Gary Kubiak won’t coach this week

Getty Images

Broncos coach Gary Kubiak is out of the hospital, but he won’t be jumping right back to work.

Broncos General Manager John Elway announced on Monday that Kubiak will not work this week after being hospitalized on Sunday due to the onset of flu-like symptoms. The team announced earlier in the day that Kubiak has been diagnosed with “a complex migraine condition” and put on medication.

Elway said that special teams coach Joe DeCamillis will serve as the interim coach this week, including during Thursday’s trip to face the Chargers in San Diego. Elway also said that the short week wasn’t the impetus for the decision as doctors said the “process for Gary is to worry about Gary this week” and that there isn’t concern about Kubiak’s ability to handle the job in the future.

DeCamillis has been a special teams coach in the NFL since his first stint with the Broncos began in 1988 and this will be his first time serving as a head coach. His father-in-law is former Broncos, Giants and Falcons coach Dan Reeves, leading DeCamillis to say that he’s expecting “some unsolicited advice” about how to handle his interim gig.