Malcolm Jenkins: Players avoid talking about Trump in locker room


The divisive presidential campaign has yet to actually divide many locker rooms, possibly because NFL players realize the pitfalls of discussing and debating such a contentious issue.

“Donald Trump is a divisive name in a locker room,” Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins said Thursday, via Josh Paunil of “A lot of guys will talk politics, but usually not about Trump. Those might get a little heated depending on who you’re talking to. . . . There’s some hardcore Trump fans in this locker room . . . which is fine.”

The presence of Trump fans arises in part from the impact of Republican economic policies on those who are kicking ass economically.

“Usually, in this locker room, everybody’s in the top tax bracket,” Jenkins said. “The Republican Party is usually nice on the pockets. That’s probably the No. 1 reason. But personally, the rest of my family is not in this tax bracket, so I usually tend to vote for the majority of who my loved ones are.”

Jenkins is troubled by his belief that Trump’s campaign reflects a lack of empathy.

“If I were to bring up the reasons that I didn’t like Trump — he says borderline racist things and says crazy things about women — the argument is probably going to be some way to justify it as opposed to understanding the impact that has on a person of color,” Jenkins said.

So maybe it’s good that the presidential campaign hasn’t been a subject of discussion and debate in the Philly locker room. As the election approaches, however, it may be unavoidable. Especially if Trump ultimately wins.

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  1. That’s the ONLY reason people vote Republican. They’re either rich, and money is more important than anything else to them, or they’re raised in a family who have ALWAYS voted republican, no matter the nominee.

  2. Here we go again, putting in your biased liberal leanings into the article. Seriously how people think that Democrats treat poor people better by keeping them down economically, thus needing to feed off the government their whole life is anybody’s guess. Work hard, earn a good living and Democrats hate you… They’d much rather you put yourself on welfare and vote democratic your whole life.

  3. Billions sent into low income Democratically controlled neighborhoods and they still graduate at a 6th grade reading level. But it’s Trumps fault. Don’t think so. Introduce yourselves to the mirror.

  4. We really need a bold outsider that Trump is. This election isn’t about Republican vs Democrat, male vs potential 1st female president, this is about Nationalism the vs Globalism. Globalism wants to strip down the very core principles of what America was founded.

  5. Dear Malcolm Jenkins:

    You signed a four-year, $35M deal with $21M in guaranteed money. While most of your family might not be in your tax bracket, how about voting for the guy that let’s you keep most of your money and then using that money to help your family. Instead, you’d vote for someone that takes more of your money, does whatever it wants with it, and your struggling family keeps struggling.

  6. More people will be voting for Trump than the media is leading us to believe, the silent majority will speak. Where did the last 8 years get us? Where have we gone since LBJ’s Great Society program, except more welfare which deprives generations of people in the long run.

    When Obama was running many of the players were very vocal supporters, who is going to bat for Hillary…….crickets.

  7. Too bad, Trump fans, but he’s going to lose. If he wasn’t such an absolutely disgusting human being he might have had a chance.

  8. The country is so economically illiterate. It’s depressing.

    Can we just elect people who will take a wrecking ball to the 10K page tax code, thousand page laws, and pretty much the entire practice of bureaucrats writing ungodly numbers of rules and regulations that limit the economy to 1% growth?

  9. As an independent I would be voting Republican in this election if they hadnt picked on of the worst people on the planet to represent them. He really is an embarrassment to the country.

  10. Most small business owners vote republican, not because they are deep in the pockets, but becAuse the economic policies and regulations that liberals in office impose. Not to mention obamacare which has destroyed the middle class and has put an impossible burden on small businesses

  11. I know several people who found financial freedom thanks to the Democrats. My neighbor for example, had to get a second job to pay for his insurance after the Affordable Care Act caused his premiums to jump 63% in 2 years. One night after leaving job #2, he was hit by a drunk truck driver. Insurance settlement of just over $600K. Can you imagine what he could with that money? That is if he wasn’t a paraplegic.

  12. Taxes never go down they are collected and divided into two general funding spigots:
    1]the Military and Big Business Welfare/Tax relief —or— 2]Social Programs and relief programs for poor & indigent.

    Conservative think tanks suggested courting the lower income white vote (Reagan revolt) and created a coalition of greed, ignorance, & self certitude .

    The government is a Monster you create to protect you from bigger Monsters. — because The bigger monster wants it all

  13. Gotta hand it to him. He has the Democrat talking points down pat. Funny how the Republicans are bad for poor people yet cities like Detroit, Newark, Philly, etc haven’t had a Republican in power in a half a century or more.

  14. bigswifty74 says:
    Oct 6, 2016 5:11 PM
    That’s the ONLY reason people vote Republican. They’re either rich, and money is more important than anything else to them, or they’re raised in a family who have ALWAYS voted republican, no matter the nominee.


    I can see you put a lot of deep, considerate thought into this before you painted millions upon millions of your countrymen with such a broad brush. Well done!

  15. Yes because I trust the government to take care of my family more then I trust myself. They’ve been proven to be so good with money in the past. It’s why Social Security is over flowing with money and is no way insolvent. I mean who would want the money they have been working hard to acquire over their entire life to be in there own bank account. When you can just give it to the government and have them use it to pay off money they spent decades ago.

  16. Trump2016! Trump has employed more minorities than Hillary ever could. And has been close with so many black folks, it is ridiculous. But for some reason, building a wall and avoiding potential terrorists is so ‘Racist’..these athletes are so disgusting.

  17. riderspantherssk says:
    Oct 6, 2016 7:20 PM

    Yeah, all those Democratic enclaves like Baltimore and Detroit are doing so well…
    Check out Sam Brownback’s Republican experiment in Kansas. Here’s a hint: It didn’t go well.

  18. There are a lot of Republicans who think Trump is garbage, not to mention not being an actual Republican, much less a human being.

    But at this point no one’s oponion is going to change.

  19. There are a lot of people here who just don’t get it.

    Dems, GOP, both parties are utterly and totally corrupt.

    Both parties are owned by corporate influence peddlers.

    Both parties do not even begin to have the best interests of the country as their goal.

    In fact their one and only goal is to steal and divert as much public money as possible to their corporate owners who have paid the bribe for them to do so.

    It really doesn’t matter who wins between these two terrible candidates. Either one will continue to run the country into the ground and screw everyone not in that top tax bracket.

  20. There have been other politicians, in the last century of western civilization, that people just tried to ignore talking about, hoping that the person would just fade away. A few times that didn’t work out so well and it was a little too late by the time people realized that they should have spoken up sooner.

  21. You want liberal ideas.see Detroit.the great unwashed it’s the only way democrats can win.that and cheating

  22. There are a lot of Republicans who think Trump is garbage, not to mention not being an actual Republican, much less a human being.

    But at this point no one’s oponion is going to change.


    Thats exactly why he’s getting as many votes as he is you fool. The republicans that hate him aren’t even Republicans. They are status quo politicians. You th8jk every democrat likes clint9n ? Lololol

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