Bjoern Werner among large group of pass rushers in Saints workout

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The Saints worked out former Colts first-round pick Bjoern Werner on Tuesday, PFT has confirmed.

Werner was one of several linebacker and defensive end-types the Saints had in as the team continues to try to upgrade its defensive personnel. Former Cardinals draft pick Shaquille Riddick, former Buccaneers linebacker Danny Lansanah and former Packers and Chiefs linebacker Dezman Moses were among the other notable names participating.

Werner, a first-round pick in 2013, had 6.5 sacks in three seasons before being released by the Colts. He spent the 2016 offseason and preseason with the Jaguars.

Lansanah started 11 games for the Bucs in both 2014 and 2015.

The other participants in Tuesday’s workout were Greg Townsend, Andy Mulumba, John Lotulelei, Derek Akunne, Wes Horton and Royce LaFrance.

21 responses to “Bjoern Werner among large group of pass rushers in Saints workout

  1. I had to smile reading the list. As a Packers fan, it’s always interesting to hear Ted Thompson’s acolytes proclaim what a genius he is. We were stuck with 3 of those guys over a period of years. Dezman Moses, Danny Lansanah, and Andy Mulumba. Any wonder our defense was terrible?

    Good luck to the Saints in improving their sieve with that motley crew.

  2. Is Werner really a pass-rusher? I mean, sure, he was *supposed* to be, but it didn’t really turn out that way, which is why he’s unemployed

  3. I seem to vaguely recall a headline from years ago that read, “Bjorn Zorn Born.” Apparently, Jim Zorn had a kid he named Bjorn – that was birthed.

    Not sure why I’m even sharing this idiocy.

  4. Isn’t Greg Townsend in his 50’s?! Wow, Saints! Really reaching now! Too bad Bree$ makes most of the team’s non-dead-money bankroll. He is the Jeff Fisher of QB’s.

  5. I don’t know if Werner is that bad, I have always seen him as a hand in dirt guy. Yet he went to Indy and Jags where they use him as a lb.

  6. Werner had a few flashes of great football, and I think that he would have been more efficient if Pagano was going to make some defensive adjustments. At least he could tackle unlike 98% of the current defensive roster. Is a shame that Pagano being a defensive mind (supposedly) has one of the worst defenses in the league. A true testament to the loon organization that is now the Indianapolis Colts, but go ahead Irsay, say again that you are glad that you (like the genius you think you are) cut Manning.

  7. He made a few plays at FSU and that was IT.

    Did nothing in Indy.

    There were Jags fans hoping he would be OUR #1 pick that year because our pass rush was horrible then.

    YEARS later our passrush STILL sucks and he cant even make our roster.

    On top of that – THIS IS NEWS?

  8. The depths that some teams will reach. But at least Brees got his money. Makes you wonder why he would feel the need to make even more working as a huckster for a pyramid scheme.

  9. I don’t understand why Grigson still has a job, nothing but failure. Andrew Luck likely will never be more than mediocre but that was an understandable pick. How he won Executive of the year over John Schneider that year is nothing short of a travesty….

  10. I think Werner’s biggest problem was he was a DE at FSU and used to playing with his hand on the ground. Pagano wanted to convert him to a rush LB in his “hybrid” system. It didn’t work for him just like it didn’t work for Dwight Freeney. As a Colts fan I wish we had a Dungy type defense again. Simpler for the younger guys to pick up and run.

  11. Maybe Failcons fans should focus on their own team since it always seems to fall apart for them.

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