Door remains open for Brian Hoyer

Getty Images

Three years ago, the Bears rewarded Josh McCown for performing incredibly well while Jay Cutler was injured by sending McCown to the bench. This year, Brian Hoyer has a chance to swipe the job from an injured Cutler.

Coach John Fox made no secret that Hoyer has a chance to take the job. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reiterates that it’s Hoyer’s “job to win,” and that if Hoyer “continues to thrive, he’ll start.”

Hoyer has performed fairly well in a pair of starts with Cutler recovering from a thumb injury, with four touchdown passes, no interceptions, and a 1-1 record. As the Colts reel from a 1-3 start and become the first team to play the Sunday after a London game, the Bears have a chance to swipe a win and to cement Hoyer’s status.

Even if Hoyer keeps Cutler on the bench, it’s fair to ask whether Hoyer can otherwise remain on the field. Injuries have been an issue for him, including a pair of concussions a year ago.

So, yes, Hoyer may keep the job once Cutler is healthy. The real question is whether Hoyer can then stay healthy, if he keeps the job.