Hue Jackson: Kessler “day-to-day” with rib, chest injuries

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Browns Coach Hue Jackson told reporters after Sunday’s loss to the Patriots that rookie quarterback Cody Kessler will be “day-to-day” after leaving Sunday’s game in the first quarter due to rib and chest injuries.

Jackson said an initial X-ray on Kessler showed “nothing broken” and that Kessler will undergo further examination Monday.

The Browns were down to wide receiver Terrelle Pryor at quarterback by the end of Sunday’s game. Backup Charlie Whitehurst limped off in the final four minutes with what appeared to be a knee injury. Whitehurst was scheduled for X-rays after the game.

Jackson said veteran quarterback Josh McCown, who’s been out the last three games with a broken collarbone, will get a follow-up X-ray this week. reported that Browns tight end Gary Barnidge also had a postgame X-ray on his ankle.

11 responses to “Hue Jackson: Kessler “day-to-day” with rib, chest injuries

  1. Good thing they got rid of all those offensive lineman, now they can sign all these journeymen QB’s.

  2. As an unfortunate Browns fan, please save your sympathy for us. Laughing does not phase us either, we are used to it. If you want to help the situation, let the owner of your team know we are begging them to put heat on Haslam to sell the team. Look, the product he puts out there does not help the quality NFL. Your owner should be mad that this clown gets the same cut of revenue sharing as they do.

  3. I hate this for the Browns. I don’t know how good Kessler’s going to be. But, in the stuff I have seen from just watching him on Redzone. This guy may be the Browns quarterback of the future. He looks pretty good…. What I will say is this. I heard several NFL “experts” say and I “”…. “This guy is NOT a NFL quarterback and may not make a team”….. Good grief how do these guys keep missing this badly on these qb’s.

  4. People keep complaining about letting Mack and Schwartz go, but he reality is that Mack didn’t want to be here, and Schwartz simply wasn’t that good. He was alright, but absolutely nothing special. The players that this regime have drafted are showing promise. Yes, the O-line (and D-line) is horrible, and I’m sure that will be addressed in the draft. If not, then we can all complain. But turning this team around is going to take time. The Browns are not the Colts with Curtis Painter at QB just waiting for Luck. They needed-and are in the process of-a major roster overhaul. For a winless team, they have quite a few pieces in place, and a ton of picks in next year’s draft.

  5. Realistically, the Browns aren’t even an NFL team at this point. They’re a tryout squad. They’re playing a bunch of kids, trying to identify the two or three that might have an NFL future; the rest will be discarded within a couple of years. Meanwhile the team has virtually secured the #1 pick in the 2017 draft. So when you talk about the Browns, the only thing worth talking about is the future. The present is nothing more than a bad joke. They only have a few guys of true NFL quality on the current roster. And by the way, Joe Haden isn’t one of them. He may be the most overrated and overpaid player in the league.

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