Jones ejected, Patriots extend lead

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Patriots rookie cornerback Cyrus Jones was ejected from Sunday’s game at Cleveland in the third quarter for throwing punches in what otherwise appeared to be a post-play shoving match.

The Browns haven’t really punched back since the first quarter. Martellus Bennett’s third touchdown catch of the day on the first drive of the third quarter made it 30-7.

Tom Brady and Bennett connected on a 37-yard touchdown pass after connecting on passes covering 7 and 5 yards for scores in the first quarter.

The Browns lost rookie quarterback Cody Kessler for the game to rib and chest injuries after he was hit hard by Dont’a Hightower on a first quarter sack and safety.

The Browns came up with some defensive stops late in the first half to keep the lead from getting to three-plus touchdowns before half, but this game has long been decided.

13 responses to “Jones ejected, Patriots extend lead

  1. Guy dove at Jones’ legs in a dangerous and unnecessary block on the opposite side of the field from the play.

    I’m not saying throwing punches is right, but if someone was purposefully trying to end my career on a dirty hit I’d also be a bit heated.

  2. It’s the Browns. It was nice of the league to schedule a semi-pro team for Brady’s first game back.

  3. Rookie idiocy that could cost him his gig, but I think more likely he is benched next week and has to re-earn his playing time from scratch.

    Its a shame because he took a block from the side at the end of the play that caused him to snap, but it wasn’t even that hard a one or anything outrageous.

    It wasn’t like he got hammered to the ground from behind or anything big. Absolutely nothing he should have lost his temper over.

  4. Jones just purchased a one way ticket out of Foxboro. There’s no need for that stuff!


    They aren’t cutting a 2nd round pick after 5 games.

  5. Roger will have an investigation going by tomorrow morning to figure out why Brady didn’t suck after four weeks off.

  6. .
    The Patriots have been playing a slew of reserves for most of the second half. He lost the opportunity for a full half of game time.

  7. He may be the 2nd round pick (the Pats highest) but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him cut. Pats prefer smart players, who can do multiple things. This guy fumbles punts, runs out of the endzone on well covered kickoffs, and now getting ejected from a game. Not the kind of things that BB puts up with for long.

  8. Jones needs a sports psychologist, pronto, or he’ll be cut by mid-season. The game is overwhelming him mentally in all of his roles.

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