Adam Gase points to offensive line as reason for Tannehill’s struggles

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Dolphins coach Adam Gase made it clear after Sunday’s loss to the Titans that he isn’t thinking about making a quarterback change and he spent some time Monday pointing in another direction to explain why Tannehill had a rough day against Tennessee.

Tannehill was 12-of-18 for 191 yards and two interceptions in the loss, but the stat that Gase pointed to on Monday was the number of times that Tannehill was hit by Titans defenders. Tannehill was sacked six times and hit a handful of other times during the game.

“I know when we have 18 dropback passes and he’s hit or sacked on nine of them and then the completions we do have, he’s got guys in his face,” Gase said, via the Miami Herald. “I’m supposed to blame him for that? I get a look at the whole picture. I’m calling the plays and I know what it’s supposed to look like and it’s not looking like that now as far as what’s going on around him. … Everybody wants to blame that position. It’s the easy one to do because you can see completion, incompletions, interception. But when you hit your back foot and get sacked, there’s not much you can do about it.”

Offensive line play has been an issue for the Dolphins for a while and it didn’t help matters that left tackle Branden Albert and left guard Laremy Tunsil both missed Sunday’s game. Albert was ill and is expected back this week while Tunsil’s status is less clear after he aggravated a previous ankle injury when he slipped in the shower.

Gase said that it would be a different story if Tannehill was struggling while getting good protection, but that the protection needs to improve in order to make that kind of evaluation. With a decision to make on Tannehill’s contract shortly after the start of the new league year in 2017, they’ll need to make it one way or another over the remaining 11 games.

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  1. It’s not the offensive line’s fault that sometimes Ryan sits in the pocket for 5-6 seconds without throwing a pass. It’s not the offensive line’s fault that Ryan stares his receivers down projecting the oncoming play. It’s not the offensive line’s fault that Ryan can be inaccurate and throws behind his receivers. It’s not the offensive line’s fault that Ryan can’t read a defense after 5 years.

    I’m sure having poor protection can make a QB giddy and play recklessly at times, but blaming the offensive line for what the quarterback should be doing but isn’t doing just seems like a cop-out assist from Gase, specially when you’re responsible for their performance too.

  2. Decision appears well on the way to making itself. Whether it gets blamed on Tannehill or the line play is immaterial when you are looking at taking a 12% cap hit for a position that won’t matter if you can’t fix it. Whichever QB they draft with one of the top picks will be significantly cheaper

  3. For those of you saying Cutler could come to Miami… given the ineptness of the Miami FO I would still hold out hope that not even they would be dumb enough to go from a crappy QB to crappier QB.

  4. Yep, that’s what it is. Never mind that they’ve poured more resources into the line than any other team in football over the last 5 years. Same thing with the receivers.

  5. Cutler, Bridgewater or even Kaepernick would be EXACTLY what we DON’T need in the offseason !
    It looks like a good crop a young QB’s in this upcoming draft- I like Deshaun Watson , but will take anything to what we have now.
    Matt Moore is an excellent veteran QB, but he’s always been back-up & just don’t see him being the best solution.
    If our prayers are answered – Tannehill will be someone else’s problem next year, and who knows he might flourish
    in another teams system?

  6. Yeah coach, blame the O-Line. Every player on the team will tow that company line for a while and defend their teammate. Defend their QB. But if you’re going to blame the O-Line, when they know down deep their QB stinks, then all bets are off. Start listening for the “anonymous” sources in the locker room to start questioning the QB.

  7. irkjames says:
    Oct 10, 2016 3:23 PM

    It’s not the offensive line’s fault that sometimes Ryan sits in the pocket for 5-6 seconds without throwing a pass

    Ryan is lucky to get 2-3 seconds..much less 5-6.

  8. chicagosportsfan11 says:
    Oct 10, 2016 3:17 PM
    I think Cutler is heading to Miami in the offseason

    – Bears fan


    Funny… I think Tannehill is heading to Chicago in the off-season!

    I used to believe in #17, and I know that Sunday was the line mostly. But honestly, I don’t care any more. The O line must be improved, and I don’t think its fair on Tanny to keep him, because the same questions will be asked when the O Line is improved, and thats what year 6? year 7? Fins need to move on, for his sake. Looks like plenty other teams with decent o-line’s could use someone like Tanny right now. Sry man, I wanted to be on your side, but I can’t do it any more.

  9. It’s not like they haven’t invested in the position:
    Tunsil – 1st round pick
    Ju’wan James – 1st round pick
    Brandon Albert – Marquee free agent signing
    Pouncey – 1st round pick

    It’s not like they haven’t invested in weapons:
    Adams – 1st round pick
    Stills – Traded a starting LB and 3rd round pick for
    Cameron – $12.5 M guaranteed

    Eventually you have to face the fact that your franchise hinges on a guy who just wishes he was in his 8th year at Texas A&M.

