Rex Ryan on report of Trump division: “I’m not worried about that at all”


Bills coach Rex Ryan has been careful to walk back his comments about Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald this week, for fear it could create a schism in his quarterback.

But he said he’s not concerned about reports that his support for presidential candidate Donald Trump could become a problem in his locker room.

I’m not worried about that at all. Not at all,” Ryan said, via Nick Veronica of the Buffalo News.

While the original report from Bleacher Report said that a number of players were concerned about Ryan’s support for a candidate they view as racist, Ryan said he hasn’t heard from anyone.

“Well I know the one report, you know, let’s just say sometimes, your information’s no better than your source,” Ryan said. “But I have no problem at all if somebody disagrees with me on my politics, or on this, that or whatever, that’s fine. And I don’t hold it against anybody or begrudge anybody on their opinions over anything as well. So it’s, I think that’s a non-deal.

“I do think it’s interesting that it’s coming out about our team as if there’s an issue with our football team, but there’s no issue with our team. Our team is loaded, we’re focused on going out there and playing against the Rams, and that’s it.”

Of course, players disgruntled with the boss’s politics might not be inclined to share those thoughts with the boss, out of simple self-preservation.

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  1. I’m sure he’s not worried. That’s what makes Rex, Rex.

    It’s also what keeps him from being a real HC.

  2. Well I’m not going to hold it against Bills players that support Hillary! “What difference does it make”!!!

  3. Why would he care? He is a recraplican. They only care about themselves.
    Seeing as how the GOP has become the party of racists and bigots, well…………..

  4. 50% of the population disagrees with the other 50% over politics, religion, women, and every other topic. To “claim” this makes a difference in the locker room, or, that players are afraid to voice their differences is asinine.
    Tom Brady is a Trump fan. Where is the article claiming he will refuse to throw the ball to receivers who disagree with him politically? I am certain there is political disagreement with him also.
    This whole topic is bs from the media.

  5. I love how the media has such a big problem if someone likes ***an accused*** racist, but if they like the one that’s been ***proven*** to be a liar, that’s totally fine. Disgusting.

  6. My advice to everyone over 18: Get out and vote for whom you think is the best choice; whether it be a declared candidate or the guy across the street. Heck, even vote for your mother-in-law if you want her to move.

  7. I have no care who my boss votes for I don’t know why an NFL player would. This is the media trying to make something out of nothing. And for the record, I am a black man voting for Trump.

  8. Or it could be that the players are paid to play football, be professional and aren’t bringing politics up because it does not belong in the workplace.

    Or it could be that plenty of players see a lot of people viewing Crapernick and others actions negatively and don’t see any advantage in further politicization of their profession.

    Or it could be that they want to win and understand that a cohesive team plays better.

    Unless you are the media, then you try to magnify any perceived differences because conflict sells. Or you need to manufacture stories (BSPN/ESPiN anyone?) and because you can’t think of any other way to do your job. After all ,every mole hill needs to become a mountain. So you beat on stories and issues well past the point anyone wants to hear about it.

  9. Total jerk in everything else, why not in his politics also. It takes a loud mouth to appreciate another loud mouth.

  10. Clinton & Trump give us the illusion of choice, just like every other election cycle
    Both are big government war hawks.
    Until Americans stop being obedient to the two party dictatorship, nothing will change.

  11. The boss isn’t worried about the players politics so why should the players be worried about the bosses politics. Both candidates are extremely flawed so its moot point to take sides.

  12. So the unnamed (aka cowardly) players would feel better if he supported the candidate who said, in prepared remarks on a teleprompter, that millions of Americans were deplorable and irredeemable?

  13. Well, considering that we have the worst president in U.S. history, right now, today, Rex shouldn’t be concerned about supporting Trump.

  14. I’m a conservative and can’t stand Trump, with that being said if Kaepernick is rightly given his freedom of expression, Rex should be given his as well. No matter if I strongly disagree with both of them. And if either one of their bosses tell them to cut it out, then that’s their right too. Freedom of speech doesn’t have to be allowed at the work place.

