Colts up at halftime thanks to Adam Vinatieri’s personal-best streak


The Colts have done some good things offensively.

But they know they can count on their special teams, at least one guy in particular.

The Colts have a 16-13 halftime lead over the Bears, thanks to three field goals from 43-year-old Adam Vinatieri.

The third of them was his 36th straight made field goal, the longest streak of his impressive career. He also hit a 53-yarder and a 54-yarder earlier in the game.

He hasn’t missed a field goal since Sept. 21, 2015.

Coupled with a more efficient performance by quarterback Andrew Luck, and they’re hanging onto a lead over a surprisingly game performance by Brian Hoyer and the Bears.

2 responses to “Colts up at halftime thanks to Adam Vinatieri’s personal-best streak

  1. Kinda laughable. Luck is praised for playing a more efficient game because he brought the ball close enough for Vinatieri to hit three field goals, two of which were 50+ yards. And for that he’s one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the league! That’s worthy of his own participation banner to be raised and flown.

  2. Adam V. is rediculously good… sure fire HoF kicker

    How old is he? Patriots thought he was largely done when they let him go – and frankly they’ve spent less for a better K in Gostkowski who will be playing after Adam retires…

    But damn – it’s not like the Colts got ripped off in free agency

    This is unreal for a guy to have this sort of career

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