Cowboys beat Bengals for fourth straight win


The Cowboys are on a roll.

Led by rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott and rookie quarterback Dak Prescott, Dallas jumped out to a 28-0 lead over Cincinnati today and won 28-14 in a game that was never as close as that final score would indicate.

had 15 carries for 134 yards and two touchdowns, while adding three catches for 37 yards. Prescott completed 18 of 24 passes for 227 yards, with a touchdown and no interceptions, and he also added a rushing touchdown.

After losing in Week One, it appeared that the Cowboys were going to suffer through another rough year with Tony Romo injured. But the Cowboys have now won four in a row, and at 4-1 they’re in first place in the NFC East. Dallas looks like a playoff team, with or without Romo.

The Bengals, on the other hand, are looking like they’re going to struggle to make the playoffs. At 2-3 Cincinnati is behind both Pittsburgh and Baltimore in the AFC North.

As the Bengals head home to Cincinnati to regroup, there’s going to be some celebrating in Dallas tonight. The Cowboys are a better team than anyone was expecting.

44 responses to “Cowboys beat Bengals for fourth straight win

  1. damn, cowboys look pretty good with dak prescott.. mark my words though, next sunday when they go to green bay (who will have their 19th game in a row at home for some reason) they will be 6.5 or 7.5 point dogs. and we all know why that is. they get the refs for all packer home games from the local kroger food store. seriously, watch tonight how much crap green bay gets away with at home.

  2. At this point…does it really make sense to go back to Romo? Dude is old and incredibly fragile/injury prone…This seems like Dak’s team now and at this point it would be a slap in the face to take the reigns away from him for a guy who has another couple seasons left tops.

  3. green bay fans logic in a nutshell…IF, and i mean only bay loses to the giants (doubtful) and the cowboys next week, and the boys go to 5-1, gb fans will say “yeah, but they haven’t beaten anyone good..just wait

  4. minnesotablizzard says:
    Oct 9, 2016 7:18 PM

    Do they roll with Dak or go back to Romo when he’s healthy?


    It’s a N0-Brainer brother, DAK ATTACK all the way……..

  5. Interesting…so many of you football experts (I call you know-nothings) called this one for Cincy? “Yeah, but look who Dallas has played?” or “they have been lucky, wait until they play a REAL team.”
    I saw them destroy one of the NFL’s best front 7. I saw this “horrible” defense shut down the best receiver in the league and make play after play on 3rd down. This game was over by 3rd quarter, Dallas never allowed them anything up until the 4th quarter. You think Green Bay is gonna run roughshod over them? Ok. Ok, I guess I will have to learn from you ‘experts’ once again.
    Garrett and Linehan deserve huge credit for what we have seen so far, but all I hear is “puppet coach” and “idiot Jerrah”. Do you ever listen to yourselves and hear how wretchedly stupid you sound?

  6. tylereifertisunstoppable says:Oct 8, 2016 9:17 AM
    Should be a great game. Bengals run D is unquestionably better with 55 back, but the Dallas o-line is still great. My prediction. Zeke has 25 carries for 85 yards and 1 TD. Bengals win 21-13
    So much for your prediction, this was a 28-0 game when The Red Rooster started padding his stats.

    Just Bungal baby.

  7. Just a pathetic performance today from the Bengals. O line can’t block defense can’t tackle no running game AJ is really the only threat in the receiving game although Lafell had 2 tds today but far too late. Dalton has got killed all year by poor o line play Obueghi needs to be sat down for awhile he’s got abused all week. I thought Andre Smith was a problem but Obueghi makes him look like an all pro. This was the first non competitive game from them this year they were in the Steelers and Broncos games at least

  8. richndc……..Uninformed people do NOT realize they are uninformed 🙂 (didn’t really want to say

  9. I’m worried. What happens if dak rolls into GB and brings a win home from lambeau next week? I KNOW jerrah is going to put in romo once he’s cleared because of the money he’s paying romo and he loves romo like a son… and watch I’m calling it here and now!….

    Romo will toss one of his famous game killing interceptions… Jerry will refuse to. Each romo and Dallas will riot… and by seasons end dak will be starting and romo will be out with a phantom injury… and romo rides off into the sunset (NYJ,CLE)

  10. Anybody else notice Smith, Leary, Frederick, Martin and Free is the same combination from 2014? Not knocking Collins by any means but this group seems to get it done. Can’t complain much so far this year but if it were my choice to make I’d move Collins to RT and bench Free.

