Dolphins sign Chekwa, Young

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The Dolphins announced Tuesday that they’ve signed cornerback Chimdi Chekwa and offensive tackle Sam Young.

As previously reported, the Dolphins released running back Isaiah Pead and offensive linemen Billy Turner and Dallas Thomas.

Young is on his fourth NFL stop. He’s played in 58 career games with the Bills, Cowboys and Jaguars. Chekwa spent the offseason and preseason with the Dolphins before being released in September; he last played a regular season game with the Raiders in 2014.

Chekwa signed after working out for the Dolphins Tuesday. The Dolphins also worked out six other players Tuesday: center Jake Brendel, offensive tackles David Foucault and Terry Poole, linebacker Trevor Reilly and defensive backs Darrin Walls and Blidi Wreh-Wilson.

14 responses to “Dolphins sign Chekwa, Young

  1. how is this news? a team absolutely nobody cares about picks up two guys absolutely nobody’s heard of and cuts two guys absolutely nobody will remember in 13 minutes.

  2. Produce or you’re gone? Lol.

    They cut three “minimum wage” guys who were probably trying as hard as anyone on the team.

    Meanwhile, stalwarts such as Suh, Maxwell, and Tannehill, with their albatross of contracts, keep getting rolled out there, with not a care in the world.

    You show ’em, Dolphins!

    We laugh at the Browns, but at least they make an effort week in and week out.

  3. RandyinRoxbury says:
    Oct 11, 2016 6:31 PM
    The quest for 3-13 is alive and well on south beach.
    Randy huh? That’s a cool name. I’m a bit jealous.

  4. Turner and Thomas will probably be signed by the pats or bills and turn into pro bowlers. We are fast becoming browns south. Lol.

  5. As Phoenix slowly leave the ashes of defeat, a new day is coming, and the Dolphins will start to win, and not lose, however, it may not be this decade, I been to the Redskins games in the 40’s, time is short for me, however my children can watch the Phoenix do it thing. Bill

  6. Miami is so far off from being even a mediocre team but you would be suprised how quickly your fortunes change once you find an elite qb. They have that uncanny ability to hide team deficiency and suddenly talented FA want to sign with your organization. SUH has to go.. Tanny had to go…..Pouncey….All of them 25 or older. GONE. Everybody is making fun of Cleveland but they are piling up a ton of picks. I wish Miami was doing the same.

  7. They cut three “minimum wage” guys who were probably trying as hard as anyone on the team.

    Um only one, Pead, was a “minimum wage” guy
    Thomas and Turner were 3rd round draft picks that failed at the experiment of converting them from tackle to guard.

    The fan base has wanted Thomas gone for quite a while – even though other regimes kept players around because of their potential and not their performance.

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