Giants’ Ereck Flowers shoves ESPN reporter

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Giants left tackle Ereck Flowers had a rough game in Sunday night’s loss to the Packers, and then he had an ugly exchange with an ESPN reporter afterward.

According to Dan Duggan of, Flowers shoved ESPN reporter Jordan Raanan in the Giants’ locker room after the game.

Flowers was talking to another reporter when Raanan approached, and Flowers told him, “Hey, get out my face man. Don’t come over here.” Raanan didn’t leave, and Flowers said, “You hear me?”

Raanan said three times, “I’m just trying to do my job,” as Flowers said, “Get the [expletive] out of my face, bro.” When Raanan didn’t leave, Flowers shoved Raanan, knocking him backward a few steps. At that point, Raanan walked away.

It is unclear what Flowers’ problem with Raanan is. Raanan has written about Flowers’ struggles this season, which have included several penalties and sacks allowed, but plenty of other reporters have written about Flowers’ struggles, too.

Raanan hasn’t commented other than to tell a Twitter follower who asked about it, “All good. Minor thing. No need for anyone to be concerned.”

Whether Raanan wants to make an issue of it or not, Flowers putting his hands on a reporter is totally unacceptable. The Giants and the league should make that clear to Flowers.

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  1. Flowers should be suspended for pushing this reporter, but he might just get cut anyway, so it probably won’t matter.

  2. Why are reporters allowed in the locker room to begin with? Who wants to answer dumb, repetitive questions after losing while taking a shower and getting dressed?

  3. Reporters?? There aren’t any reporters….only paparazzi that push their own agendas. I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often considering the way SOME “reporters” act.

    It’s always amazed me how much access the “media” gets to the players, especially right after the game. You would think they would get some time to process the game.

    Too many journalists too soon after a game isn’t good for the game.

  4. This is not a good reflection on the direction the Giants are heading in since TC left. Between Odell’s on field histrionics, Flowers pushing the reporter and a 1 and 4 start, John Mara has to start wondering if he made the right head coaching decision.

  5. I guess I don’t have an issue with this, how many times do you need to tell someone to leave you alone? When words aren’t working, what’s the escalation?

  6. it will be interesting if the NFL takes action, I believe the precedent for a Giant player is you can beat a woman and get a one game suspension, i have to believe physically abusing a reporter is much less.

    The Mara impact on Godell…

  7. I don’t advocate pushing anyone but can a reporter respect a player’s wish to be left alone? This, “I’m only doing my job” wears thin, does it give you the right to be totally obnoxious? Reporters act with impunity and that also needs to stop.

  8. If you think mara or the league is going to do anything about this you are sa mistaken. This is one of the “haves” teams. Mara is so far up Goodell’s behind…. or is it the other way around…. it’s hard to tell.

  9. 11 out of 12 ESPN reporters lie for a living….right Mort?
    ESPN has no interest reporting facts, just creating 24/7 drama to fill their garbage airwaves when Lebron isn’t being featured.

  10. On the one hand, Flowers shouldn’t have shoved the reporter; we all get that.

    But please cut the sympathy play for the media. It’s not like sports reporters have hazardous jobs where they put their lives on the line every day. If you are going to go into a locker room after a game where emotions are high, and try to interview a player who just had his lunch eaten by his opponent, don’t be surprised when you get some negative feedback.

    This is the from same collection of people (sports media) who have shown open disrespect for law enforcement by joining hands with the Colin Kaepernicks of the sports world. They’ll get no sympathy from me.

  11. I’m glad he’s frustrated, because he has been absolutely terrible this year. Not even close to looking like a first round talent. Get mad and practice harder – taking it out on a reporter is unacceptable. Whether Jordan works for ESPN or not is irrelevant, he’s a good Giants reporter and he’s right about Flowers struggles.

    Eli and this oline better look in the mirror and figure it out. We can’t score against 3rd string DBs with a WR trio that has top notch talent.

  12. The media have a responsibility to ask the questions we all want answered. Thew player has an obligation to provide an answer. Media members do not have license regarding the manner in which they address players. They need to be courteous and respectful. Players need to behave the same way. When a member of the media harasses a player, becomes aggressive with a player or becomes obnoxious, the player has the right to set boundaries and enforce those boundaries.

