Jay Glazer urges MMA community to shun Greg Hardy

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As former (for now) NFL defensive end Greg Hardy embarks on an MMA career, a national NFL reporter with a prominent MMA presence has taken a strong stance against Hardy’s pursuits.

I would be incredibly disappointed in any of my fellow MMA coaches and any promoters if they took Greg Hardy in and taught him a shred of our incredible sport,” FOX’s Jay Glazer said on Twitter. “Many of us train women in self defense specifically to help protect vs. domestic violence. Me and all my coaches at [Unbreakable, Glazer’s gym] do and take great pride in that. Competing in any sport is a privilege, Greg Hardy should not be granted the privilege. There are many beautiful arts taught in our sport, none of which should be afforded to him.”

Glazer’s position arises from Hardy’s 2014 allegation of assaulting his ex-girlfriend. Hardy was suspended by the NFL, although he ultimately wasn’t convicted.

29 responses to “Jay Glazer urges MMA community to shun Greg Hardy

  1. I’ve long loved the Glaze — he is awesome in how he brings edge, humor, style and flair to both football and MMA. Love that guy.

  2. “Welcome to MMA, Greg. We will be starting you as a white belt in the ancient Chinese art of groin-fu. Please try to block Sarah’s kicks.”
    “Wait, I have never heard of this arrgh my groin”

  3. Boy it is hard i guess when the media has determined you will not get to move on from anything. What next Greg wants to get a job at McDonald’s and Jay will tell them not to hire him. Where does it stop and why should Jay determine what someone should be able to do. I know because he is in the media that’s why he gets to do it. If he was a fireman who would care.

  4. I wonder if Jay Glazers has the same views on Adrian Peterson.
    He Beat a Child who he loves.
    How is fighting with a stripper any worse?
    Why is not Jay Glaz

    Have you seen the photos of what he did to her? There is no comparison what Hardy did to that female and what Peterson did to his son.

  5. Right… because the MMA community is full of drug-refusing, non-violent gentlemen?

    Get a clue, Jay.

  6. Oh yes, heaven forfend that this miscreant be allowed to impugn the exalted ‘sport’ of two guys engaging in gladiatorial combat. With its illustrious history of exalting only the highest ideals in dudes beating each other senseless, it is unthinkable that such a scoundrel be allowed to join their exalted ranks.

  7. All you commenters who are bashing Glazer for saying this are nuts. Never been a fan of this guy but cmon, he’s making an excellent point on this. I agree with the dude who said he should have said something similar about AP, though.

  8. “So, shun him forever, eh Jay?”

    Since he has showed zero remorse and his behavior while with the Cowboys was horrible and showed no change in his self awareness of what a lousy human being he is, yes, shun him until he gets a clue and if he doesn’t forever.

  9. This isn’t an altogether bad thing. I’m old enough to remember when Ed Jones tried his hand at professional boxing. His first/only(?) pro fight was against a journeyman boxer (a guy who was no Ali/Frazier/Foreman/Norton – heck, the guy wasn’t a Jerry Quarry) and it was one of those situations where the nickname “Too Tall” was sadly appropriate: I remember that after he was dazed by a flurry from the boxer, as the result of Mr. Jones’s size, the boxer was able to hit poor him at least three more times as he fell to the canvas.

    There’s a difference between being a football player who’s weight room strong and who wears pads and a helmet and being a guy who’s fought and who has doled out and received punishment over the course of years. I think the majority of us who frown on hitting women hope that Greg Hardy gets to experience that difference

  10. Google “war machine mma christy mack”

    Read the first few returned results

    Unless Hardy has any substantial previous training who cares. Take his money for training. Outside of beating up clowns in local bars, he will get destroyed fighting anyway with mediocre training and experience.

  11. Jay Glazer comments on Accused double Murderer Ray Lewis – “He never ceases to Amaze me”

    Terrel Suggs has had 2 police complaints against him and he is the Darling of the NFL….and ESPN……

    Terrel Beat his girlfriend and then also threatened her and her 1 year kid with a bottle of bleach.

  12. Sorry Jay, I am tuning into every fight. Any chance to watch Hardy get his face beat in will be entertaining.

  13. It’s not your sport Jay ..you’re an out of shape slob who’d get your head kicked in by any semi-respectable opponent.

  14. God I’m tired of everybody jumping to the defense of athletes when somebody in the media speaks up. How can anybody with the power of google to research not just buy into the fact that Hardy is an a-hole?! I get it – he wasn’t convicted of the specific crime mentioned in this story. But the overall mindset towards Hardy by the vast majority of people who have come into contact with him is the same – he’s an idiot with a horrendous attitude. People defending him on any front need to do some reading about his interactions with team mates, coaches, business associates, ‘friends’, and family. Then come back to this thread and announce Glazer is a jerk. Glazer is calling a spade a spade. And it’s fine.

  15. Wow, if this board is any indication, a lot of NFL fans know close to nothing about the character of most UFC fighters (i.e., it’s generally good).

  16. I’m not going to defend Hardy at all. I will say that I have always thought Jay Glazer was about 3 seconds from roid rage every time he opened his mouth.

    We’re talking MMA, Jay, not a medical convention where the cure for cancer is close at hand. Get over yourself.

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