Some 49ers want Christian Ponder to start

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If you think the 49ers are in the midst of a quarterback controversy involving Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick, you don’t know the whole story.

Some players on the 49ers believe third-string quarterback Christian Ponder should be the starter, Matt Maiocco of reports.

“Ponder is the best option for quarterback on the roster,” one unnamed source said.

Gabbert has played badly this year, and coach Chip Kelly acknowledged after Thursday night’s loss that he’s considering benching Gabbert and starting Kaepernick. Previously Kelly said Kaepernick isn’t ready to start because he’s still recovering from multiple offseason injuries.

Ponder was the Vikings’ first-round draft pick in 2011 and hasn’t appeared in a regular season game since 2014.

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  1. Can you imagine being a fan of a team that has QB’s Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder and Colin Kaepernick?


  2. .
    The 2011 draft contained one of the weirdest draft sequences ever :

    6. Atlanta – Julio Jones
    7. San Francisco – Aldon Smith
    8. Tennessee – Jake Locker
    9. Dallas – Tyron Smith
    10. Jacksonville – Blaine Gabbert
    11. Houston – J. J. Watt
    12. Minnesota – Christian Ponder
    13. Detroit – Nick Fairly

    One could make a case that Jones, Smith and Watt are the top players at their positions. The other guys, not so much.

  3. They need to try Kapernick and also get a look at Ponder. See if any of the 3 can be a legitimate backup or low end 1QB. Don’t waste the season. Kelly is a birdbrain when it comes to personnel (ask the Eagles) but he can coach offense. His last year in Philly was a train wreck but the 1st seaon was impressive, 2nd season so/so.

  4. Seemed to outplay the other two in preseason games. That’s the funny thing about poor coaching: even if a player is better running their position than those ahead of them who make the big bucks, they don’t have the stones to start the best option just because. How’s that working out for ya’?

  5. Unnamed sources carry no credibility or validity. Ponder’s never gotten the job done before, and Kap isn’t ready. The Niners should just figure it out.

  6. Kap has to start. You have to find what he has left. With the restructured contract there’s no risk. The 49ers are going nowhere this year. Play Kap. If he’s terrible, put Ponder in. Plus you have to consider this from a public relations perspective. If Kap doesn’t get the opportunity, the public will think it’s because of his social stance. The guy took them to a Super Bowl, he needs to get one more shot.

  7. When you think of where this team was just 3 years ago and all the pro bowlers they had. It just goes to show you the ownership should have picked Harbaugh over the GM. Look at how many player suddenly retired or left in free agency and look at how Kaepernick just fell off the face of the earth and has to resort to being a political activist in order to get any attention.

    In fact Trent Baalke has to be the most efficient general manager in terms of dismantling a football team

  8. As a Viking fan who watched Ponder struggle for a long time, I can assure you that in no way is he any better than Gabbert. The day we got rid of Ponder was a good day for the Minnesota franchise. If the 49ers think Ponder is their answer at QB, they are delusional. I’ve seen what he can do firsthand, and it ain’t much.

  9. What have the got to lose by trying something new?

    Seriously, I don’t understand this refusal to make such a change.

    The 49ers are not winning the Superbowl so why not see what you have so that you can make better informed decisions about the future.

  10. When you have to figure out who your best starting QB is you don’t have one. The truth of the matter is when San Fran hired Kelly they hires a BS artist like the league has never seen before. 16 -8 start to his career and 8-16 since the league caught on to his speed and smoothie act. He wears out his players, especially on the defensive side of the ball and his teams have the worst TOP in football. To top it off he treats most of his players like cattle and plays favorites. With all that he is one of the top paid coaches in the league. Joke!

  11. Christian Ponder is not a bad QB. He’s not a HOFer, but he can play the game. You just can’t tell how good a guy is until you put him in the game. Not just one game, but a few games. Gabbert has played four games. Now let Ponder get four games, and see if he’s any better. Then give Kaepernick four games. Then see who the rest of the 49ers want as their QB. This offense has WRs wide open on just about every play. I think it’s worth it to see if any of these QBs can hit a wide open target. Everyone else on the offense is doing a good job except the QB. Watch the game with your own eyes. Don’t listen to the script your hearing on TV.