  10. He isn’t a pocket passer; never was & never will be.

    Expecting a spread/read-option college QB to be successful in a pro style offense in the NFL is trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Ryan Tannehill isn’t good enough to make that transition, it’s as simple as that.

  11. 68…I like Watson also, I wonder if we could move up and grab him, what would be needed to pay for that moved, if the decision is to let Thill go, then the best QB is worth it, just look at the Dallas QB, he would do very good at Hard Rock Stadium. Bill

  12. @irkjames—–sometimes Ryan sits in the pocket for 5-6 seconds without throwing a pass


    the Titans who we played yesterday have the #1 rated line in football and they weren’t giving Mariota 5-6 seconds…thats rare in a pocket

    Dolphins fan are ridiculous…Dan Marino got Richmond Webb and Keith Sims….Ryan Tannehill gets billy turner and dallas thomas against Brian Orakpo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BILLY TURNER and DALLAS THOMAS neither one of them could start for their old college teams and I am supposed to tell Tannehill to get rid of the ball faster?!?!?!?! You do realize that is when the turnovers start to pile up.

    REAL PROBLEM—the Fins knew prior to the draft they they needed lineman so what did they go into the draft and do? DRAFT 1 lineman!!!!!! the whole draft and you draft 1 lineman. You should be drafting lineman like you have none on the roster to begin with!!!!!!!

    FIRE TANNENBUM or this is going to continue. Stephen Ross should go too just for recklessly hiring TANNENBUM.

  13. There were many times yesterday when he could have moved around and bought himself some time. For an athletic guy, it doesn’t translate well. Yet someone like Marino, who had poor 40 yard speed, could buy additional time by moving around in the pocket. I just don’t think he has “it” and I think we should move on. I wish Tannehill success- he takes more punishment than any QB I’ve ever seen- but it’s not working.

  14. If he is sacked 6 times and hit 3 times out of 18 drop backs (50%) maybe it is time to try something different. Wide receiver screens, short passes over the middle, quick slants to the slot receiver – anything. Just get the ball out of his hands before the inevitable happens – which so far has not been good.

  15. I remember when Daunte Culpepper left and came back with the raiders and beat the dolphins by rushing for a touchdown and pointing at his knee and telling the crowd to shut up…if you don’t remember that it is probably because you became a fan last week. Nobody seems to find it odd that almost every player leaves here only to do better elsewhere. I dropped my beer last night when I saw on SNF that John Jerry is the 5th ranked right guard in the nfl by pff. I was shocked to see that the Giants rb (Darkwa) couldn’t make it threw our first cut a few offseasons ago or when I see Mike Gilleslie of the Bills looking like he could be our starting rb right now or Chris Hogan looking like a 1000 yard receiver. Do I even need to mention us not retaining Lamar Miller. The fans can keep blaming the players but something needs to change drastically and its not the groceries but the people shopping for them. #finshavetobecursed

  16. Even though I keep telling myself it’s gonna be OK and that I’ll continue to support my Fins through the good times & bad – much like a marriage.
    But unfortunately as this season has unfolded & like the previous 4 seasons – I’ll be home watching them play from the comforts of my couch, but I’ll still feel obligated to wear a paper bag over my head during the games until we start winning !

  17. Those you have been blamed in Miami for Tannehill’s failures.
    1. The offensive line
    2. The running backs
    3. The receivers
    4. The tight end
    5. The punter
    6. The kicker
    7. The entire defense
    8. The dolphins mascot
    9. Critical fans
    10. All coaches
    11. The scout team
    12. I could go on but you guys get the point, its always someone else’s fault.
    Reminds me of that scene in the original blues brothers movie where Belushi is on his knees making excuses why he felt his bride at the alter as she’s about to shoot him.

  18. I can see some logic behind trying to wait until the line is healthy to see what Tannehill can do but isn’t Gase the QB guru? Why can’t he see the obvious?
    I guess it will be the same old story. Flail around for a few years, fire everyone except the QB and start over again. Ross is a laughingstock. If you think Gase is the answer, you’re asking the wrong question.

  19. He can’t see the obvious because it’s not so obvious. We’ve been waiting for five years. He’s been waiting for 5 games. He WILL NOT let our impatience affect his process. All those other things are equally atrocious, so gauging just how bad Tannehill is is more difficult than everyone here wants to admit. And like ishudbgm says, everyone leaves here and is great. Tannehill could be that—and Gase will do everything he can to see if that’s the case. If he doest see it in these last 11 games, then he will get to draft one next year AND trade Tannehill for a pick or two. And besides, we don’t have, nor can we just pick up, a better alternative until the off-season. But make no mistake, if all these other issues are not fixed (Oline, RBs, WRs dropping balls, TEs that suck, no Fullback) we will CREATE another Tannehill with our next pick.

  20. Gase may only have had Tannehill for 5 games but he has access to 4 years of game film, practice film and notes. If he has to personally observe every aspect then it’s lucky that he’s the youngest Head Coach in the league as he’ll be an old man. Before he starts winning.

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