Question of the day: Should Dak Prescott keep the job?

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The morning after the two finalists for the highest office in the land made their case for the job, PFT Live will look at an employment decision that ultimately will be determined by a much smaller group of people.

Specifically, who should the Cowboys quarterback be when Tony Romo is healthy?

The time for a decision could be coming soon, given that the Cowboys have one game left before the bye, and that Romo has been expected to return to action in Week Eight, when the Cowboys face the Eagles.

Cast your ballot below, and battle it out in the comments.

39 responses to “Question of the day: Should Dak Prescott keep the job?

  1. I’d hafta say, yes. Unless he comes crashing back down to earth, stick with him. He’ll only get better, right? Besides, the offense would change drastically w/ Romo under center. They’ve found a winning formula, so leave it be

  2. Young gun vs Over the hill
    Hot hand vs Recently injured
    Cap Redeemer vs Cap Killer

    Dak -3 Tony – 0

  3. Not that it matters all that much anyway. It’s probably only a matter of time before Tony gets injured again.

  4. Romo’s body will just continue to fail him, I hope he retires for his own good. I dont think he should start over Prescott, he’ll have a real test against GB. I thought Cincy would win this week, but I am not sure yet if Dallas is good or Cincy is bad. I mean they only beat the Jets and the Fins.

  5. I’ll just move this post over here…..

    I love what I see out of Prescott, but he’s thrown maybe 5 passes more than 20 yards downfield. The future is bright with Dak, but with Romo the offensive gameplan expands and the field opens up a little further. As a Cowboy fan, this is a great position to be in.

  6. What a silly question. The great thing about Prescott for Dallas is that he gives WAY better QB play from backup QB than anyone could have hoped for AND he has franchise QB potential.

    But anyone who actually understands football, and knows how to scout tape rather than just scan boxscores, would see that a healthy Room (as seen all of 2014) is still WAY better. Prescott is still a work in progress as a passer, and Tomorrow would absolutely THRIVE with this OL and running game.

    This is a litmus test. If you voted for Prescott in the poll, you have proven inferior knowledge of football, and that’s all there is to it.

  7. I don’t really think it matters. Romo is excellent and Prescott is a great rookie QB. After watching Sam Bradford this season, I’d say there would be several teams willing to pay the price to bring Tony Romo to their town.

  8. Dak should remain the starter for as long as the team is winning and for how long he plays well. The moment he starts stinking it up, Antonio Ramiro should be reinserted into the lineup.

  9. C’mon… it’s a stupid question.
    The job is Prescot’s to lose, at this point.
    Romo is the back up

  10. There is so much stupid here it’s painful. As Cowboys fans all we wanted last year was a game manager to give us a chance. Now we have one and it’s DURRRR REPLACE ROMO HIS TIME IS OVER.

    You all realize Dak is on pace for 13 passing TD’s right??? That the best team we’ve played is the Redskins??? That Zeke wouldn’t see safeties in the box with Romo able to throw deep? That Romo has an all time great TD/INT ratio for all you derps saying IMAGINE THE PICS ROMO WOULD’VE THROWN THO. This is an insane question brought on by recency bias. Romo was the MVP runner up the last time he was healthy people. Buy a clue.

  11. Don’t try to fix something that isn’t broken. Dak is doing an amazing job. If Romo were to admit it, he would want Dak to continue playing until he struggles, though Romo won’t ever admit to it.

  12. As long as Prescott keeps winning, why make a change?

    But this is Jerry Jones’ team, he’s never wrong, and he gets the only vote (since Garrett and the doctors don’t count in Jerryworld). Oh-No Romo is his boy.

    My suggestion–Play Prescott until he loses, then go to Romo until December, when he usually turns into a pumpkin.

  13. Next week at GB will test Dak. It will be a test for GB also with the Dallas running game.GB leads the NFL in run defense.Most coaches honor the fact that an injured starter gets his job back when healthy.Dallas has always been loyal to Romo.

  14. While I agree that Romo is the superior QB, Dak is the surer bet for the long haul. Romo is done. He has too many injuries, he is broken down. It’s sad, because he still has the heart and intelligence to play. Let the rookie develop, he shouldn’t miss any first team reps.