  12. As a Viking fan I wouldn’t wish Christian Ponder on anyone (well, except the Packers…. That would be poetic justice).
    I almost feel sorry for the 49ers, almost.

  13. You can’t win very much in the NFL without a quarterback and the 49ers don’t very good ones. Their franchise quarterback is still in college.

  14. Watching Gabbert play against the Cardinals, why on earth keep on playing him, unless you want to take.

    If you play Cristain Ponder he will probably play poorly, but there is always a chance he has improved and may be as good as an average QB. Not a good QB, but an average one. And average is way better than what they have now.

    Put a good team around an average QB and you can make the playoffs.

  15. Ladies & gentleman, introducing your 2011 NFL Draft’s 10th, 12th & 36th picks…if any of them were worth their draft position, they wouldn’t all be needed to make up that terrible QB room.

  16. Christian Ponder played well enough to defeat the Packers in week 17 of the 2012 season. It was a “win and your in” game for the Vikes.

    Packer fans before that game “guaranteed” a Packer win.

    After the loss, they changed their tune to “the game didn’t matter – because they were already in the playoffs”.

    But the fact is that that loss cost the Packers the opportunity to have a bye in the WC round and home field advantage in the second round of the 2012 playoffs.

    That forced them to play on the road in San Francisco where Kaepernick beat them too.

  17. Well, despite his political crusading, Kaep has the best track record of the 3, though I think much of that was due to Jim Harbaugh’s coaching. Ponder is/was never a good QB, but he did have good games and certainly showed flashes at times. Can’t remember Gabbert showing anything, ever. Kaep/Ponder must be AWFUL in practice.

  18. Must be the narrative Matt is pushing. Watch the presser. Kelly also answered the haven’t played Kaepernick because of his contract even more clearly. He noted he played him in the first game, his contract isn’t a factor and the GM doesn’t tell him who to start. The media needs to stir the pot and make up stuff.

  19. Christian Ponder is not an NFL caliber QB….but Samantha Ponder is lights out hot! So he must be doing SOMETHING right….

  20. Ponder can finally play…Rarely are qb’s NFL ready the moment they arrive.

    They need a few years and unfortunately for the Vikings, he made his mistakes on their dime.

    See Vinny T or Steve Young or Doug Williams…trust me, I’m a bucs fan, we know all too well..

    To all the Vikings bad mouthing Ponder, tough break. Move on and don’t look back. You have a qb who can get you to the promise land & a sick sick D, enjoy the season.

  21. gtodriver says:
    Oct 8, 2016 9:22 AM

    Christian Ponder played well enough to defeat the Packers in week 17 of the 2012 season. It was a “win and your in” game for the Vikes.

    Packer fans before that game “guaranteed” a Packer win.

    After the loss, they changed their tune to “the game didn’t matter – because they were already in the playoffs”.

    But the fact is that that loss cost the Packers the opportunity to have a bye in the WC round and home field advantage in the second round of the 2012 playoffs.

    That forced them to play on the road in San Francisco where Kaepernick beat them too.


    So will there be JUST a banner in the McStadium, or will you each get your own purple ribbon to memorialize this greatest of Vikings’ accomplishments?

  22. They want him to start until they see him play, lol. Kap is the best option they have whether they like it or not

  23. Which players want Ponder to start? ALL of them who were there last year to witness Kap’s decline into sub-mediocrity. Besides, Ponder isn’t a sideshow like Kap has become. The last thing any team needs is a giant distraction.

    Personally, I’d like to see Jed York himself suit up and play an entire game at QB, behind that awesome O-line his sidekick Baalke has assembled. Well, maybe not an entire game – at least until he gets carted off.

  24. I used to think Ponder sucked mostly because he played for the Vikings but after watching him in the preseason this year, I will admit I was wrong. He still sucks but that is independent of the fact he sucked during his Viking days.

    I realize its hardly his fault that the Vikings were so desperate that they drafted him 12th overall but he has since proven he shouldn’t be drafted at all.

