Bucs down several key players on Monday night

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The Panthers will be playing without Cam Newton on Monday night, but their opponents won’t be at close to full strength, either.

The Bucs are expected to be down their top two running backs in Doug Martin and Charles Sims and their top three defensive linemen in Robert Ayers, Gerald McCoy and Clinton McDonald, all of whom are listed as either doubtful our out. Add in tight end Luke Stocker and wide receiver Cecil Shorts, and that’s seven players who won’t play, meaning there’s no choice to make about which 46 players to make active on Monday night: Only 46 of the Bucs’ 53 players are healthy.

At a time when the NFL’s prime time ratings are in decline, this Bucs-Panthers game seems destined to draw more low ratings on Monday night football. It wouldn’t be a very good game even with everyone healthy. With key players on both teams absent, it could get ugly.

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  1. Yup. Sounds like primetime NFL in 2016, where the biggest news per game is the injury report.

    I would like to thank supreme commissioner Goodelle and fantasy football for all of this.

  2. It’s a lot worse than that.

    Starting DE Jaq Smith
    Starting DE Robert Ayers
    Starting UT McCoy
    Starting NT McDonald
    Rookie DE Noah Spence
    Back up DE George Johnson

  3. Maybe they should factor in Goodell’s punishments with the commercial reality of the NFL – I know the depleted rosters are because of injuries but the schedule should be a commercial exercise not a pure competitive one. With Goodell’s God complex you can’t do that since he might suspend key players for dance moves! You could even schedule Cleveland and NE and get a better rating!

  4. Add in:

    WR Louis Murphy
    WR Cecil Shorts
    RB Martin
    RB Sims
    TE Stocker

    It’s a mash unit in Tampa….the entire Dline and 2 pass rushers….and your top two backs….people say “same old Bucs” but man, injuries are sinking this season more than anything.

  5. Don’t forget that Doug Williams, Lee Roy Selmon, Ricky Bell, Jimmie Giles and Neil O’Donahue won’t be playing either according to head coach John McKay. YIKES!

  6. You really can’t use Bucs and Panthers in the same sentence right now without adding the word “ugly,” but one team will snap out of the funk. Keep Pounding.

  7. When I something like this where the entire inactive list is made up of injured players, it’s makes me ask this question…why the hell aren’t there more than 53 players on the active roster? In a sport that’s making millions and millions, is it worth it to risk the health of qb’s and other skilled players by limiting the size of the roster to 53? It’s obvious the Bucs may be extremely short at certain positions going into MNF because they have to use who is healthy on the active roster. What happens if a couple players go down at a certain position and there’s no one to replace them?

    Why wouldn’t they increase the roster size to 55 or 57? In a day and age where injury lists get longer and longer, why not give teams a bigger pool of players to choose from when they’ve been hit hard by injuries?

  8. How exciting another fantastic prime time matchup with the 1-3 Panthers playing the 1-3 Bucs! Tune in and watch as MVP favorite Derek Anderson attempts to lead to the Panthers to a much needed win against the Bucs second team defense. I know I’ll be watching with my popcorn, the question is will you watch as well?

  9. Cecil Shorts has yet to play in a game this season. But add my name to the list too if it makes the story a better read.

  10. The reality is the actual difference makers (not to diminish what the other players do) the Bucs are down are for this game: (offense) Doug Martin and (defense) Gerald McCoy (DT), Clinton McDonald (DT), Robert Ayers (DE). And though doubtful, there is a fair chance we’ll see McDonald and Ayers, each of whom practiced the main day. LB blitzes can help offset this, and the Panthers are out their top RB and QB. An offset for sure, but even so, I expect the Panthers offense to have a decent day. However, the Bucs passing game and O line are full speed, while the Panthers cut one starting CB this week and the others are rookies who’ve not played well. So all in all, I expect a sloppy game where both sides pass the ball. Both teams are strong in the LB department so look for Benjamine and Mike Evans to get a lot of throws and big plays.

  11. While the injuries may make this look more like a preseason game, it’s still a division game and critical for both teams to stay in the division race until Atlanta does their annual swoon. So I’ll be watching, although I’ll probably forgo beer in favor of hard liquor.


  12. eagler927 says:
    Oct 8, 2016 8:27 PM

    Why wouldn’t they increase the roster size to 55 or 57? In a day and age where injury lists get longer and longer, why not give teams a bigger pool of players to choose from when they’ve been hit hard by injuries?
    I’ve been asking this question a long time. It’s one thing I consider when I advocate for an 18-game season. The roster should be 60, no inactive requirements, a 12-player practice squad, and 3 tiers of injured reserve (3 weeks, 6 weeks and season-ending). Along with this, put some REAL money into equipment development (not just funneling some money to “doctors” that will parrot RG1’s talking points).

    There are other benefits to 18 games (mainly schedule equity), but for now, putting 60 on the roster with no required inactives, 12 on the practice squad, 3 tiers of IR and some genuine equipment advances will do plenty to make the game safer and stay exciting and competitive.

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