Report: Cody Kessler expected to start against Titans

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The Browns’ list of starting quarterbacks since 1999 grew to 26 when Cody Kessler ascended to the top job earlier this season, but it doesn’t look like the team will need to move on to No. 27 against the Titans in Week Six.

Kessler had to leave Sunday’s loss to the Patriots due to rib and chest injuries and coach Hue Jackson said after the game that x-rays showed no breaks. More evaluation was set for Monday and Jackson said the rookie was “day-to-day.”

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Kessler “checked out OK” and is expected to be back in the starting lineup against Tennessee. Kessler was 5-of-8 for 62 yards and a touchdown against New England before he got hurt.

Charlie Whitehurst replaced Kessler and went 14-of-24 for 182 yards, a touchdown and an interception. He appeared to hurt his knee near the end of the game and former starter Josh McCown is recovering from a broken collarbone. Wide receiver Terrelle Pryor moved back to his former role and threw three passes during the game as well.

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  1. I am embarrassed to be a Browns’ fan. Having rooted for them since Jim Brown ran the football, I was very disappointed especially in the play calling. The reason: Belichick is a great coach. He will always find a way to take away the other team’s best offensive weapon(s). He did so Sunday by his defense keying on Crowell/Johnson ….I don’t know whether he just stacked the line or had keys from film study knowing when they were going to run. So, Hue obliged by (it seemed) always running the ball on 1st down. Likely, a 2 yard pickup maybe and now SURPRISE a passing down with 2nd down and 8. That consistently put every QB in jeopardy. To me , more than anything else, and yes the off. line needs help, but his predictable play calling was the main problem.

  2. Kessler can’t escape the curse. Haslam/The Browns ticked off some voodoo priestesses or some gypsies etc. and now the team is going to pay.

  3. Y’know I think Terrelle Pryor is one of the top candidates for comeback player of the year. I’m kinda proud of that guy for remaking himself from a below average quarterback into a versatile, dependable player – and he still hasn’t hit the top of his upside. The longer he stays in this offense the better and more versatile he can be, and he still has loads of untapped potential. A better than average running back, a better than average wide receiver and an emergency quarterback all wrapped up in one. He seems like a decent dude, too. As a Steelers fan I don’t give half a crap about the Browns, but it’s hard not to cheer for Terrelle Pryor.

  4. Kessler is a bright spot on a dismal year. He needs to play as much as possible to see if he can make the down field throws, especially when the weather changes. They have to do a better job of protecting him. If you look at Brady yesterday, the NE line has one goal – nobody can hit Tom.

  5. rowdymon says:
    Oct 10, 2016 1:25 PM

    Kessler is a bright spot on a dismal year.

    I’d have to agree. Much better than I thought he’d be. At minimum, he’s shown enough to be the team’s no.2 for the forseeable future.

  6. Agreed on Cody Kessler. Considering how all-in Jackson was about RG3, Kessler might turn out to be one hell of a lucky break for a team that usually just breaks. I think they need to invest in their offensive line and that offense might be balanced and dangerous some day.

  7. Well he looked in some pretty big pain on the sideline, so I wouldn’t be so quick to say he’ll start the game just yet because there were no bone breaks.

    But if he starts, the key question is… will he finish the game?

    Behind that line decimated by the front office for no intelligent reason… good luck.

  8. Cleveland took Miami to OT, hung with the Skins and Ravens into the 4th quarter and were in the game with Philly into the 3rd quarter. They’ve only dominated by NE. For all that they are winless and the continued butt of jokes they may finally be moving in a positive direction under Jackson, even if it took the removal of Griffin from the equation to get them headed there.

    For the sake of Browns fans, who certainly deserve better, let’s hope this potential light at the end of the tunnel isn’t yet another oncoming train.

  9. If I was a Browns fan I would pine for the Brian Sipe/ Sum Rutigliano days. They didn’t always win but they were always in it and those guys especially Brian left it all on the field. Good memories. Maybe that is why the ratings are down. Players then maybe were smaller, less skilled but they played with a heart most current players could never understand.

  10. tacowreckersaid:

    “Kessler can’t escape the curse. Haslam/The Browns ticked off some voodoo priestesses or some gypsies etc. and now the team is going to pay.”
    …going to pay?! As in, it hasn’t even started yet? How will we know when it’s on?

    Rooting hard for Kessler and for the Browns; y’all are so past due for a break!

  11. jakehoyt says:
    Oct 10, 2016 2:19 PM
    Another average USC QB in the league


  12. Prior to the N.E. game, this is a fun team to watch. Been following the browns for 30 years. Best football team I’ve seen in 10 years. Sad that we have no wins to show for the progress. I can clearly see talent on this team though.

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