  15. Feels a little like the Bledsoe / Brady debate from way back when. Not saying that Prescott is another Brady but it is the age old question, seasoned vet vs. impressive youngster. The thing is, if you stick with Prescott, you can’t pull him if he has one bad game. That is the kiss of death to a young players confidence. If you go with Prescott, you have to go with Prescott. The safe play is to give it back to Romo, because you can say that is not a reflection on Prescott but rather a nod to Romo’s success and leadership. It is the safe play. We all know what Belicheck did and how it turned out. Pick your poison.

  16. When your team s winning, you’re in first place in your division and your QB is the second highest rated in the league and has never thrown an interception then no, you don’t mess with that.

  17. Dak should be the quarterback until he loses the job or gets injured.

    The unlikely but classy scenario that keeps playing out in my mind is before a decision has to be made by the coaches & Jer, Romo agrees for the good of the team to being Dak’s backup with the stipulation that he’ll be allowed to win his job back in the Spring.

  18. Romo is a good QB and underrated.
    But he is also:

    1. Old – how many years does he have left

    2. Injury prone – if a player is getting hurt and has to be replaced with a sub par player, you need to look at the average stats at that position. That means that a healthy Romo playing 10 games + Brandon Weeden/Matt Cassel for 6 = a mediocre QB overall.

    3. Romo is getting payed a lot in comparison to Prescott.

    By getting rid of Romo, the Cowboys may come out way ahead in the long run. But before doing this, lets see how Prescott dos over the entire season.
    You don’t want to get stuck with another RG3 or Nick Foles or Colin Kaepernick, who do well their first year, then stink.

  19. The only thing Romo is good for is big numbers, he folds at the end of the season and has every single year of his career.

    Give the kid a chance to see if he can perform in the playoffs, we already know Romo can’t.

  20. “You all realize Dak is on pace for 13 passing TD’s right???”

    They’re also on pace for 12-4 if you want to start projecting season stats this early

    “That Zeke wouldn’t see safeties in the box with Romo able to throw deep?”

    Yeah, that’s really holding him back

  21. I love it. 141 thumbs down and counting; 141 and counting fools who know nothing about football.

    Prescott isn’t a “hot hand”. This is a team game. He’s playing well; Romo would be playing even better. If you think Prescott is already somehow a great QB, you haven’t seen him miss on open target yet despite a clean pocket. He still has work to do.

    Sure, Romo might have trouble staying healthy. Who cares? He’s better, and if he gets hurt, Prescott will be ready. Injury issues – irrelevant.

    Sure, Romo has a big cap number – but there is nothing Dallas can do about that. Benching Romo doesn’t erase his cap impact, and neither would trading him.

    So many foolish comments trying to justify Prescott over a healthy Romo, and they’re all wrong. Best of all is people bringing up Bledsoe – apparently they missed the boat that Romo is quite a bit better now than Bledsoe was when the latter got hurt.

  22. Romo will open up the offense more. With Dak they play it safe, short passes, screens, lots of runs. Romo is familiar with the whole playbook and all the players. Dak has been good but not great. This is more of an offseason question than now. Romo gives you the best chance to win, you start him.

  23. It is a great problem to have but you go to Romo. With the running game and OL, the passing game opens up and Romo can throw the deep threat. They haven’t really beaten a good team yet. No reason to think they wouldn’t have the same record or better with Romo.

  24. Yes, you and Romo with his 2 career playoff wins are the smart ones and the rest of us don’t know anything. The Dallas 3rd stringer has more playoff wins than Romo.

    Romo is a pick/fumble machine at the end of the season, always has been, always will be. They will NEVER win a SB with him as QB, bottom line. They win 13 regular season games and he can’t even lead them to a single playoff victory that year. He does not have the capability to hold it together long enough to win the 3-4 straight games necessary to win a SB.

    Prescott is an unknown for sure but by this time in the season Romo would have at least 5 picks and 3 fumbles. Mistakes kill and stats don’t win games.

  25. This could be Brady/Bledsoe situation or a Rg3/Culpepper/Foles situation where they have an amazing year or two and then defenses figure Dak out once they have film on him..

  26. Love to finally have this dilemma in Dallas. Romo’s the better passer, but also more likely to turnover the ball and/or get injured.
    One point that comes to mind is that the team seems to be playing ‘up’, knowing they have to for their rookie Q and still untested, likely vulnerable D.
    GB will be the test….if they win there, I’d say stay with the hot hand, if they lose, back to Romo till someone falls on him again. Again, love this dilemma fo sho!:)

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