Siemian likely will be back on Thursday night

Getty Images

The Broncos won’t have coach Gary Kubiak on Thursday, but they likely will have quarterback Trevor Siemian.

As explained on Sunday’s Giants-Packers postgame show on NBC, Siemian was close to being ready for the Week Five game against the Falcons. But with the Broncos playing on a short week and given the possibility of Siemian aggravating his left shoulder injury, the Broncos didn’t want to lose him during the Week Five game and then not have him on Thursday against the Chargers.

It’s also hard not to envision the ultimate decision to give Siemian a week off as a chance to give rookie Paxton Lynch a test drive. Based on Sunday’s game, they can now keep the new car in the garage indefinitely, confident that they picked the right one in Week One.