Pacman Jones: My daughter could run behind the Cowboys’ line

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Cowboys rookie Ezekiel Elliott has been one of the most productive running backs in the NFL this year, but he may not be the one who deserves most of the credit.

Bengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones, who has been watching plenty of tape of the Cowboys’ offense in preparation for their Sunday meeting, says that the real credit should go to the Cowboys’ offensive line.

“If you go back and look at some of the film, some of the holes are so wide open that my little girl could run through there,” Jones told Katherine Terrell of ESPN.

Jones also said he sees opposing defenses making mistakes that the Bengals won’t make.

“I think a couple teams they played were very undisciplined when it comes to gaps,” Jones said. “But I take my hat off to the guy, he’s been playing pretty good.”

Most would say Elliott, with 412 yards through four games, has been more than “pretty good.” But the Cowboys’ line may be even better than that.

31 responses to “Pacman Jones: My daughter could run behind the Cowboys’ line

  1. And will someone please tell Roger Goodell that this “cleaned up” NFL is a lot less interesting than it used to be?!!!

    Pacman Jones is way more fun to have in the league than is Marcus Mariota.

    Tom Brady sells soap. Ray Lewis sold tickets.

  2. ZOMG! Please don’t tell me that Pacman is insinuating that because his daughter is a young girl that she may be misconstrued as the weaker sex … Here come the Girl Scouts protests outside the stadium and the war on woman mongrels assault on the lack of PC within the NFL.

    OH, The unmitigated, insensitive horror over this otherwise genuine compliment…

  3. Has Andy Dalton ever won in Texas? I know he chokes in his hometown of Houston. Would anyone be surprised if Pacman or Burfict lose their cool? Isn’t Jeremy Hill due for a fumble by now?

  4. footballfan72 says:
    Oct 8, 2016 8:58 AM

    Elliott gonna make it rain Sunday pacman.
    Clearly you’ve never played football. Otherwise you’d understand how amazing the Cowboys’ line is, and how ordinary Zeke is.

  5. He’s not lying.

    The truth is refreshing in a society filled with media lies. A RB’s success is as dependent on his O-Line as almost anything he himself can do on any given play.

    Old Jerrah, may be suffering from dementia, but that crazy rich old dude knew enough to know that it is hard to be a bad team when you have a good O-Line.

  6. Imagine Emmitt Smith running behind the same Oline Barry had. Or imagine Barry running behind the Oline that Emmitt had. Whos the better RB. Barry hands down. Barry had skills. Emmitt, sure he is big and tough, he’s no Jim Brown. Hard to compare the GOAT RB, when Olines are considered and Emmitt isnt in the conversation

  7. Elliot is still learning, once he truly grasp everything in a year or two he could dominate the league like 22 did in the 90’s. Young running back with a massive o-line.. sounds like the Cowboys of the 90’s

  8. The kid has talent. But perspective is usually missing when the tv or blogesphere a$$hats are talking about Elliot. Let us not forget – Joseph Randle was a top 5 rusher before being tossed from the league, behind that offensive line LAST YEAR! Then Darren McFadden came in and had a probowl year. Perspective

  9. It’s refreshing to hear a little jabbing, I don’t classify it as trash talk because Adam gives Elliot his respect as well. There is nothing wrong with comments like this and it’s obvious some cowboys fans are upset that they couldn’t get Adam to play at te level he currently is in Cincinnati so here comes the insults. As good as dallas’ line is, sooner or later the training wheels have to come off and the young man is going y have I start making some plays to win close games. Cincinnati has the kind of defense to make you pay. If they can slow down the run game and not sputter in the red zone, the bengals should win this game.

  10. a lot of chatter from a 2-2 team. but hey its not like they have any discipline. you will not hear a reply from my ‘boys until Sunday–on the field–the response will be swift, Pac-Man is going to feel some pain for his words.

  11. i agree, Morris is better than elliot! cowpies do not know how to use draft picks! with that line they did NOT need to draft a RB with the 4th pick, 1st round! they needed defense defense DEFENSE!
    -even my 9 yr old kid could see that!

  12. If you actually watch the game Elliott is only effective when he has a 10 foot wide while to run through. If heoesnt he just run into the line and goes down for 2 yards. It was the same way in college. He is the new Brandon Jacobs.

  13. I actually think Elliott deserves a little more credit than he’s getting for creating some explosive runs. But the Bengals are also the toughest defense Dallas has faced. Should be interesting.

  14. all you self-described “experts”, sharting out that its the line and that Zeke is ordinary–just shows not only your ignorance, but more worrisome is that you sound weak and effeminate–both are very good right now, and Zeke is topping the charts on all the categories, just facts ladies.

  15. From 1991 to 1995, Smith was historically dominant. Consider that among all running backs during their ages 22 through 26 seasons (i.e., Smith from ’91 to ’95), he rushed for 8,019 yards; the next closest player during those ages was LaDainian Tomlinson with 7,361. Smith also rushed for 85 touchdowns: Tomlinson (72) is the only other player within 20 rushing touchdowns of Smith during those ages.

  16. Jerrah Jones is great at wasting draft picks. Two years ago he had to be restrained from drafting Manziel and last year he took Gregory (bust) in the 2nd. This year he took Zeke instead of Ramsey (soon to be shutdown corner stautus) and a guy who won’t play this year (if ever) instead of Jack. Look at all of the other rookie running backs taken much later that are doing well (Howard, Henry, Washington, Booker, etc) that could have excelled behind that line and you’d have a shutdown corner to boot. Unless Zeke turns out to be the next Faulk
    or Tomlinson, it was a wasted pick, and only Jerrah’s eyeglass polishers deny it.

  17. yerdumb says:
    Oct 8, 2016 2:55 PM

    From 1991 to 1995, Smith was historically dominant.
    From 1991 to 1995 Cowboys Oline was historical. Maybe the best in history. Dont shy away from that. Hating on your Oline to amplify Emmitts career is hilarious.

  18. bighoser says:
    Oct 8, 2016 3:30 PM

    “Look at all of the other rookie running backs taken much later that are doing well (Howard, Henry, Washington, Booker, etc) that could have excelled behind that line and you’d have a shutdown corner to boot”


    What are you talking about? Doing well? You named 4 players, 3 of which have done next to nothing (Henry, Washington, Booker). It is such poor logic to purposely scrimp on a position because you are stronger at a related position. Yes, the O-line is good and a lot of RBs can have success behind it. But why cap yourself? It’s only logical to want to put a legitimate top-tier talent behind that O-line and get the highest return on your investment instead of just rolling with any old RB. And as for CBs, well they have some of the toughest roads as young players and there’s no guarantee that Ramsey is a “shut down corner” especially in his first year. CBs don’t help much when you have absolutely zero pressure from your D-line.

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