Cam Newton ruled out for Monday night

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Panthers quarterback Cam Newton will not play on Monday night.

The Panthers announced today that Newton, who suffered a concussion on Sunday, won’t play Monday against the Buccaneers. It’s just the third game in his career that Newton has missed, and all three have been against the Buccaneers.

That means Derek Anderson will be the Panthers’ starter on Monday. Anderson also started for the Panthers when Newton missed two games in 2014, leading the Panthers to victories over the Buccaneers in both games.

The Panthers will be shorthanded beyond just Newton on Monday: left tackle Michael Oher, cornerback James Bradberry, running back Jonathan Stewart and defensive tackle Vernon Butler are out on Monday night as well.

25 responses to “Cam Newton ruled out for Monday night

  1. I wonder if he will be pouting on the sidelines with a towel over his head?
    Might be the best for the team if he sits. Anderson might be able to read a defense and react accordingly.

  2. He’ll be busy thinking about what he’s going to do for his next touchdown dance and what to wear for the press conference.

  3. Well at least now if there is a fumble in the backfield, they’ll have one more player trying to fall on it.

  4. Gotta say that I loved watching him ring his own bell by preparing his dab on the one yard line.

  5. last week, the Panthers played much better on offense with Anderson…has beaten the Bucs (next opponent) twice in 2014…maybe an upgrade for the offense until Newton gets his head screwed on right again…

  6. Newton is probably as close to being benched as Gabbert. I think Rivera has pretty much run out of patience with the chronic stupidity and selfishness. Derek Anderson won both games he started in place of Newton in 2014 and put up far better passing numbers. He was very impressive in relief last game as well in a difficult situation trying to bring the team back when they were down several scores with time running out. This is a situation that bears keeping an eye on for repercussions beyond concussions.

  7. Maybe his first concussion (remember the one he didn’t get against Denver) had some bearing on his second one.

  8. Captain Munnerlyn said it well. The Panthers are great when they’re winning but if you get a lead on them they’ll quit. Seems like that had a do with Newmans (lack of) leadership and his highs when he’s winning and his pouting when he’s losing. Will be interesting to see if the team shows a little fight with Anderson at QB.

  9. Whew. You had Stanton vs Gabbert on TNF. Now Winston vs Derek Forgot You Were Here Anderson…. On MNF… Good lord. If I didn’t have about a 12 year streak of not missing MNF I might just skip it. 2 games and 1 NFL qb between them. This is why your prime time ratings are in the toilet…. It is insane to me why scouts can not find good quarterbacks out of college… I mean 2-3 qb’s on a roster and 1 out of the 3 on a team should be on the field (maybe depending on the team).

  10. If PFT wants to break a story. Go undercover and figure out why a 6th round guy (Brady), a 3rd round guy (Wilson), and a dude like Romo are good to great NFL quarterbacks but, NFL teams continue to swing and miss on quarterbacks everywhere… I wonder how many 3rd string guys would have been good if they were on a different team over the years……

  11. I’m not hating on Newton on the level of these other people, but I think he’s legitimately lost the right to do his “Superman” routine.

  12. Newton is probably as close to being benched as Gabbert. I think Rivera has pretty much run out of patience with the chronic stupidity and selfishness.
    That’s funny…Like I said before put Cam on IR and see how many games the Panthers win this year. There’s no OL and NO running game.
    Cam leads the team in rushing and passing. He’s been 75% of the offense since he’s been a Panther.
    So yeah…”chronic stupidity”…you sound like an expert.

  13. I wouldn’t call Cam stupid, but what was he thinking when he had the middle of the field wide open on the two point conversion? If he even went 90% speed up the middle he wouldn’t have even been hit. Or maybe the coaching staff will stop calling runs for their MVP.

  14. Last year was magical! Cam went the whole regular season without crying. Then the Superbowl happened and he proved he hadn’t changed one bit. From avoiding contact with a fumble to walking out on the press conference because, well because he isn’t a leader of men. I own a small blue collar business and my guys know there isn’t one job I would give them that I won’t be right there with them. You show your guys the right way and they will stick with you. Cam I can’t stand you. You’re as phony as a $3 bill. BUT you can turn your attitude into something more. You have to stop believing in your own hype, get rid of those barnacles that say they’re your friends and focus on being a better TEAMMATE. I highly doubt you will change but you have to want it to achieve it.

  15. If you watched the Super Bowl, did you see a running game for the Panthers (2 fumbles by Tolbert). Did see you the below average receiving corp for the Panthers (numerous drops and deflections, his best receiver was literally assaulted by the criminal Talib). Did see you the “clown show” that is the offensive line for the Panthers (lots of “look-out blocks”). So what was Cam supposed to do after the game, sit there and say “my front office gave me everything I needed to win this game and I lost it”, or tell the truth. He did the best thing.

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