  25. Even as a longtime 49er fan, all I see in this team and franchise is hot garbage. The team is junk, doesn’t matter who is starting QB. Jed York is the worst owner in pro sports. Bad decision after bad decision, starting with building that horrible stadium in Santa Clara. Firing Jim Harbaugh, what colossal mistake. We need a new owner. Come on Google guys, you have the cash! Make the Yorks an offer they can’t refuse and send them packing!!!

  26. Chip Kelly is a good football coach that was hired by a rebuilding and improperly run Eagles team (they lucked out Wentz worked out so far for them). He should have stayed out of coaching instead of going to the garbage 49ers. If I were Chip I would look at the LSU, Texas (when it opens), or USC (It will open) jobs. Follow Harbaugh’s path and get away from the NFL. Come back when a real team with talent gives you another chance. you will get another chance, Norv turner got three, you deserve another Chip. Bail on this sunken ship!

  27. Sounds like a split locker room. NFL Employee protests against the US don’t seem like great team building activities.

  28. The real crime in all this is that the 49ers grew this year into 4th wealthiest franchise in the NFL, due to that crappy new stadium. So in terms of money the Yorks have been extremely successful and normally could continue to run this once proud team into the ground.

    But like Goodell, you can only use that as excuse for your tenure for so long until the consequences of your greed catch up to you. Local papers are reporting a lot of shady dealings between the Niner top bass and Santa Clara city council and I sincerely hope in unravels into the Yorks having to surrender ownership.

  29. The 49ers have three QBs, and they’ve only played the worst of the three. The other two aren’t bad. I can promise you that Chip Kelly is not calling the shots here. This organization chose Trent Baalke and losing, over Jim Harbaugh and winning. Chip Kelly is a very smart football guy. He took over a Philly team that went 4-12 and led them to back to back 10-6 seasons. Then it looked like Howie Roseman won a power struggle (just like Baalke and Harbaugh), and the Eagles declined rapidly in Chip’s last year (just like Harbaugh’s). Chip cleaned the bad apples out of the Eagles’ locker room and brought in Sam Bradford. Bradford is playing as well as any QB in the NFL. People were saying how Kelly left the Eagles in bad shape, but they’re unbeaten. The 49ers would be wise to give the power to Chip Kelly, but I’m not holding my breath waiting for that to happen.

  30. As a Vikings fan who watched Ponder play for several seasons, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that no, you don’t want Christian Ponder to start.

    You can talk about whatever physical or mental or technique strengths you think he may have, but it doesn’t matter.

    When he’s out on the field, he’s like a deer in headlights. That’s all you need to know- and there’s plenty of film o confirm that.

  31. Kapernik should have been cut with all the damage and controversy he caused the NFL. I hope if he plays someone hits him so hard they break him in two

  32. bobbyd12 says:
    Oct 8, 2016 2:52 PM
    Kapernik should have been cut with all the damage and controversy he caused the NFL. I hope if he plays someone hits him so hard they break him in two

    Judging from the reception Kaepernick receives from opposing players after each game, it looks like those guys support him.

  33. People seem to forget Kaepernick was sat down because he is a terrible quarterback. All anyone remembers is Kaepernick running out of the read option and having success because of that. When he has to do it all with his arm, he is horrible. Also, when Kaepernick was quarterback, the defense was crushing the opposition. Extra possessions, good field position and even scores. Now the 9er D is garbage. The quarterback position is a problem, but no more that it has been for many years there. Kaepernick will not be the answer.

  34. On a side note did anyone else hear Phil Sims in the first half pump up Gabbert as if he was actually good, then when the tires fell off the bus he kinda just kept quite on Gabbert. He belongs on Thursday nights, he’s just awful.

  35. And to think, after the Ravens-49ers Super Bowl, Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco had to share a McDonald’s commerical with Kap the losing quarterback. Never before has something like that happened in SuperBowl history.

  36. Not here to trash Ponder, as he is a good guy and functional in an offense with a very good O-line and running game — but just functional. However, after watching him and Kaepernick the last few years, I have a hard time believing Kaepernick isn’t the best alternative.

  37. As a Vikings fan I want to say something, but I’ll table it knowing first hand just how lucky a team is that finds a real franchise QB. Best of luck 49ers.

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