Teammates: Adam Vinatieri wants all-time scoring record


At age 43, Adam Vinatieri is kicking better than ever.

So why not think about keeping it going for years and years?

The Colts kicker was 5-of-5 on field goals yesterday, leading his team to a win over the Bears. Included in that total were 53- and 54-yarders, proof there’s still plenty of life in that leg. He’s hit 38 straight field goals, not missing since Sept. 21, 2015, which is the third-longest streak ever. He has also hit 68 of his last 71 attempts (95.8 percent) since 2014.

“The guy’s chasing,” Colts long snapper Matt Overton said, via Gregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star. “There’s a reason you see him so determined. He wants to be the No. 1 all-time points scorer. He wants that title.”

“I know it for a fact. He wants to be the best. In all of our eyes, we think he is the best. But I know in his mind he’s never satisfied until he gets another [Super Bowl] ring or that scoring title.”

At the moment, Vinatieri is third on the scoring list with 2,304. Gary Anderson is second with 2,344, meaning Vinatieri should pass him this year. The top scorer all-time is Morten Andersen at 2,544, and at his current rate, Vinatieri would likely need to play into 2018 to catch him.

And there’s nothing to suggest he can’t, as he hasn’t lost leg strength.

“He’s still making 60-yard field goals in practice every day. It’s no problem,” Colts punter Pat McAfee said. “I think he wants to continue to be just a dominant force. Not just good for 43, not just good because he’s the greatest of all time. He wants to be the best in the game still, and it’s apparent every time he kicks a football.”

It was on Sunday, as he continues to chase records, looking more and more like he’s going to catch them.

13 responses to “Teammates: Adam Vinatieri wants all-time scoring record

  1. Belongs in the Hall. Tough for a kicker to get it, so it stands to reason he may need the points title to make it.

  2. valentino8100 says:
    Oct 10, 2016 9:39 AM
    Belongs in the Hall. Tough for a kicker to get it, so it stands to reason he may need the points title to make it.

    Points title or not, I think Vinatieri has earned a HoF induction, maybe not 1st ballot but he is a legit candidate. But the points title would prob make it much easier to get in 1st ballot though.

  3. Adam is arguably the best kicker of all time and I do hope he sticks around to get Andersens record. My most recent memory of Morten was him coming back for his age 46-47 season and kicking nearly 90% of his FGs, he couldnt hit em past 50 but he was as accurate as ever.

  4. As a fellow +40 guy, I applaud Vinatieri for his perseverance and longevity. Kicking is a lot harder than it looks. All the kickers have the leg strength and accuracy. It’s the mental part which is the hardest.

  5. Greatest kicker of all time hope he gets the records.

    Some of the kicks he made in New England in the snow and frigid games were amazing.

  6. Loved Vinatieri when he was in New England. Met him a couple times and he was always a class act. Glad he found a home in Indy, but I am glad that NE moved on to Gostkowski. Gostkowski is on pace to smash the scoring record if he stays healthy and plays 10 more years. If you look at the numbers, he has just been a better kicker since NE moved on from Vinatieri. Still, Vin was a great NE player.

  7. As a Patriots fan, I still support Adam and this was a blunder by Belichick. Gostowski has been a very good replacement, but there is nobody in the history of the game I’d want in there when a game is being decided than Adam.

  8. Already getting some hate regarding Gostkowski vs. Vinatieri. The numbers don’t lie. Through first 10 years of each career Vinatieri was about 116 points per year average and Gostkowski was 133 for 1158 and 1330 points respectively.
    I am not saying it is easy to play another 10 years or more in the league, but if Gostkowski stays healthy, plays that long, and continues numbers that average even Vinatieri’s numbers, he will smash the records.
    Those are a lot of if’s. Even for a kicker, it is hard to play all those years. Additionally, people forget that Vinatieri rarely kicked off for NE and usually does not for Indy. Gostkowski also kicks off which makes him very valuable.

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