Joe Barry: I’m not doing a good enough job

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The season got off on the wrong foot for the Redskins with losses in their first two games, but things have stabilized with victories over the Giants and Browns the last two weeks to leave the team at 2-2 ahead of their short road trip to Baltimore this weekend.

The wins don’t mean that everything has gone right for the team, however. The defense has had trouble in each of the victories and ranks 25th in points allowed and 29th in yards allowed for the season overall. They’ve struggled to stop the run — the Browns put up 163 yards last Sunday — and they are worst in the league on third downs, leaving defensive coordinator Joe Barry to make a harsh self-assessment.

“Well, not good,” Barry said, via the Washington Post. “A job of a coach is no different [than] a teacher. And if a math student simply isn’t just getting the good grades on math tests, you could say, ‘Oh, that kid is just dumb.’ Well, I look at it as: The teacher is not getting it out of him. I put a lot of pride and a lot of input on myself to get it done, and we’re not getting it done right now. I’m not getting it done.”

The Redskins gave up a lot of yards last season, finishing the year 28th in that metric, but they were in the middle of the pack in points allowed on their way to a division title. A similar shift will likely be necessary for a shot at repeating that accomplishment this year, so it may be a good sign that the team has at least shown an ability to adjust in the second half by allowing nine points after halftime the last two weeks after giving up 38 before the break.

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  1. Barry has to go. Let’s not go down the road that he doesn’t have the players. The record speaks for itself – in Detroit and Washington.

    Gruden’s loyalty is hurting this team.

  2. The Redskins front is just not getting any push and overall, the Redskins defense is by far the worst tackling team in the NFL. Breeland looked “off” before his injury and Bruton was “bru”tal; hence the Whitner signing which was inevitable despite Bruton’s injury . Losing Hall was not really felt on the field, but his leadership as the backend QB is a loss. And why Barry won’t play Inenachio (sp?) is beyond me.

    That being said, Josh Norman has played excellent and is all over the field; he’s all that was advertised upon signing……not to mention how great Sua’ Cravens has played. Trent Murphy has really stepped up as well and his hard work during the off-season has paid off. Kerrigan is still Kerrigan and is our strongest pass-rusher.

    Adjustments need to be made, that’s for sure. I’m not sold on Joe Berry’s style and if there’s anything that can derail this Redskins team, it’s him and his poorly-executing defense. Hail to the Redskins from this 100% Native American from Devils Lake North Dakota Rez. 254.

  3. Did anyone expect anything different? His employment history shows he coaches defenses to the statistically worst in the league nearly every season. He actually holds the honor for the worst defense in NFL history as far as points and yard given up. He must have a lot of positive energy and interview really well because his track record is awful.

  4. Well the first thing to fixing a problem is admitting there is one.

    I will give him props for that. Now I wonder, will he actually work towards generating a pass rush? Whether by blitzing or something else, that needs to happen to have any chance at success.

  5. As a Detroit Lions fan: What, based on our 0-16 defense, made Jay Gruden say “this seems like a great idea!”?

    Best thing he was known for around here was being Rod Marinelli’s son-in-law. Which is precisely why he got the job.

  6. In my humble opinion, the problems on the defensive side start with us playing a 3-4 without having key players in place to run this defense. We are very weak up the gut without a true nose guard and our starting inside linebackers are boarderline starters. That puts too much pressure on the edge rushers and our secondary can’t cover that many gaps.

    Get used to shootouts. They will be the norm until we make some major changes.

  7. I wish they never fired Greg Blache. That 4-3 he has us running was consistently good if not amazing. The 3-4 with corners playing man is too risky IMO, unless you are stacked with pro bowl talent.

  8. Gruden didnt want Phillips because he didnt want an ex-head coach looming over his shoulder should his offense start to fail. Barry was someone who he thought could be a true subordinant to his control of the team, a gross error by Gruden in hiring him (Scott gave him full autonomy on coaching staff decisions) Phillips or Fangio could have fixed this. We also need to re-sign Pot Roast , even as a 2 down player we were more effective against the run with him and Baker as a tandem. Barry wont play the young guys, Fuller should have been on the field week one as our 3rd corner and one or both of our middle linebackers need to be benched, Spaight and Garvin need a shot. Cravens needs to be on the field at all times (makes Plays)Deshazor Everet also deserves a shot (made a play in every preseason game) He seems to be loyal to vets and his san diego guys (Reyes) He was finally cut and Gulston should not have been a starter anywhere in the NFL. Fork in the road for our Redskins. Which way will Scott lead them?

  9. Barry admitting fault is fine but the quality of the personal on the defense is sub par at best. The d-line was the biggest need last year and the GM did very little to improve it. Pot Roast is not the answer and Baker is just crying for nothing. If Baker was a team guy he should play DT and shut up. 9 picks next year and 4 of first 5 should go defense, no excuses for GM. Best player for need because we NEED players at specific positions.

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