Titans’ Ben Jones fined for taunting ex-teammate

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Titans center Ben Jones faced his old team on Sunday, and he took the trash talk too far.

Jones, who left the Texans for the Titans in free agency this offseason, was penalized for taunting Texans defensive lineman Christian Covington when the teams met last week. Now Jones has been fined as well.

The NFL docked Jones $9,115 for the taunting penalty, which occurred after Titans running back DeMarco Murray scored a touchdown.

The NFL is cracking down on taunting this season, with more penalties and more fines. The rule against taunting hasn’t changed, but the league has instructed officials to be increasingly vigilant about monitoring taunting. It appears that the league office is enforcing taunting with increasing vigilance as well.

7 responses to “Titans’ Ben Jones fined for taunting ex-teammate

  1. NFL wonders why ratings are down, blames everything except the fact that they’ve de-humanized the game. Micro managing players and the overall game itself makes for a boring product. I miss when the NFL was fun.

  2. These taunting violations are weak and pathetic. Rivalry and trash-talking aren’t poor sportsmanship. Sure, people can go overboard with it and it can become poor sportsmanship, but the vast majority of this stuff is benign and arbitrarily enforced. Just another example of The League’s unending quest to show the NFLPA who has the power

  3. I have a pretty good feeling that Ben Jones did not get fired due to taunting.
    His poor play and lack of strength at the point of attack seems the more likely culprit.

  4. The biggest problem here is that these penalties are called consistently(for once) but the core penalties that actually influence outcomes(PI, Holding, Roughing, etc.) are the most inconsistent game to game. It’s a huge problem. Like I said after the Pats-Bills game, Jacoby Brissett was allowed to stay in the game after being victim of a similar hit and wobbly outcome that Tyrod Taylor had when Hochuli pulled him. Oh, but that finger pointing and dancing has to stop!

  5. Every time the NFL changes the rules or changes the way rules are enforced or “emphasized” (whatever the hell that means), it takes a long time before the officials catch up to making the calls in a correct, consistent way, leading to the atrocities like the one inflicted on the Browns and Terrelle Pryor.

  6. Penalties ..penalties ..penalties …the NFL has legislated everything ..
    too many calls that have no effect on the play. You get a defensive holding call on a three second pass play to the other side of the field.
    Refs are afraid to not call …so game sucks. Change the pass interference to 15 yards or perhaps allow a spot foul where blatant.
    You can differentiate roughing the kicker calls but not pass interference.? Just too many nuanced calls effecting the outcome.
    I am a Dallas fan but the penalty for hitting the QB on the 49′ ers
    call changed the game and it was a shaky call at best. Pryor call was awful. That call, is an arguement for review. Do what the CFL does …they have someone wired in so a flag can be picked up.

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