NFL, NFLPA agree on revised drug, PED policies

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At a time when, at times, the NFL and NFL Players Association presumably would disagree on what time it is, the league and union quietly finalized some changes to the drug and PED policies earlier this week.

Under the substance-abuse policy, synthetic marijuana (known as K2, Spice, and Blaze, among other labels) has been added to the list of banned substances. Also, players are not permitted to record the collection process in any way, and players have four hours to provide a sample during the offseason.

The PED policy likewise prohibits the recording of the collection process, and the list of banned substances now includes Growth Hormone Secretagogues and Growth Hormone Releasing Hormones and Peptides.

A dispute emerged between the league and the union earlier this year regarding whether players are permitted to record the collection process. Past versions of the policies previously did not specifically prohibits it; now, both policies do.

19 responses to “NFL, NFLPA agree on revised drug, PED policies

  1. Since the league’s marijuana policy isn’t arcane enough, let’s add to the list!

    Does the NFL Players Association ever say no?

  2. So what did the NFLPA gain? Sounds more like the NFL said, “We’re adding more stuff to the banned list, and we don’t want players recording/documenting our testing procedures and making them public. Sign this and keep your mouth shut.”

  3. The NFLPA needs to learn how to play hardball with the Goodell & his vile band of flunkies. They shouldn’t be making any deals with the NFL as long as Goodell holds unlimited power.

    If the NFLPA had any sense, they would be negotiating a “contingency” TV contract with whatever TV network (Twitter, You Tube, etc) will engage with them for the 2020 season and beyond.

    The owners have nothing without the players and the NFLPA could easily set up a employee owned league that plays out of college stadiums, with all revenues passed to the players. Even if the NFLPA was bluffing, it would force the owners to either have a real negotiation or risk losing the entirety of their billion dollar investments.

  4. My goodness. What did th players get back in return? Postage-paid envelopes to mail in all their fines?

  5. The NFLPA is the worst union in pro sports. Why would they allow the clause to disallow recording the testing process?

  6. Interesting that the NFLPA agreed to adding something not previously tested for…and when does this go into effect? Even the NFLPA’s release doesn’t show a date. No doubt there are players walking around with synthetic pot in their systems right now

  7. Not sure I really want to see a player urinating into a cup on Youtube.

    In spite of all the contrary opinions, the most important thing the NFLPA can do and does for the players is get a large share of the revenue (done) and work to grow that revenue (on going).

    Goodell is a convenient lightning rod for the pwners and union.

  8. Synthetic weed had Chandler Jones end up at a Foxboro police station in his underwear. That being said, I agree with others who say the NFLPA continues to get walked all over by Roger Goodell.

  9. “Why would they allow the clause to disallow recording the testing process?”
    I don’t know about the rest of you, but, I, for one, have no desire to see a video of some NFL player pissing in a cup on U Tube or twitter. (Where it would end up)
    Maybe I am weird or something. The thought is not appealing to me in the least. However, I suppose many fans want to see that.

  10. and the list of banned substances now includes Growth Hormone Secretagogues and Growth Hormone Releasing Hormones and Peptides

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the HGH Peyton was taking and now that he’s retired the NFL decides it’s time to include it.

  11. Maybe if the Union and NFL agree to a change in the players’ Code of Ethics and behavior rule book, they might be surprised if the TV ratings go back up? The Union is concerned; however, the NFL not so much! We can continue to watch the ratings fall, imo 😦

  12. All this NFL/NFLPA bickering is a dog-and-pony show. I think the NFLPA brass works for the NFL and has been duping the players for years

  13. The union has no leverage. It never had any. In times past Upshaw
    largely relied on the intergrity and willingness of Rozelle, Tagliabue
    with support from Rooney and like minded owners. Those days are gone. Goodell s campaign for commissioner was in large part based upon overturning the 2006 CBA and on putting the union in line.
    The average union member has a period of membership less than
    3 years. Self survivorship is all players main concern. Thinking about
    union issues is a distant concern. That does not mean the players are happy but it’s going to take a lot of consensus before something is done about it.

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