Walker TD gives Titans halftime lead

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Sunday’s Dolphins-Titans game got off to a slow start, but it’s been wild ever since.

A 20-yard Marcus Mariota touchdown pass to Delanie Walker with 47 seconds left in the first half has given the Titans a 21-14 halftime lead.

A touchdown run by Dolphins running back Jay Ajayi just before the two-minute warning tied the game at 14. The teams traded punts and miscues through the first 14 minutes before a Mariota run opened the scoring.

With 5:30 left in the second quarter, Andre Johnson got open in the back of the end zone for just the second touchdown catch by a Titans wide receiver this season. The Dolphins had scored first on a punt return touchdown by Jakeem Grant.

The Titans fired their special teams coach after giving up a punt return touchdown last week.

Both teams are 1-3 and badly need a win.

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  1. The China dolls are getting spanked. I thought we were an average team but we are getting a whooping from an average team so i guess we are bottom feeders. And now I am getting a bit worried our coaching isn’t what its cracked up to be. Tannehill bless him is a tough kid but he is so slow in the thought process he is a wideout playing QB. But he is serviceable and now my biggest concern is Gase not changeing his scheme to protect the limited play of his QB. Run him, slants, bootlegs, screens. One thing he does well is throw on the run with only a couple of reads to worry about. Having him standing there behind that bunch of statues is almost a crime against human rights. A one legged grandmother wearing a concrete boot could burst through Oline. As for our supposed Stella defence, laughable.

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