Jason Garrett: Romo doing team drills “a little bit further down the road”


Cowboys owner/noted orthopedist Jerry Jones said Sunday night he was expecting good news from Tony Romo’s MRI.

But after the tests were performed Monday, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett declared that Romo returning to team drills as he recovers from compression fractures in his back was “a little bit further down the road.”

“[Romo] is working hard with our trainers, he’s working hard with our strength coaches, he has been throwing a little bit the last week or so,” Garrett said, via Drew Davison of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “Depending on how he feels with the work, you try to ramp him up each day as we go.

“It takes a lot of feedback, the player has to be honest with you about how he’s feeling, then you make your decisions from there.”

Of course, Garrett sidestepped the major question, which centers on the future of the position considering how well rookie Dak Prescott has played in Romo’s stead.

“You certainly want to have competitive situations on your team, there’s no question about that,” Garrett said. “One of the things that we’ve really strived to do a better job of with our team this year is if someone does go down, have a guy who can go in there who can play and allow us to function.”

There’s been no question Prescott has functioned. After watching non-Romo quarterbacks torpedo seasons in the past (including a ridiculous 1-11 last year), having a guy who can actually play is making the Cowboys consider things they never have.

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  1. Cowboys owner/noted orthopedist Jerry Jones

    Oh shut up. His team is 4-1 and in first place in the division, with two rookie superstars he drafted.

  2. This IS Tony’s team and rightfully should be so! All those years of playing with a swiss cheese Oline and almost non-existent D, I am excited for him to return, only when fully healthy!! JJ, the “orthopaedist”, only reports what the team Doctors have told him, and JG is sounding more like BB’s pressers, and I like it…….

  3. i suggest if you have an extra roster pick in fantasy pick him up this week….he’s gonna be trade bait for some QB strapped soul looking for a spark to get into the playoffs…

  4. Its should read ….” Romo works with 2nd team…….” ….Theres no way Garrett puts him back in…If he does its because of Coach Jerry Jones , Not onwer Jerry………best of luck with that…….

  5. Only time will tell how this plays out. A lot of people are acting as if Romo is a washed up wana-be. That’s just not the case. Prescott knew going in that he’s filling in for Romo. I think he’s intelligent enough to know that even if he does come back and start, it won’t be long before he retires. And don’t think for a second that Romo won’t be on a short leash if he does come back this year.

  6. Direct quote from Fox Sports :
    Put simply, Romo is the better quarterback. He holds franchise records for just about every relevant passing statistic and is one of the most accurate quarterbacks in NFL history. He has the third-highest passer rating of all time and is fourth in completion percentage. Those are numbers no sane person can argue with. In his past five seasons, Romo has thrown 129 touchdowns and 55 interceptions. Take out his injury-filled 2015 campaign and his numbers are even better.

    There’s simply no debate that Romo is the more effective passer, and while he may turn it over more, he also throws more touchdowns. Prescott has four scores through the air in five games. By comparison, Romo has 10 career games with at least four touchdown passes.

    The Cowboys are 15-4 in his last 19 starts.

    As I have said for a few years now, his numbers stand up against anybody who wants to try and bash him. The ONLY thing he hasn’t done is win a Super Bowl…and who knows, he’s still got some football left in him, and he’s no doubt more rested than any other player in the league.

  7. Funny thing is Prescott makes better decisions with the ball and takes less chances. I love Romo but his INTs have hurt more than his TDs helped.

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