Ben McAdoo’s pre-Green Bay speech induces “goose bumps”

Getty Images

Yeah, the debate is on tonight. But there’s also a pretty good football game, with the 2-2 Giants facing the 2-1 Packers in a game that could echo into January, based on playoff-tree seeding and postseason berths.

For coach Ben McAdoo, the game represents a return to the place from which he came before joining the Giants as offensive coordinator. That factor likely contributed to a speech he delivered to the team after two straight wins were followed by two straight losses.

I was getting goose bumps a little bit,” guard Justin Pugh said regarding the remarks, via Paul Schwartz of the New York Post.

“We’re a good team,’’ McAdoo said, via Schwartz. “I like where this team is going. We need to rally the troops, so to speak. Get everyone pulling in the same direction and move on to the next one.”

The team has taken a back seat since Monday night to the question arising from the handling of receiver Odell Beckham Jr. The chatter has died down for now; whether Beckham becomes a focal point during the Green Bay game remains to be seen.

Which means you need to see it. On Saturday, we explained the various options for watching the game and the debate. You can also buy a second TV, obviously.