  15. willycents says:
    Oct 7, 2016 8:36 AM
    My advice to everyone over 18: Get out and vote for whom you think is the best choice…

    More likely most of us will be voting for whoever we think is the lesser of 2 evils, just like we usually do.

  16. A vote for Trump is a lot like an anthem protest. You are fed up with misery and that half the country refuses to acknowledget the other half are muserable. I have never seen this country so divided.

  17. The problem is not with Rex the problem is with the players who believe if you don’t think like them your bad. First it was PC but now we can see the true problem with PC. It’s now so your not allowed to have your own thoughts, or opinion. This is as anti-American as it gets. The left can say Donald Trump is a racist and a bigot and they eat that up. Yet Clinton steals money from kids of Hati, steals election from Bernie, has one scandal after another but that all doesn’t matter because Trump said things they interpreted as wrong. The players who are complaining are wrong there wrong for thinking everyone must think like them. This maybe the biggest endorsement of Trump to me because it shows how bad they need to learn that people can think different and not be a racist.

  18. justsayin70 says:
    Oct 7, 2016 8:09 AM
    I wonder how many of those “disgruntled players” have no issue with the players who are disrespecting our national anthem.

    The anthem is completely irrelevant. If it matters so much to you in the year 2016 then you need a reality check.

  19. Why should it matter that Rex Ryan supports Donald Trump? People have differing political opinions and have to deal with each other’s differences every other day football players are no different. Oh and for those wondering why Tom Brady isn’t being mentioned as a Trump supporter actually he was in December of last year not just on this site, but Deadspin as well the media was pissed at him about it.

  20. snowdood163 says:
    Oct 7, 2016 8:34 AM
    I love how the media has such a big problem if someone likes ***an accused*** racist, but if they like the one that’s been ***proven*** to be a liar, that’s totally fine. Disgusting.
    So Trump doesn’t lie, eh? Pure comedy.

  21. “We’re onto LA, its going to be a HUGE game, HUGE, believe me…our defensive live will be like a wall…and the rams will pay when they hit it, believe me….they’re offense is disgusting…fat, little piggy girls trying to be tough.” ~Rex to Bills in the locker room

  22. superpatriotsfan says:
    Oct 7, 2016 8:43 AM
    Tom Brady is a Trump supporter and nobody bats an eye.


    How do you know this? Have you asked him? Is it because he rejected Trumps offer to speak at the RNC?

    All we know is the Trump is a Brady fan…..and this makes sense as Trump likes winners

  23. Would love to see the “stories” written about a HC that is promoting Hillary. My guess is that any players that “disagreed” with the HC would be labelled in some pejorative.

  24. newjerseygiants says:
    Oct 7, 2016 9:33 AM
    Half the players probably don’t even know who’s running for president.


    Half the players probably don’t even know who Rex Ryan is….

  25. Brady never said he supported Trump. There was a “make America Great Again” hat in his locker. All he ever said was that Trump was a good friend.

    Regarding Rex and the Bills. There may or may not be an issue but once again his self absorption makes for an unnecessary distraction two days before a game. You may not like the way Belichick manages himself but he’s the master at not letting stupid crap like this become an issue.

  26. Hillary Clinton once described black males as “super predators.” In 2005 Hillary said, “I am adamantly against illegal immigrants.” She also, as a Senator, voted to construct a wall between the US and Mexico.
    In November of 2015, Hillary called people in this country illegally “illegal aliens.” Trump is a racist when he says “illegal aliens,” why isn’t Hillary? SMH

  27. Jay Cutler slowly leans his head back and yells….


    Employees must wash their hands before returning to work.

  28. craniator says:
    Oct 7, 2016 9:19 AM
    Well, considering that we have the worst president in U.S. history, right now, today, Rex shouldn’t be concerned about supporting Trump.

    Holy, eff?!! Really, man?!

