name Bias in affect…

  8. If eli was playing just like an average QB this wouldnt be a story. Im a huge Giants fan (and an eli fan for that matter) and basically eli, who is BY FAR the main problem with the Giants right now, is getting a totally undeserved free pass.

    I guess once you win a couple of rings you can basically play like complete garbage and nobody in the organization will say anything to you.

  9. I am 7′ 6″ and I am offended by the “giants” name. Anyway, I’m pretty sure Odell is going to figure this out real quick. This thing has reached critical mass and EVERYONE is talking about it. Thus, the truth will finally set in for the diva receiver. He will change his ways this week and you will see very little emotion from him.

  10. I genuinely hope Titus Young swaps roles with Odell Beckham. Either way, Beckham is headed there, at least let Titus out of the cage.

  11. No one in the organization has OBJ’s back. Not teammates, not qb, not head coach, now the owner weighs in. So when OBJ is getting mugged out of bounds at other team’s bench, don’t be shocked that OBJ is the only one who cares about it.

  12. I am telling you, this kid only has his hackles up because of Eli insisting that he gets to beat off in that white hair of his!!!!

  13. Coughlin would have handled this IN-HOUSE, had he not been run out of town 😦 I hope he is somewhere chuckling to himself. Eli and McAdoo could learn a few pointers, and not speak out publicly in the media!
    I only thought that Mara laid awake at night trying to figure out how he could screw over his division rivals!!!
    That said, OBJ needs help in dealing with this, and it appears McAdoo is in over his head…… arwiv,,,you hit the nail on the head, imo, Sir…..

  14. Those making excuses for this guy are the same people that don’t discipline their kids at a young age and then wonder why they become spoiled brats as teenagers.

  15. Coughlin wouldn’t have done jack squat. That senile old buzzard didn’t even know that OBJ was out there racking up 3 personal fouls in that game where OBJ and Josh Norman were having a cage match.

  16. If only they played Seattle this year, Sherman would have a field day with him. Some might disagree and say “Well if they make the playoffs, they could match up”, but we know that isn’t going to happen.

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