NFL loosens social media limits for teams

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As the NFL continues the process of dipping a toe in the water regarding the streaming of games, the league has opted to loosen the limits on the ability of teams to post video content on their social media accounts.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the league has relaxed previously tight restrictions on the ability of franchises to use game content and other footage recorded in the stadium on game days. The video can be used on any platform.

When it comes to Facebook Live, the rules remain rigid. Teams will now be permitted to stream press conferences during the week on Facebook Live, but not much more than that.

With the expanded ability to use video on social apparently comes an increased price for violating the new rules. Via Albert Breer of, a memo circulated this week to the teams specifies that a first offense triggers a fine of up to $25,000 for a first offense, up to $50,000 for a second offense, and up to $100,000 for a third offense.

Still, these enhanced penalties come with the enhanced ability to use social media, which ultimately could be one of the key devices for gathering an audience of millions through platforms unrelated to traditional TV.

8 responses to “NFL loosens social media limits for teams

  1. “Still, these enhanced penalties come with the enhanced ability to use social media, which ultimately could be one of the…”

    …biggest mistakes they’ve ever made. Has any of them even seen what happens on social media?

  2. Take it a step deeper and examine how social media has impacted the television ratings year-over-year, game-by-game. What are the projections?

  3. Nobody will ever accuse BB of abusing social media like “Spacebook or Myface.”

  4. Why the HELL is the NFL so damn strict?

    THAT’S what killing the product. Not kneeling during anthems! Look, most of you get up and fill the bowl with nachos during the anthem – stop pretending like you stand up off your couch with hand to heart.

    I’m 30, so I know the Madden generation very well. And when you look at the depth of NBA2K’s Career Mode (even FIFA’s) it’s not hard to see why young people are straying from football when there is more immersion with other sports games. For those who think that doesn’t matter, you’re not realizing that Soccer (a sport I personally can’t stand) is GROWING in popularity in the US. And you’re probably not seeing how much more popular on social media the NBA is than the NFL.

    Youth is who you must cater too, and this generation of youth is accustomed to full access, products that pander to the audience (not the other way around), and new money. The NFL is old money, rips off its consumers with pure greed, and then pulls nonsense like this. Keep killing yourself NFL.

  5. Ask Lehman Brothers or the Titanic if the “too big to fail” strategy works.

    This restrictiveness breeds distrust and disdain amongst fans. It also smacks of, “you’ll eat what we give you, you’re lucky we even give you this”.

    Young people today don’t go for that old-money BS. I knew things were getting ridiculous when the NFL removed tattoos from Create-A-Player from Madden. Didn’t seem like a big deal then, and may not seem like one to many now. But this is what the NFL does.

    They try to create a narrative and an image that everyone knows isn’t true. They refuse to accept reality. They lie. They’re motivated by greed. They’re basically a politician.

  6. The kneeling benchwarmer will be very pleased with this.
    He’s a social media pro.

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