Chip Kelly on if he’ll consider QB change: “We’re going to look at everything”

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After another completely uninspiring performance by Blaine Gabbert, 49ers head coach Chip Kelly left the door open on the possibility of making a change at quarterback after Thursday night’s 33-21 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

According to Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News, Kelly was asked if the quarterback position will be re-assessed after a fourth straight defeat.

I think we’re going to look at everything,” Kelly said. “I mean, we’re 1-4, we’ve got to make sure that we’re going out there and giving us the best chance to win, so we’re going to look at everything.”

Kelly has been adamant until now that Gabbert is the team’s starting quarterback. He’s said that Colin Kaepernick isn’t physically ready to be the starting quarterback as recently as 10 days ago.

But Gabbert is just not giving the 49ers much chance to win games. He passed for just 162 yards with a touchdown and two interception Thursday night against the Cardinals. He’s had just one game this season with a passer rating north of 90.0. He’s averaging a paltry 5.9 yards per attempt and has eclipsed 200 yards passing in just one game.

The 49ers next game isn’t for 10 days now when they travel to face the Buffalo Bills on Oct. 16. The extra few days could give the 49ers the chance to change quarterbacks with a few extra days to get up to speed in time for kickoff. If they don’t make a change now, they may have to wait until after their bye in Week 8.

Whether Kaepernick can be an improvement remains to be seen, but Gabbert is a known quantity at this point.

61 responses to “Chip Kelly on if he’ll consider QB change: “We’re going to look at everything”

  1. 1-4 already…. It’s too late. Kap will be better but it doesn’t matter who they get back there.

  2. I guess with a 1-4 record, and lackluster performances by Gabber, Chip doesn’t have much to lose by putting Keep in there. Surely he can’t be much worse. We all know that Chip CAN’T STAND Kape, but he may have to bite the bullet and put him out there if wants to have a chance to try to turn this season around. Problem is that Chip is so hard headed, it would be very difficult for him to eat crow and actually make the move. We all saw how he outcasted and treated the stars in Philly whom he didn’t like. He simply got rid of him. Just as he would have liked to do with Keep earlier this year, but nobody wanted him.

    It’s probably in his best interest to make a change at QB to see if they can get anything going this season. They just look bad….

  3. I feel bad for 49ers fans, this team is a mess. I don’t think starting Kap is the answer. He certainly wasn’t very good under Tomsula, and with a year layoff and all the off the field stuff, I’m not sure it’s going to workout for him either.

    Chip Kelly is just a bad coach. He assembled a poor staff, and he just doesn’t seem to connect with or inspire his players.

    The 49ers fans deserve better. Kelly is headed to LSU at some point, and hopefully a real coach will come in to help run this team.

    Oh, and glad to see the San Francisco faithful finally sending a message with the attendance to Jedd York about how stupid it was to move the team to Santa Clara. Kinda like moving Tampa Bay to Jacksonville and still saying they represent that city.

  4. After five games it’s obvious Gabbert is inaccurate and tentative with his throws, not unlike Kaepernick. Neither of them is ready for prime time, but Ponder looked good early on. Why not see what he can do by giving him some reps at practice, at least? Where would they find a better QB on the market now, even if York was willing to spend the $$$? … and don’t say, Johnny Manziel!

  5. It’s a no brainer just because of their style. If you travel halfway across the world to Buffalo, you might have a chance by making it running qb vs running qb. And even then, with this roster they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Call it the Harbaugh curse.

  6. And Kaepernick isn’t a known commodity? He’s been awful for most of the past three years as well as the worst locker room distraction imaginable

  7. The niners are waiting for a suddenly desperate team to call. It’s still early in the season, they are not going to risk Kaep. If they make a QB change, it will be Ponder.

    But considering how toxic Kaep is right now, that call may never come.

    Sleep well, Jed.

  8. Krap is not going to play! If he gets hurt the 49ers will lose more money on the bum! They should just put him in street clothes!! They just want to rid themselves of this bad apple!!

  9. I understand that the total yards thing is not pretty. He made a lot of clean throws when he was not getting hit. He was hit a few times before he finished his drop back.

    I’m not a fan of his or the team but it’s hard to run an offense so I’m not a homer. that line was scary bad.

