Colts do just enough to beat Brian Hoyer and the Bears


The Colts weren’t particularly sharp, and they left the game even more banged up on defense than they already were.

But hey, it’s a win, and when you only had one to begin with, you take it.

The Colts got a fourth-down stop on the deceptively effective Brian Hoyer, beating the Bears 29-23 to improve to 2-3.

They got five field goals from Adam Vinatieri, and need them all when Hoyer pushed them late. While he didn’t get the win, it was the kind of performance that could allow him to keep the job when Jay Cutler (thumb) gets well.

Hoyer was a clean 33-of-43 passing for 397 yards and two touchdowns, and gave the Bears (1-4) a lead in the fourth quarter. But after the Colts reclaimed the lead, wide receiver Cameron Meredith’s fumble (the only turnover of the game) allowed the Colts to dodge a bullet at home.

Andrew Luck threw for 322 yards and two touchdowns and wide receiver T.Y. Hilton had 10 catches for 171 yards and a touchdown, scoring for the third straight game.

But the Colts had to sweat it out late, with a pair of cornerbacks on the sideline. Patrick Robinson left with a knee injury and Darius Butler was in and out of the late stages of the game, after dealing with a hamstring strain lately.

18 responses to “Colts do just enough to beat Brian Hoyer and the Bears

  1. They should be sure to put that headline in their press clippings. Don’t fire Grigson and Pagano because they did just enough to beat Brian Hoyer and the Bears.

  2. I want the Bears to rack up the losses, they aren’t going anywhere this year and would rather a top 3 pick than a 11-14 pick. Howard looks like a keeper and after that it’s a crap shoot.

  3. Da Bears can look forward to screwing up a top 5 draft pick just like they have screwed the last 6 of 7 first round picks.

  4. Hoyer lost the game for them and you say he should be the Bears starter? I guarantee you despite his faults Cutler finds a wide open Alshon Jeffery and the bears win the the game. that play shows why hoyer is a backup and nothing more. if the plan is to keep losing so they can the # 1 pick then put Barkley in and let him finish the season. who knows maybe he will not suck but he can’t be as bad as hoyer.

  5. Meh. Two bad teams played each other and the Bears were worse. They had their chances and three or four individual guys played lights out but lack of healthy talent on the rest of the team, penalties, about a dozen coverage breakdowns and bad special teams (a recurring theme this year) did them in.

    Oh yeah and despite all that FA money and this year’s 1st round draft pick their pass rush is as non existent as ever. Except for the times Luck was sacked, he had all day.

  6. While I’m sure Colts fans are happy for a win, it might’ve been better in the long run had they lost. Anything that delays the inevitable removal of the Grigson/Pagano regime is only setting the team back further.

  7. tacowrecker says:
    Oct 9, 2016 11:29 AM

    Hoyer isn’t a long-term answer, but he is better suited to play the type of ball John Fox prefers (ball control). Bears need to tear it all down and rebuild, starting with Cutler.


    Not sure what planet you’re living on, but Cutler is the only remaining player left from the old regime. The tear down and rebuild has been in full swing for two years. Wake up dude!!!

  8. Lets face it most of the yards Hoyer got were yards after the catch. He cannot throw a ball farther than 12 yards. Yes Jay is flawed, but at least he can throw dwwp, and we win this game with him at the helm.

  9. -Last three first round picks did not dress and thirteen others limited or injured , maybe the Bears should fire their training s staff…..if they have one.

  10. -Last three first round picks did not dress and thirteen others limited or injured , maybe the Bears should fire their training s staff…..if they have one.
    Could not agree more and I have been saying this for quite awhile. I can’t believe this isn’t getting a lot more scrutiny in the Chicago media. It’s more than a coincidence by now, it’s a pattern and a systemic problem.

  11. Hoyer left too many points on the field yesterday. How do you get only 23 points when you have over 500 yards of offense? Jeffrey was open more than once and just because the coverage looks sketchy, is no reason to pass on him so early in your progressions. Jeffrey has proven time and time again he can go up and get the ball over other defenders. It was nice to see Meredith have a good game and it was also nice to see some time to throw for the QB. The defense? Ugh. Would like to see a little more blitzing when the front four aren’t getting it done. Luck has been struggling the past few weeks and the Bears defense made him look pretty good.

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