Referee: Cyrus Jones automatically ejected after throwing a punch

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Patriots rookie cornerback Cyrus Jones was ejected from Sunday’s Patriots-Browns game in the third quarter after officials ruled he threw a punch during a post-play mixup.

The CBS broadcast of the game did not provide a replay, and the broadcasters didn’t seem certain of the circumstances that led to the ejection.

After the game, referee Bill Vinovich told pool reporter Mike Reiss of that “it was deemed that [Jones] threw a punch” and that the rule is simple. If you “punch and connect, you’re ejected,” Vinovich said.

So, that’s that. Jones will potentially be subject to further discipline — most likely a fine — after league officials review the play next week.

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  1. Actually they did show a replay which was cut off for a commercial.

    Right before it cut off you could see Jones flail away with a punch in retaliation for getting hit from the side.

    It wasn’t a bad or dirty hit from what I saw though, just a bit late and from the side. He didn’t get knocked down or hammered and it was nothing he should have lost his temper for.

    Expect Belichick will sit him next week and then he’ll have to work very hard in practice in the coming weeks to work his way back into BBs good graces.

  2. “The CBS broadcast of the game did not provide a replay”

    um they showed it twice and noted they could not see what happened.
    once and went to commercial when they came back they played it again noting they had no clue why he was ejected…

  3. Wait, so you have to connect on the punch to warrant an ejection? I guess intent isn’t something they care about. But wasn’t Brady suspended because there was intent or some other bull excuse combined with his “general awareness”?

  4. Yeah this guy seems like one we’ll see traded or waived by next summer. Just keeps digging himself deeper with poor play, bad decisions and turnovers. BB won’t put up with it for long before trades him for a backup long snapper etc.

  5. So the thousands of thrown punches up until today didn’t mean anything until a Pats player was involved? Interesting.

  6. “This kid is an F- so far. Muffs or fumbles like 80% of his returns, gets ejected today”


    Also got toasted for a TD today. Yeah, I’d say he’s off to a rough start of his NFL career.

  7. pats777 says:
    Oct 9, 2016 7:39 PM

    So the thousands of thrown punches up until today didn’t mean anything until a Pats player was involved? Interesting.
    I seem to recall Richard Seymour (as a Raider) getting ejected a few years ago for punching Ben Roethelisburger going into halftime. I was quite amused.

  8. @intentionallywidenberg, congratulations to your Raiders for some outstanding football. But you don’t have to be a Raider fan to be quite amused at Big Bun getting punched.

    In fact, Seymour probably converted a few thousand new fans with that punch.

  9. Not complaining about Jones being ejected but I saw a player kick another (out-of-play) and get flagged for it in yesterdays Denver game. No ejection. How about some consistency NFL.

  10. I love how people claim to have seen things that were not ever broadcast.

    In both replays of the “incident” the players completely drifted out of the camera frame before the retaliation. All you ever saw was the cheap shot by the Browns player on Brown, on the complete opposite side of the field from the play, with the play nearly dead.

    Not that this would ever explain why any player would take a swing at another player. What an idiot. With all of the protective gear they wear, all he’s ever going to do is break his hand. He deserves a Darwin ejection for that one.

  11. CBA never shows a phantom pentalty against the Pats.

    The Malcom Brown “defensive holding” I would have LOVED to have seen, but alas, CBA doesn’t want to know the refs are screwing the Pats in order to try to keep the game close.

  12. It was deemed by the NFL today that he didn’t actually throw a punch and wasn’t fined…

    So what are the people in this comment section talking about?

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