Gary Kubiak expected to be released from hospital on Monday

Getty Images

Broncos coach Gary Kubiak was taken to a hospital after Sunday’s game while experiencing flu-like symptoms and reports on Monday morning were positive about his condition after a night under the care of doctors.

The Broncos have added some details to back up that word. In a statement, the team said Kubiak, who had a mini-stroke while coaching the Texans in 2013, underwent an MRI and CT scan among other tests. Those tests came back normal and Kubiak is expected to be released from the hospital later on Monday.

“Kubiak was diagnosed with a complex migraine condition that caused extreme fatigue and body weakness,” the team’s statement said. “He received medication and is feeling much better with an expected release from the hospital this afternoon.”

There’s no word on when Kubiak might rejoin the Broncos, who have a game against the Chargers in San Diego on Thursday night. That will likely be sorted out now that Kubiak’s medical issue has been addressed in what appears to be a positive way.