    Plus great coaches plan their offense around personnel till they can get the players they want. John Fox did it and with Tebow and Michael Shanahan did it with RG3.

    I thought Chip Kelly should go back to Nike U.

  10. Watched Chip run that fraud of a offense that keeps a teams defense on the field for 40 minutes a game in Philly,if he really wants to help San Fran win just step down and go back to college ball where he belongs

  11. Chip Kelly other wise known as Rumplestiltskin spinning his straw into gold. To bad custom shakes and an offense consisting of 12 plays and no audibles can still fool coordinators just by going fast. The guy is nothing more then a High School coach at this point.

  12. When you have a quarterback controversy, that usually means neither is really that good and that’s the case here. Kaepernick was good before the NFL caught up with him and learned how to defense him as they do with every gimmick quarterback. Kelly and the 49ers should be in the market for a quarterback next offseason.

  13. gabbert is terrible but he’s better than the flat brim oppressed cry baby. Chips offence is a joke. Go back to college chinless your gimmick has ran its course

  14. At this point if they do t put Kap in and give him a shot it is solely because of the kneeling he’s done and nothing else. Gabe RT is who we thought he was, at least Kap has potential. And this is coming from a Hawks fan.

  15. Gabbert was overrated coming out of Missouri and I really don’t know how he’s still getting a chance now. Of course Chip is one of those guys with a huge ego who thinks he’s smarter than everyone else, and unless you’re Belichick, that thought process rarely works out for you.

  16. Yeah. Putting in the guy who is even worse, who will crumble mentally when he fails and continue to drag the team down with his message of ignorance is the answer.

    They suck. 7 should be gone already, but the 49ers are too stupid to get out of their own way

  17. Kaepernick and Ponder are both much better QBs than Gabbert on game day. And that’s the key. Coaches don’t get fired based on practice. Gabbert is the perfect “practice” QB. He looks great. That’s why he was a top ten pick. His college game tape stunk. His pro tape stinks. Joe Montana was probably the worst practice QB in history. You never know how good a QB is until he gets in the game. Kurt Warner would not have had an NFL career if Trent Green didn’t get hurt. Warner didn’t look as good in practice either.

  18. If the 49ers are smart they’ll draft one of the top quarterbacks coming out in the draft.

  19. edon8334 says:
    Oct 7, 2016 6:28 AM
    kaep won’t do much better that Gabbert… 4-12

    4-12? Who are the other three teams they are going to beat?

  20. charliecharger: So tell me coach, how did Kaepernick look on “game day” last year against this same Arizona team? I seem to remember two ugly pick sixes.
    While Gabbert is clearly a limited player having a very bad season, I do believe he is a better QB than he has shown. The Niners are an incredibly dysfunctional team and organization running a ridiculous cue card college offense that doesn’t work at the NFL level. The notion that Kaepernick who hasn’t seen live action in a year and was thoroughly terrible the last time he did play, is somehow a better option than Gabbert is laughable.

  21. It is reality Ctiggs, you’re not dreaming. You will not only lose the rest of the season, you will lose those games with a Ponder and Gabbert musical chair debacle. That Defense is pathetic and so is the coach. The Niner fans deserve every minute of this, the bandwagon has been exposed as you can see half the stadium was empty from the beginning of the game. There were more Cowboy jerseys last week kn Santa Clara. The Jim Harbaugh curse is real and dont expect this to end anytime soon, even with a top 3 pick Chip Kelly will burn it on a overhype defensive player (Peppers). Have fun in the dweller of that division where the fans belong.

  22. Chip looks out of his league, his problem is running a speed up offense w/o the proper personnel or a really great defense. This type offense worked in college because it’s simplistic, but he usually had the best players on the field, not some much in the NFL. The NFL defense know what’s coming, kind of looked like my Cowboys last year, just blah.

  23. Jim Harbaugh leaving said all you need to know about the Niners organization. He was a nut job, but he could coach.
    They need an organizational change in order to turn things around.
    As for Kaepernick, if I were the owner he’d never play another snap in the NFL again. Even if I had to pay him millions to sit on the bench, I’d do it.
    The only place Kaepernick should be is in the Middle East with his camel.