    Last POTUS presided over the biggest domestic terror attack EVER – and he flew the family of the attack leader out of town on a private jet.
    He invaded some arbitrary country leading to the death of thousands of US servicemen and millions of Iraqis, and declared, “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED”, just a taaaad bit early. (He left 2 unpaid wars for Obama to clean up. Oh and Obama was the BOSS when Osama got taken down)
    He allowed New Orleans to drown, and was at the helm of the ship when the GREAT RECESSION hit. Bush left office with his wiener between his legs like no one in history ever has.

    But Obama is the bad guy???!!! I swear, American right-wingers get dumber and dumber every day…

  29. If you constantly see racism everywhere, you need only to look in the mirror to find the real racist. Some instances involve actual bigotry but many of the things labeled as racist are labeled that way due solely to the delusions of a person whose life revolves around their racial identity. Sad.

  30. Trump will try to fix the inner city mess in the black community and improve the education system for them. That’s racist?

    He will not allow illegals to continue to take jobs away from the black communities… that racist?

    Come on man… we need an outsider that will tell the corrupt cabal of Washington DC career politicians, you’re FIRED!

    We need someone that will tell China you can’t take $500,000,000,000 out of our economy every year as you have been doing for a decade.

    The Hilldabeast for prison in 2017!!!

  31. Disrespect the flag and national anthem? No problem. Divisive social issues couldn’t possibly be a locker room distraction right NBC?

    Support a presidential candidate half the country plans on voting for and somehow there’s a fear of locker room division. Hilarious.

  32. 63 6
    snowdood163 says:
    Oct 7, 2016 8:34 AM
    I love how the media has such a big problem if someone likes ***an accused*** racist, but if they like the one that’s been ***proven*** to be a liar, that’s totally fine. Disgusting.


    Trump Is a proven racist! Are you kidding me? This is the guy that started the “birther” movement against Obama. Trump has been sued by the government at least 2 separate times for racial discrimination (not renting to black people at many of his apartment complexes in NYC). I could list examples of Trump’s proven racism All Day Long.
    And Trump also lies WAY more than Hillary! Way more. It’s not even close. He will say something on camera, and then turn around and deny he said it 2 hours later! He just a did it after the debate.
    Politifact has tracked every statement by both candidates. They said Hillary lies about 25-30% of the time and Trumo lies about 85-90% of the time.

    Trump wants to allow states to LOWER minimum wage, to compete against each other. He says we need to be able to compete with the (sweat shop) wages of Mexico and China. Trump wants to totally disband the EPA and allow businesses to pollute as they see fit. He wants to bring back coal power (the dirtiest power source on earth). His tax plan cuts taxes by 35%, but guess what? 34% of those cuts go to the Super Rich. Only 1% go to the middle & lower class. His tax plan has been estimated to add between 3 – 30 TRILLION to the national deficit. That is unheard of. Even Bush only added 1 Trillion, and we barely survived that. We can’t survive Trump, plain and simple.

    Think about his temperament too. All he does is Attack, Attack, Attack. He can’t take criticism from Anyone. He immediately attacks them. Imagine a president that did that. We would be at war with the world over some stupid trump feud. We’d be feuding with a new country every week, over them simply disagreeing with Trump.
    He even said “why can’t we use nuclear weapons?” “More countries should have them!”

    Trump isn’t even going to turn over control of ANY of his 500 businesses if he gets into office. That is totally unprecedented. No president has ever done that before. Think about the conflict of interest that would cause. He could (and would) change laws to help his businesses.

    Trump is not even a good business man. He has made a living ripping off working class people. He has been to court OVER 3500 TIMES! Has been sued OVER 1500 TIMES. Has been accused of rape. His Trump Foundation has just been shut down for fraud. He is in court now facing RICO charges on a separate case (trump University). Everything the conspiracy theorists say Clinton has done, Trump actually did do! There is actually proof PROVING trump did this stuff. While the republicans spent $10M investigating Clinton and couldn’t find one thing to charge her with.

