Big hit against Giants has sparked Matt Jones

Getty Images

The good news for Washington in Week Three against the Giants came from the then-winless team finding a way to secure a victory. The better news could be that, during the game, running back Matt Jones had an epiphany.

After taking a blow to the back of the head from safety Nat Berhe, Jones became upset.

I was so mad after that hit,” Jones said, via Mike Jones of the Washington Post. “I kind of snapped. I was like, ‘I’ve got kids, man! I love my little girls!’ . . . I was so locked in on my family and my girls, and from that point on, I was like, ‘I’m playing football for those girls. That’s what my motivation is. That’s what I’m playing for.'”

Previously, Jones didn’t know why he was playing.

“You talk about needing to dig deep and fight out what you’re playing for, and for me, I had nothing,” Jones said. “I don’t want to say nothing, but I just was like, I’m playing football because. You know how they have the speakers that come in and talk about motivation, and they say, ‘Find why you’re playing this game’? I’m always sitting in the back, just like, ‘I don’t know. I’m just good at it.’ Now it feels good knowing why I’m playing football.”

It will feel better for fans of the team if this means Jones will end up playing football even better.