Todd Bowles isn’t considering a quarterback change, yet

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Is Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick playing for his job? Apparently, not yet.

After Sunday’s latest loss, which featured no further turnovers from Fitzpatrick, coach Todd Bowles made it clear that he’s not considering a quarterback change.

“He played well,” Bowles said of Fitzpatrick, adding that the team will “examine everything.” Asked later if that means Bowles may make a quarterback change, Bowles said, “No.”

One reason for the hesitation could be the team’s lack of faith in No. 2 quarterback Geno Smith. With Bryce Petty injured and rookie Christian Hackenberg simply not ready, Fitzpatrick necessarily gets more leeway.

Soon, it may not matter who the quarterback is. At 1-4, the Jets don’t have much of a margin for error, if they hope to make it to the postseason.

22 responses to “Todd Bowles isn’t considering a quarterback change, yet

  1. Haha Bowles is funny. 2/11 on 3rd down and his only TD Marshall stole out of the CBs hands. Tons of screens and most passes over 10 yards are inaccurate plus he fumbled and threw a ball that hit the CB in the hands in the 4th quarter. Geno at his worst wasn’t this bad and I don’t even believe in Geno as the future. FITZ IS WORSE THAN BLAINE GABBERT.

  2. I’m usually against firing a coach after only two years but I hope Woody Johnson and Maccagnan show this guy the door at the end of the season.

    Doesn’t make halftime adjustments when he’s down
    Too conservative
    Too stubborn
    Poor clock management
    Bad record with a loaded team
    Puts his players in bad situations ( Ex: Revis, Pryor, Forte)
    Players never ready, no excitement.
    Handled Hackenberg poorly in training camp (Don’t think he will pan out anyway)

    Guy is in way over his head, everyone will look at Fitzpatrick’s stat line and say “oh it wasn’t his fault” but, he completely ignores his playmakers in the second half and forces throws into coverage to his running backs and other wide receivers or changes the play to a run.

  3. Fitzpatrick was not their problem today. Pretty much every other aspect of their team, especially including the lackluster and overly conservative coaching, was the problem.

  4. Including the last game of last year, Fitzy is 1-5 with 15 interceptions and 5 fumbles…
    …so, of course, he gives the Jets their best chance to win… Right?

    It begs the question, how much worse before Geno gets into the game? Or Petty?

    At least Bowles didn’t say ” it’s early, and there’s a lot of season left”. Bit for a former secondary coach, I find it incredulous that every week it is more ” miscommunication” over and over…

    That 4th and 2 punt was a horrendous call… Made by someone who needs to learn how to coach to win.

  5. True story. The nice lady who led our between-game tour of the Panthers’ stadium, who is an even bigger Carolina homer than I am, would enthusiastically shout from the rooftops that the Jets can return to winning and glory if they just bring back Joe Namath. He still makes her wobbly in the knees. Jerry Richardson threw his golf cart into high gear before the lady had a chance to explain this to passenger Woody Johnson.

  6. Fitz is a class act but time to move on. I thought Geno was going to start last year anyways, how has he not had a shot?

  7. Here is a true stat. Every single coach who “Fitz” has played for in the NFL, for multiple teams, have said they are not considering changing him in the QB rotation. Every single on of them were eventually fired over poor performance. With most of it coming from inadequate to outright poor play from “Fitz” in the starting QB role. So Todd, my man, you need to seriously rethink this. and in act change Fitz right now. And flush the QB killer, Brandon Marshall too after the season is over. Just look how Marshall knifed Geno Smith in the back over the summer for proof.

    Geno may not be your long term answer. But he is for the rest of this year. If Bowles doesn’t want to see himself “Changed” after the season is over with “Fitz” at the helm.

  8. If you want a real fiasco, put Geno in as a starter, the season ticket holders won’t even show up. As soon as Petty is healthy, put him in there. He’ll be the starter next year anyway, because Fitz, and Geno will be history.

  9. Isn’t considering a QB change? Even if he did, who the heck would he change to? I’ve been a Jet’s fan for 31 years and this is the first year that my team has made me not want to be a fan anymore. How the hell does one football team have four backup quarterbacks? How does one team spend all their alloted cash and not think…ummm…mabey we should get a good QB too? “Bleepin’ Jets!”
    I don’t see all those Fitzpatrick lovers now. Marshall an Decker made that mediocre journeyman QB Fitzpatrick look waaayyy better than he really is last year. Jets management had to know that he always plays better come contract time…right? The only positive thing that will come out of this losing season is that with every loss we the fans endure, there may be hope for a first round pick of decent QB. I’m not holding my breath though, even the Jets can screw up tanking.

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