    Open your eyes and look at the truth about trump. Don’t read all the conspiracy theory garbage the republicans put out about Clinton. They have been going after the clinton’s ever since Bill was in office. They spent $50 Million investigating him and the worst they could find was a BJ. He has our economy in great shape. He actually left a budget surplus for the first time in decades (something Reagan couldn’t do, or any prescient after him except Clinton). Our country’s middle class was absolutely BOOMING. Jobs were paying well. People outside of the elite rich were flourishing. Then George Bush got into office and it was a disaster.. He gave tax cuts to the super rich and it ruined the economy. It’s the same thing trump wants to do, except he wants to take it even further!

  33. The ignorance of his supporters is deafening…he is a bigot, racist who is giving power to the worst group of people in america, so when a black player has to listen to his boss be vocal about his support for such a man it will cause some to look at Rex differently….no major party has ever had such a person win the nomination before….no one freaked out when owners came out in favor of Romney or McCain, its because those guys didn’t actively solicit the support of white supremacist and KKK, in fact some black players are republicans and voted for those guys ….its not just politics at this point its what type of person are you….Rex is showing his players his true colors….

  34. These players are supposed to be PROFESSIONAL!! If the coaches politics cause some of the players to not play to the best of their ability or to cause them to be divided, they are not real PROFESSIONALS. This kind of stuff is really ridiculous. I am not a “Trump supporter”, but if the black players on this team are talking about racism that has nothing to do with this team, THEY are the racists. It’s really that simple. These players that won’t respect our flag or anthem are hurting their teams by this kind of activity. I watched the 49ers last night and they looked listless, unmotivated and distracted all night long. Could this team be experiencing a distraction with all of the cameras focused on the back up QB kneeling on the sideline?? Maybe he ought to get his *** up and start showing some solidarity with his players who are standing up FOR the national anthem. That may bring some success to this terrible team!

  35. it’s not just football players it’s the whole fricking generation I think. Don’t know if it was the participation trophies or the UA sports or just a group of parents (my peers) that didn’t raise their kids right but, my God, these young adults are like Martians to me. They’re entitled and are completely unwilling to recognize authority and forget trying to have a difference of opinion-they’ll burn your house down for chrisesakes.

    okay I’m done – now get off my lawn.

  36. I agree with other posters here. Brady should be called out too for his support for Trump.

  37. cantescapekarma said, “Even Bush only added 1 Trillion, and we barely survived that.”


    And, your buddy Obama has it up to 4 Trillion now. What do you think the Hildebeast will do with it? I am not a Trump guy (I am writing in a real conservative), but you need to tell both sides of the story.

  38. So does that mean there are a lot of “Deplorables” on the Bills? I guess “What difference does it make?”

  39. This won’t affect anything with them trying to win games, but you do look sideways at anyone who says out loud they’re supporting Trump. Dude’s a joke, and don’t give me this equivalency nonsense to justify you supporting him. He has a history of misogyny and racism in his past business practices that is unparalleled in the political arena. If your answer to this is well, look at what somebody else is, you need some help. And I hardly hate the man because I’ve met his daughter on a few occasions and she’s a lovely person. I don’t know what happened to him though.

  40. cantescapekarma says:

    Trump Is a proven racist! Are you kidding me? This is the guy that started the “birther” movement against Obama.

    Actually Obama’s grandmother started it, but how is it racist? Trump has never mentioned skin color.

  41. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    Oct 7, 2016 11:10 AM
    I agree with other posters here. Brady should be called out too for his support for Trump.
    Pats fan? Not much of one. Brady was quite clear he is not a supporter of Trump. All he ever said was that he was a good friend.

  42. snowdood163 says:
    Oct 7, 2016 8:34 AM

    I love how the media has such a big problem if someone likes ***an accused*** racist, but if they like the one that’s been ***proven*** to be a liar, that’s totally fine. Disgusting.

    To be fair, they’re both proven to have lied on many, many, many occasions. If you think Trump is some kind of truth teller you must absolutely delusional and horribly misinformed on virtually every topic.

  43. Don’t know how many people outside of South Florida know but Richie was accused of sexual harassment of a female Dolphin’s employee at a team golf function ……….so there’s that .

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