    If the reporter feels that he was battered by a player, he has the right to make a police complaint. The reporter has the ability to write an article that details the event, as well. A player does not have as many options due to league restrictions. If I were the targeted player, I would have my attorney seek a restraining order to keep the reporter away from me.

  13. The reporters shouldn’t be in the locker room to begin with. What’s wrong with having them outside of the locker room and talk to the players after they finish getting dressed and out of the locker room?

    How would they feel if a Player was in their bedroom just after their wife just finished showering and asking her questions while she’s in underwear? Or better yet, how would a women reporter feel if a Player was asking her questions while she’s in a towel getting dressed?

    I understand that they have a job to do but is there something wrong with doing it outside of the locker room?

  14. Fine incoming. People may not like it but the NFL isn’t going to, and can’t, just let one of it’s players get away with pushing an employee of one of it’s corporate sponsors. Reporters have been in locker rooms since the dawn of sports asking stupid questions and annoying players and coaches, Flowers needs to grow up and accept that and keep his hands to himself. This situation could have handled by simply ignoring Ranaan. Flowers has also got to learn that you’ve got to accept that criticism of your play is going to come if you play poorly and you have to live with it just the same as you accept the praise when you do well. You’re not a special little snow flake Mr. Flowers you’re just a guy playing a sport for a living.

  15. When someone tells a reporter’ “go away leave me alone I dont want to talk to you.”

    The reporter should take that as a statement and leave. Or at least take a step back and stop talking.

  16. dolphincritic says:
    Oct 10, 2016 10:00 AM

    The media have a responsibility to ask the questions we all want answered.

    I don’t want the media bothering players to ask them stupid/TMZ questions. A gauge I use about the quality of the question is would this reporter (and I use the term loosely) have the courage to ask his question if no-one was around?
    They have the player at a disadvantage because they want to stir the pot. It’s not real difficult to imagine how a player feels if he played poorly or his team loses. Guess you’re one of those jerks that love to rub it in. Says alot about you.

  17. Whether Raanan wants to make an issue of it or not, Flowers putting his hands on a reporter is totally unacceptable.

    He’s not a reporter. The media has betrayed the “absence of malice” judgement for years and got away with it. Wish the FCC would do something.

  18. I know these reporters are “just doing my job”, but whenever a player SPECIFICALLY tells a person to leave him alone, the reporter ought to LEAVE HIM ALONE!! The NFL bends over backwards to these slimeballs and the players are made to talk to these guys like they have no choice. Freedom and speech and freedom of the press works both ways. If I don’t want to talk, I DON’T HAVE TO. I don’t “have a dog in this hunt” as I am not a Giants fan, but the press needs to back off just a little and let these players get over a loss.

  19. heh8metoo says:
    Oct 10, 2016 10:25 AM
    The reporters shouldn’t be in the locker room to begin with. What’s wrong with having them outside of the locker room and talk to the players after they finish getting dressed and out of the locker room?


    The best question yet! I have often wondered why it has to be in the locker room with the players walking around half or fully naked with reporters and cameras all around. Why not give them that half hour or so, then require players come into an area where they are free to ask questions and the players are free to NOT answer their questions? That could be used as a “cooling off” time for everyone to get their wits together.

  20. The only thing ugly in that exchange was the reporters refusal to respect Flowers request to back off.

    The arrogance of the media is what is truly ugly

  21. So reporters have been going to locker rooms for decades and after a NY Giant lineman loses his cool and shoves a reporter, NOW we should question whether or not they should be in the locker room to begin with? Thousands of players have resisted this urge but because Flowers cannot, let’s ban reporters. Clear case of blaming the victim.

  22. ESPN and reporter are the oxymoron of the century.

    I don’t condone Flowers’ behavior. Ok maybe some five across the eye action for Adam Sphincter (oops Schefter).

    One poster said it best, give these guys at least a half hour to ‘cool off’ or ‘process’ and then make them available to the mediots outside of the locker room. And this should apply to leagues, nhl, mlb, nhl, mls, whatever.

    BSPN is lower than the bottom of the barrel, in fact they are the scum that is underneath the barrel. Disney ought to put Harvey Levine in charge, after all the muckraking that is the BSPN goes hand in hand with tmz

  23. Flowers should be fined he could not even take a reporter to the ground

    I guess the good news is he did not hold the reporter

    Flowers is one of the reasons we lost that game he was the one that blew the block that caused the fumble

    How many holding penalties does this clown have?

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