Report: NFL looking into Ereck Flowers shoving a reporter

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Giants coach Ben McAdoo said Monday that he, General Manager Jerry Reese and others in the organization spoke to left tackle Ereck Flowers after he shoved ESPN reporter Jordan Raanan on Sunday and that Flowers apologized to Raanan for his actions.

McAdoo didn’t discuss potential discipline for Flowers, saying that it would be handled internally. If the Giants are considering disciplinary action, they may have company.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the league is looking into what happened in the locker room after the Giants lost to the Packers on Sunday night. A report from the locker room that night had Flowers shoving Raanan after telling the reporter not to come near him.

Raanan called it a “minor thing” in response to a question about what happened on Twitter.

14 responses to “Report: NFL looking into Ereck Flowers shoving a reporter

  1. I’m actually surprised this doesn’t happen more often.

    Players have to be pissed after a tough loss.

    Might be best for some reporters to wait a few hours before you ask that sticky question.

  2. Considering ol’ Schefty is on it…I’m sure he’ll trump it up since one of his “own” got a boo-boo. Wonder if he’ll be able to find medical records this time?

  3. Are you kidding me??!!
    Asking or thinking a reporter would actually wait to get a comment from anyone at anytime in the fear of getting scooped…
    Never happen…EVER!!!

  4. If Ranaan considered it a minor thing it’s hard to imagine it as being much more than fine worthy. If a Jets player did that to Mehta it would draw applause and deserve a raise

  5. I’m sure reporters can be a pain, but the relationship between the NFL (and its players) and the media is mutually beneficial. The media promotes the sport and the players, and covering the sport provides work for the media. Flowers was understandably frustrated (he should be; he’s a terrible tackle) but he can’t take it out on others, especially not shrimpy reporters. Thats bully stuff

  6. “I’m actually surprised this doesn’t happen more often.

    Players have to be pissed after a tough loss.

    Outside of the fact part of a player’s job description is they have to deal with the media, all it takes is the guy who was shoved filing assault charges. Even misdemeanor assault charges will get you on the league’s disciplinary radar.

    Would not be surprised to see Goodell suspend Flowers for 1 or 2 games for this.

  7. It’s assault, no surprise the NFL is looking into the incident. Gotta be a little smarter than that.

  8. Look at what their kicker got. How does that go so unnoticed?? Flowers will have to put $2 into the office swear jar.

  9. I wish someone would shove that shyster Schefter…..

    If there were any medical records available because of this incident he would have already tweeted them….

  10. Suspend him 8 have and take draft picks away and fine the giants 1,000,000 for having classless players.

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