Julian Edelman added to Patriots injury report

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The Patriots made an addition to their injury report after Thursday’s practice.

Wide receiver Julian Edelman wasn’t on Wednesday’s report, but popped up as a limited participant in practice with his foot given as the reason. There aren’t any details about the reason for the change in status.

Some of the options include Edelman getting hurt during practice or getting a rest day, although chances aren’t good that the Patriots will be providing any more information. Edelman broke his foot last November and had two surgeries since suffering that injury. He spent some time on the physically unable to perform list at the start of training camp, but has been in action for all four of the team’s games in the regular season.

Friday will bring another practice and a final injury report for the week, which will provide more of an idea about how the foot issue might impact Edelman against the Browns this weekend.

21 responses to “Julian Edelman added to Patriots injury report

  1. Let’s be real. After the officiating the last few weeks against the “bad teams” pretty sure the league has already fined the entire Browns team for unsportmanlike conduct and awarded 4 fumble recoveries and an interception to the Patriots and the game hasn’t even been played yet.

  2. dumbaseinstien says:
    Oct 6, 2016 6:19 PM

    Belicheat likely cheated Edelman out of necessary rest…

    It’s sad that there can still be individuals that continue to believe that the Patriots cheated.
    (I guess the Bell Curve needs to have those people on the left side to balance things out).

    Considering that the following information has been available for many months:

    • Science says that footballs lose PSI when moved to where it is cold. (actually this one has been true since the invention of footballs).

    • Scientists have stated that the weather explains the deflation.

    • Numerous videos are available online where you can watch the PSI drop on PSI gauges when footballs are placed into refrigerators.

    • The NFL continues to keep the PSI information secret even though it was collected during the 2015 season.

  3. All of the Patriots receivers could have broken feet this week and the Browns will still lose.

  4. With Brady back, the Pats do not need anyone else, per Pats fans. He can run like Jim Brown, Throw the deep ball like Unitas, has the speed of Bob Hayes, and block like the entire Dallas line single handedly.
    He will throw the ball, then, run down and catch it, juking all the defenders to the end zone every play.

  5. CHOLO chumplitios es,too funny, how the hell you gonna feel when the win less Brown’s school that arse,that’s European Einsteins, that’s right babrady take’s a beat down,too dam funny, check out the champions chasing another championship… Still undefeated..feasting. BC-WW—-70 day’s left, we can’t wait

  6. yummmm. haters tears…extra salty today. keep it coming. science deniers. In your Trump induced alter world money grows on trees.

  7. dumbaseinstien says:
    Oct 6, 2016 6:19 PM

    Belicheat likely cheated Edelman out of necessary rest…

    Awe…how cute, nicknames. Yay Trolls! Don’t forget the cute little # to make the Troll post complete next time…

    20+ Years of NFL DOMINANCE and there is nothing you can do about it!

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