Wallace fined for taunting call that cost the Ravens, too


Ravens wide receiver Mike Wallace was fined $9,115 for a taunting penalty in last week’s loss to the Raiders.

The penalty was costly to his team, too. Wallace caught a two-point conversion pass to put the Ravens up 27-21 in the fourth quarter, then was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct after he spiked the ball in the direction of Raiders defenders.

The penalty cost the Ravens 15 yards on the ensuing kickoff. Justin Tucker then had to kick from his own 20-yard line, and the Raiders started what became the game-winning drive from their 34.

13 responses to “Wallace fined for taunting call that cost the Ravens, too

  1. Wallace is really fast. That’s where the advantage of having him starts and stops. His game hasn’t evolved at all. Justin Tucker is a damn good kicker. Just sayin.

  2. It never ceases to amaze how physically talented idiots like Wallace manage act like they’ve never made it to the end zone before.

    The stupid celebrations in the end zone represent a lack of discipline and only serve to motivate the opposition. This is clearly a coaching issue and Harbaugh and his staff need to own this.

  3. It was nothing almost as bad as they one they called on Pryor to help the Ravens beat the browns

  4. Wallace is a lot of things, however one is he is not a team player, can’t have his way he goes and sets on the bench and refuse to play. The ravens need to trade him before he cost them more games. Bill

  5. This team is truly Harbaugh’S team. They don’t intimidate on defense at all. The offensive line is horrible. Ozzie has checked out. Front office needs to go along with the coaching staff

  6. The best player on the Raiders behind Carr is no longer a Raven. Kelechi Osemele threw a wrench in the works but the Ravens will be fine. Ronnie Stanley is going to be an excellent player. Ozzie has built another machine. But this one will be around for quite a few years. Steve Smith(HOF), Suggs(HOF), Flacco(HOF), his playoff resume speaks for itself and will only add to it including this year. I told you the Ravens defense was going into the season way under-rated. Defense wins championships and right now the Ravens are #1 statistically and the Raiders are #32. We’ll see how that works out at the end of the regular season. Ravens will be 4-1 after this week. #Joe Flacco is ELITE#

  7. as you noticed your #1 statistically D will eventually break when your O cant stay on the field.

    and KO may not be the best OL on the raiders let alone the second best player on the team.

    and you wan to brag, don’t worry when Stanly turns into an excellent player as you posted, Ozzie will let him walk when is rookie contract is up.

  8. @concretejimmy52:

    Actually, the Eagles are the #1 Defense, not the Ravens. Oakland is #31. Also, Smith is HOF but will go as a Panther and Suggs and Flacco are not HOF material; although outstanding players.

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