Roberto Aguayo delivers the game-winner for Bucs, of course


The Buccaneers’ backups proved to be better than the Panthers’ backups, Roberto Aguayo made a clutch kick, and nothing makes sense any more.

Also, the NFL can no longer wonder why ratings are down.

Tampa Bay stunned Carolina with a 17-14 win Monday night, somehow winning a game no one seemed interested in.

Poor Buccaneers kicker Roberto Aguayo, bless his heart, missed two more field goals but hit the game-winner from 38 yards out to make everyone forget for a second they traded up to take him in the second round. He’s now 4-of-8 as a pro, after leaving Florida State as the most accurate kicker in college football.

But nothing was easy Monday for either side, as the odd collection of reserves and injury replacements struggled to commit football.

The Panthers turned the ball over four times, with backup quarterback Derek Anderson reminding us that no one is laughing.

Anderson threw two interceptions and fumbled, as the defending NFC champions fell to 1-4, with Cam Newton not even in the stadium as he’s in the concussion protocol.

For the Bucs, Jacquizz Rodgers finished with 30 carries for 101 yards, doing good work replacing the top two Bucs backs. With Doug Martin inactive and Charles Sims on IR, against a defense that used to be good, they were not supposed to be able to run the ball. But they did, and improved to 2-3.


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  1. How about that? Aguayo’s kicking and terrible offensive play calling lost this game…and then both won the game.

    Big step for the Bucs tonight, but a long way to go. Good news for Tampa Bay fans, is Bucs are 2-3, but both wins are against NFC outh….Atlanta and Carolina…both in their house.

  2. The Panthers have got to be the most overrated team in years. Seriously Scam Newton has one good year. That defense is trash. They only generated a decent pass rush with exotic blitzes against Tampa Bay’s patchwork oline. They struggled mightily against a backup dline. Their secondary is one of the worst in the league. I mean if Brady can throw for 400 against the Browns, imagine what he’d do against the Panthers?
    The Panthers are such a garbage team that they are competing with the Chargers, Browns, and Dolphins for the number 1 overall pick!

  3. At least Philip Rivers makes the Chargers competitive and fun to watch. That Panthers game was painful. And made me feel better as my Chargers will be guaranteed at least 2 wins this year.

  4. 1-4 for the Panthers.. Just crazy. Although two of those losses are against two of the best teams in football and the Falcons look more and more legit with each passing week.

    There’s still a ton of talent on that team. If Cam can get Healthy and Rivera can keep the locker room together, they can absolutely still get into the playoffs.

    But I’m not very impressed with what I’ve seen of the psychological makeup of that team. Not sure if this is a group that can pull it together and dig themselves out of the muck. If Cam has matured and acts like a leader, they’ll be fine. If not…

  5. Good for him. While I firmly believe it was folly to draft a kicker (1st-7th, I wouldn’t draft one EVER unless he was Vinatiare-ish,) I’m glad he’s proving me wrong. Life is hard. NFL football is harder. Wish him continued success, for all us losers who couldn’t make it.

  6. Well, someone had to win, right… Surprised it was the basement team… Especially with captain overthrow…

    My how far the panthers have fallen!

  7. the Bucs are absolutely dominating the NFC South! This mighty juggernaut cannot be stopped. Brady and Big Ben thanking God they don’t have to face the Bucs until the Super Bowl. Then I woke up.

  8. Kind of ironic that Aguayo made the game-winning kick considering he was a lot of the reason it came down to that in the first place.

  9. Its clear that the Panthers have lost our ifentity. Why in the world did we call that pass on 2st and goal at the freaking one yard line???? That was the difference on this game. Let CAP keep the ball in that situation.

    You aint gonna win with 4 turnovers, and you should never let the opposing kicker decide it. Im owning this L, but not losing faith. We gotta do something.

  10. It is not too late Panther fans for your team to right the ship. We started out slow also last season but rallied to make it into the playoffs. I’m no Panther fan at all but you guys have far too much talent to be a bad team.

  11. Lmfao! I love to see this sorry franchise lose and how the pathetic fan base comes up with excuses after every loss. The refs were cheating, didn’t you see the holding, the DBs were committing pass interference all night, their D line were offsides on every play and the refs didnt see it, the linbackers were grabbing facemasks all night, how can the QB play when the o line gives him only 1 sec to throw the ball, how can we run the ball when the o line cant run block, how can we catch balls if the defense commits pass interference on every play, how can the TE release when the linebackers are holding after 5 yards, how can the kicker kick when the o line lets them come so fast, how can the punter punt when we have no time. Fire the coach, fire the GM, fire the o line coach, fire the kid who sprays Gatorade in players mouths, fire goodell because he’s doing this to us on purpose, fire the head athletic trainer because he can’t get Cam better for this game, cut the long snapper because it’s his fault gano misses….

  12. How to describe the 2016 panthers so far? Finding ways to lose

    From self inflicted penalties, too careless turnovers ( -11 in the turnover ratio department), to mediocre coaching etc.

    Anderson had 1 job only, take what the defense gives you don’t mess up. Couldn’t even do that.

    Where was Olsen on the last possession that resulted in 3 straight run plays for an early 3 and out? No Fozzy W at that.

    The bucs looked like they wanted to go into overtime until Rivera start burning timeouts after a 2nd down stop. 2 straight run plays before converting a 3rd down. How the heck do you not double cover the only receiver in Evans on 3rd down? Stupid coaching

    Situational play calling was a joke, at the Bucs 1 or 2 yard line and you insist to pass instead of remaining balance? Heck Tolbert was open in the flat for a walk in td, no need to force it to Olsen with Grimes underneath

    Rivera played scared on the last possession and it costed them. Can’t rely on a suspect defense to get stops for you.

    Oh well at least my Falcons have a easy path to a division title ( don’t collapse please)

  13. Hear that? It is the sound of all those blowhard Panthers fans retreating to the rocks they crawled out from under during last season’s fluke run. Such a lovely noise.

    What a garbage team, with garbage frontrunning fans. 1-4! Ahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahaha

  14. Next the Panthers play the saints in New Orleans. If they lose that game Cam Newton may want to just stay in the concussion protocol for the rest of the season.
    They’re gonna go through a lot of towels on his head. I don’t think they bought enough.

  15. “Good for him. While I firmly believe it was folly to draft a kicker (1st-7th, I wouldn’t draft one EVER unless he was Vinatiare-ish”


    Pray tell, how would anyone know a kicker is “Vinatiare-ish” unless he had kicked for 10 years in the NFL?? Coming out of college, Aguayo looked to be “Vinatiare-ish”. He was the best in college and I think he still COULD be “Vinatiare-ish”.

  16. How about the after game discovery that Scam Newton had been out that day on a Segway in the middle of the street in downtown Charlotte without a helmet on??? Talk about an idiot!!

  17. Ratings are down because Roger Goodell is an A-hole. He has implemented stupid rules and penalties and many fans are angry about it.

    The quality of play has also deteriorated due to the players union negotiating less practice time. The game is not as fun to watch as it used to be.

    Goodell must go.

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