  11. The a Bengals SUCK, period. No defense at all, and they can no longer blame the absence of Burfict. No offensive line at all. And no PASSION or PRIDE. I’ve been a staunch supporter of Marvin Lewis, but it’s time for him to go. Mike Tomlinson would win multiple Super Bowls with the Bengals personnel, and get rid of the nonchalant players who had no problem being thoroughly embarrassed by a rookie-led team. Bengals should’ve promoted Mike Zimmer and let Marvin walk. Zimmer has the best team in football even after losing his starting QB and AP. Go Vikings! Games like today almost make me wish the Reds season hadn’t ended already…….

  12. bishopbengals says:
    Oct 9, 2016 8:05 PM
    Andy Dalton choked? Did you even watch the game? He was the only Bengal outside of Lafell that even played like a pro.
    Dalton put up zero point except in garbage time….. He sucks.

  13. Demskins they made taking it to Washington look pretty easy too. Only reason the skins won the division last year was cause Romo was hurt and everybody knows it.

  14. Oh. I forgot. Only points when you’re not losing terribly count. So even when your pocket is breaking down constantly and he throws a couple touchdowns and no interceptions he is terrible.

    I hope you understood my sarcasm.

  15. I’m telling you all right now, Jerry is going to show you why he is NOT a football guy. Rest assured he will go back to Romo for some unknown reason. (maybe Jones and Romo are related?) The bottom line is Jerry will cause turmoil within the locker room, and it didn’t have to be that way.
    Jones is about to show his stupidity all over again. Who pays 110 million dollars for a civil war relic like Romo?

  16. nhpats, the Cowboys will annihilate your Patriots, so quit worrying about Dalton and the Bengals. And, I’ll love it.

  17. demskinsbaby I thought I told you to shut your mouth and worry about your own team!!! Don’t worry about America’s Team!!! Which is tied for first place, with the Philadelphia Pigeons!!! It just a matter of time, when my Cowboys take first place of the division. Up next, is them stinking Cheese heads in Green Bay!!!!

  18. Demskins we’re 5 games in and Dallas has played 2 division games (division games happen every year), Cincinnati and Chicago (which is the result of playing certain divisions every 4 years). Only San Francisco so far fits your easy schedule narrative. Learn how scheduling works before making a claim like that.

  19. Oct 9, 2016 8:43 PM
    nhpats, the Cowboys will annihilate your Patriots, so quit worrying about Dalton and the Bengals. And, I’ll love it.

    The Cowboys don’t play the Patriots this year….they did last year and the Patriots shredded them…. Nice try though tough guy!

  20. Cboys4dead…what everybody knows is the Redskins have beaten the with a lesser roster..with or without Dez and Romo. And the only reason you beat us last time is because Gruden stopped running the ball. EVERYBODY knows THAT!…lol. Now I understand your enthusiasm but even the Redskins have been to the playoffs more than the in the last 20 years. Chill out dude…

  21. demskinsbaby says:
    Oct 9, 2016 9:24 PM
    Cowboys2016 = Internet tough guy….lol.

    Hey, the Cowboys winning 4 games is a big deal to Cowboys fans…’s their biggest accomplishment in decades.

  22. nhpats, obviously I meant in the Super Bowl. But, I already knew you would be to dim to pick that up.

  23. The last 20 years Dallas has been to the playoffs in 96, 98, 99, 03, 06, 07, 09 and 14. What years different the skins even compete for a wildcard let alone make it. And nhpats your team has 4 SB rings since Dallas won their last and they still ain’t caught up. Didn’t count on getting beat by the NFC east representative Giants did ya?

  24. joetoronto says:
    Oct 9, 2016 7:38 PM
    tylereifertisunstoppable says:Oct 8, 2016 9:17 AM
    Should be a great game. Bengals run D is unquestionably better with 55 back, but the Dallas o-line is still great. My prediction. Zeke has 25 carries for 85 yards and 1 TD. Bengals win 21-13
    So much for your prediction, this was a 28-0 game when The Red Rooster started padding his stats.

    Just Bungal baby.

    Whoa, looks like tylereifertisunstoppable is a complete no show. Another 25 years in hiding for Bungals fans until they sniff competence?

  25. demskinsbaby says:
    Oct 9, 2016 8:07 PM
    Cowboys have an easier schedule than most teams, because of their record last year. Any given Sunday…but SuperBowl? Still Drinking that kool-aid huh?


    The ‘easier’ schedule excuse is one of the dumbest comments to make these days. Teams in the same division only play 2 different games – they all have 6 divisional games, and 8 games against teams from the same 2 divisions (this year the NFC North & AFC North). And of these different opponents that the Cowboys and Redskins play, none of them have a winning record at the moment…

    Or maybe you meant the Cowboys have an easier schedule because they play the Redskins twice?

    Don’t hurt your neck looking up at the division leaders…

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