  24. It’s not the quarterback. It’s the coach. The worst quarterback on the field by far was playing for Arizona, and they won the game.

    Kaepernick? He’s not even a quarterback. He should switch positions to receiver. I can understand why he’s not playing.

  25. It’s actually a good thing they don’t have a good QB on the roster because seeing somebody with a future in the league risk his career behind that line would be criminal.

  26. 49ers have hired back to back stink coaches. Kaepernick seemed fine under Harbaugh,heck he got em within a overthrow of a title but the same folks who call the NFL soft are hurt by a guy who reached down and grabbed and did something no one would do. If you rather sink your season over something not illegal according to the US Code then by all means go ahead. Murder, assault and drug deal,you get a reprieve. Quietly protest and you’re scum. Enjoy your selective morality and lost season.

  27. The idea that putting Santa Clara’s throwing running back social justice warrior in will make any difference is laughable. This entire team and franchise are a disgrace

  28. They’re gonna look at everything? Look at how Trent Baalke didn’t pick Dak Prescott. Look at how Trent Baalke left Jeff Driskel unprotected and lost him. Look at how Trent Baalke made no significant FA pick-ups, even though the team has $40+ million in cap space. After you’ve looked at all that, look at how Jed York is completely clueless by allowing Baalke to keep destroying the team and look at how Jed York built an oven in Santa Clara where fans probably wouldn’t want to cook themselves even if the team was decent (it’s not and will never be under these two buffoons).

  29. Gabbert is not great but the bigger problem is the next guy up is focused on everything but football mentally right now. I’d rather have the guy who’s all in on his job.

  30. Really? Considering Kaepernick isn’t up to his full strength, Gabbert is outplaying him at practice (asked at the presser) and at the presser Kelly’s reaction to now that Kaepernick is starting question, Gabbert is staying the starter.

  31. Hyde’s penalty after a good run, roughing the kicker, dropped passes, turnovers, sacks, missed passes, missed tackles are on the players. Celek has hands of stone. The amount of time the defense is on the field is negated by the TV timeouts that occur after each possession. The defense needs to get off the field.

  32. yeah.. Kaepernick was set with harbaugh: they had a team with those two. the ressurgent 49ers. but now it has to be kelly going 100% non-stop commitment with Kap(just like harbaugh did with Kap over alex smith, who even left his helmet on out of protest) or they dont EVER have a chance to be who they were 4 years ago… 100%, because the media will goad kelly relentlessly.

  33. These are the teams that have Krapernick & members of his Klan.

    I will not be watching


  34. the “management” of this team has stacked the deck against every player on the field. Gabbert sucks. Kaep is better, there is no question. This team is hosed either way.

    The NFL, on the other hand, is making the product less and less watchable with BS calls like the “taunting” call that happened last night. Seriously? When a defender does the same thing after a sack, it’s ignored. When a bunch of players do it in the end-zone, it is largely ignored. They allow murderers, rapists, and the like play after “disciplinary measures”. But a guy wants to flex after a beastly run, and it’s a flag. Another guy likes to grab his nuts and star at another team as he jumps the plane into the end zone, but that isn’t taunting? SMH.

    Ratings will continue to drop and the “sport” of football will be gone in 15 years or less. Get it all while you can, pigs (owners).

  35. Chip,
    Different City, Same Results. Looks like the city keeps picking the pile of dog poop instead of you landing in it.

    –Eagles Fans


  36. Favorite pressers are BB and Kelly because how bad they make the media look when it comes to football questions.

    The classic Kelly exchange was about the difference between the zone read and zone read option. After explaining the difference Kelly then told them there are times the QB gives the ball to the running back without reading the DE. One perplexed guy in the media asked what did Kelly call that? A hand off. After the laughter died down he went to the next question. It’s a high school offense to the people that don’t know what is being done.

  37. Ole Chipster needs to start sniffing around for another college gig…. his old them the Eagles…. man, he leaves and they look awesome. Meanwhile the 49er’s.. not so much. I heard there might be an opening at W. Kentucky…. Ole NFL self proclaimed guru… hang on… bwaa…. haa… haa… is flaming out in the NFL… back to college.. and hurry.

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