No OBJ fine for bumping official

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Monday night was costly for Odell Beckham Jr., but not as costly as it could have been.

The Giants receiver faces a $24,309 fine for unsportsmanlike conduct arising from the incident on the sideline with Vikings cornerback Xavier Rhodes. The league office opted not to separately fine Beckham for bumping an official.

Per a source with knowledge of the decision, the official put himself into the fray by trying to break up the potential brouhaha between Beckham and Rhodes, making the contact unavoidable from Beckham’s perspective.

This cuts against the theory that the officials and/or the league are out to get Beckham. Nevertheless, he’ll continue to be a target of agitation by opponents and scrutiny by officials until he can demonstrate on a consistent basis that efforts to get under his skin are useless.

17 responses to “No OBJ fine for bumping official

  1. Whoa, I thought the fine must have been for the bump. It was a marginally out of bounds hit and not much happened between Rhodes and Beckham.

  2. Also it was called by the back judge who was 40 yards away. Not from the 2 refs who were right there. Beckham and Rhodes were walking back towards the field jawing a little and the ref jumped in. Where the back judge saw taunting I have no idea. So it doesn’t cut against the theory that they are out to get him because there should have been no flag against him to start with.

  3. 24k for that ridiculous foul….but no, the league isnt out to get him. Please. Its a joke. Refs shouldnt be helping to decide games with petty garbage like that. He was hit a little out of bounds and mouthed off….big deal. The ref should have separated them and thats it. No flags, play the game.

  4. His daddy Mr. nerdy 4 eye pocket protector silver spoon has his back. He whines, beats his silver spoon on his high chair and it all goes away.

  5. Frazier28/7 says:
    Oct 8, 2016 5:06 PM
    hopefully his girlfriend stayed with her friends for a few nights after the game. psycho.
    Seriously odd statement from someone who cheers for a child abuser!

  6. Seriously?? A fine like that, $24K is to him like a $5 speeding fine for me!! These petty fines are really ridiculous to millionaires like him. What they ought to do is give him a few games off when he pulls crap like he ALWAYS does. If he missed a few games, it would hurt his team and THEY just might have a talk with him about his crap!

  7. Well, since OBD is set to make 1.36 million this year, a 24k fine IS like a $5 ticket to you. I assume then that you make exactly $284 a year. Perhaps if you had done a little research, and a little math, you would realize how idiotic your statement was.

  8. If I did my math right, 24k out of 1,360,000 is roughly 1.76% of his pay. I’m not sure how these guys are supposed to pay these fines. Is it all at once immediately, 30-60-90 days or a year or more like a 401K loan? If I had 6 months or a year to pay, it wouldn’t crush me but if I had 30 days to pay it would.
    Also, it would be easy as heck if I got 1 lump-sum paycheck each year instead of twice a month.

  9. gcsuk, I was just giving an example, not hard numbers. Yeah, it is a little bit more money than “$5” for me. However, it is still not going to make him worry about his car payment or house payment if he gets fine that much.

  10. Aaron Donald was ejected from a game in September for making contact with an official comparable to Beckham’s and received a $21k fine.

    Between this and Josh Brown, it’s good to be on the Giants when the league is disciplining players.

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