Who had the biggest coaching blunder of the week?

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Tuesday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio and NBCSN looks back at Week Five from one specific perspective: The biggest coaching blunder of the week.

We’ve narrowed the field down to three options. Vote below, speak your mind in the comments, and then tune in on Tuesday morning to hear more about it.

The show gets rolling at 6:00 a.m. ET on NBC Sports Radio, sliding over to NBCSN at 7:00 a.m. ET.

24 responses to “Who had the biggest coaching blunder of the week?

  1. As a Ravens fan, I’d like to write in a fake punt w/50 mph gusting winds……punters don’t have arms built for that kind of weather.

  2. In the spirit of recognizing ineptitude, incompetence, and just epic failures, may we present the:

    “Honorary Jets Coaching Blunder Award”

  3. Fisher is not a good coach; however, I don’t think the fake punt should be a consideration here. I much rather lose with my coach making aggressive calls, than making y wussy calls!

  4. buckstalion12965 says:
    Oct 10, 2016 10:36 PM

    Fisher is not a good coach; however, I don’t think the fake punt should be a consideration here. I much rather lose with my coach making aggressive calls, than making y wussy calls!

    I hear ya, but the aggressive call would have been to go for it on fourth down. A fake punt was the bonehead call.

  5. What, no love for Mike McCoy not going for the win on fourth and one and going for a field goal you knew was going to go wrong.

  6. thelongestgoodbye says:
    Oct 10, 2016 10:30 PM
    @tsuscrumhalf curious, did you watch the game because they didn’t run the play you described.

    They faked a field goal on the 15 yard line.

    Yep, I was there. The winds were gusting like crazy. Hats, hot dog wrappers & all kinds of debris were flying all over! Tucker is an amazing kicker. In gusting winds, he shouldn’t be attempting to throw a ball. (Ahhhh, now I see. I said punt, meant FG)

  7. Hey at least my Chargers stayed in the game until the end. Sure they find new ways to choke every year. But at least the games are competitive until the end. It’s better than being a Browns fan because at least you know you had a chance at winning

  8. Biggest coaching blunder of the week is not firing Gus Bradley at the bye. He’s not the answer. Jags should be 3-1.

  9. Mike McCoy’s decision to kick a field goal with 4th and half a yard to go with two minutes left in Oakland. Get the first down and win the game. Of course, coaches always take the safe road so they don’t end up on ridiculous lists like this.

  10. Mike McCarthy for stealing food in the players looker room, based on what the packer fans said on the Vikings story it’s the reason why little erin has been off target. He’s hungry during games, he usually eats a Snickers during halftime but supposedly coach McArthy ate that too.

  11. Here the Brownies go again. This losing cycle repeats itself every three or four years.
    First, they will fire head coach. Not enough wins is usual excuse.
    Second, they will have a fire sale, and sell anyone from previous administration that has marketable skills. This year it’s Thomas, and maybe Gordon.
    Finally, they will hire a new coach, who will draft players that fit his liking/scheme and again restart the rebuilding process.

    When is someone gonna wake up, and figure out that experienced players mentoring rookies, is essential key to success. Dumber that dirt. No wonder they call it the mistake by the lake.

  12. Ohhhhh Noooooooooooooo!!!!

    Oh wait, this wasn’t the draft. This isn’t Radio City Music Hall. It was just a dream. Phew. Time to wake up…

    Jets! Jets! Jets! (Sorry Todd. Belichick was last week. It happens to the best of them.)

  13. Fisher blew it by not going for on 4th down at the Bills 5. Kicked a FG and still needed a TD to win. He was betting on a defensive stop and a drive down the field for a TD. The way they were playing neither was likely. The fake punt was just the icing on the Failure Cake.

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