49ers, Kaepernick rework deal

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Colin Kaepernick’s $14.5 million injury guarantee for 2017 wasn’t keeping him from playing, according to coach Chip Kelly. So it’s apparently quite a coincidence that, only a day after Kaepernick became the starting quarterback, his injury protection for next year has evaporated.

Per multiple reports, that the 49ers and Kaepernick have agreed to a new deal that wipes out the remainder of a contract that was due to run through 2020. The details are sketchy and not complete, but the bottom line is that Kaepernick has given up the $14.5 million injury guarantee in exchange for an ability to become a free agent in 2017.

Kaepernick also could choose to stay for one more year, but no details have been reported (leaked) about the value of the contract in 2017. Besides, if none of it is guaranteed, the 49ers could still choose to cut him.

Like the original contract Kaepernick signed in 2014, which based on the reported (leaked) nuggets seemed to be the best contract ever negotiated in the history of American sports (it was far from that), the precise details of this new contract will say plenty.

From the team’s perspective, it has gained protection against Kaepernick suffering an injury that would have bound him to the team at $14.5 million fully guaranteed for next season. From Kaepernick’s perspective, what has he really gained?

At best, he can’t be forced to play for $14.5 million if he becomes at some point over the next 11 games the guy that he was in 2012 and 2013. Given that the Texans paid Brock Osweiler $18 million per year based on seven games in 2015 with no NFL track record before that, Kaepernick could, in theory, make himself into an attractive free-agent option for next year.

The risk, of course, is that if he gets injured, he’s screwed. Hopefully as part of the new deal the disability policy he had to buy will be adjusted to give the player, not the team, $20 million if he suffers a career-ending injury.

Even then, Kaepernick would be at risk of a career-limiting injury that allows him to play but that makes him less attractive on the open market.

Bottom line? Kaepernick is betting on himself in a very narrow and specific way. He’s giving up his injury protection in exchange for the ability to make more than $14.5 million in 2017 and to escape the three ensuing years of a contract that, if he’s playing at a high level, is incredibly team friendly.

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  1. From yesterday at just about this time:

    maust1013 says:
    Oct 11, 2016 5:46 PM
    Won’t believe Chip or Kaepernick on this one until that restructured contract is published showing it was signed at some point after he has played in a game.

  2. Looks to me like the actions of a guy who is desperate to get out of his current situation but also realizes his marketability has tanked and the only way to build it back up is to get on the field.

  3. He gives up the injury guarantee for the chance to escape the worst owner/gm/front office in the league. Risking that amount of money gives you an indication of how bad that asylum must be. Thanks Jed.

  4. I bet Kap comes out playing like he did when he first popped onto the seen and everyone thought he was the next great thing (Jaworski) because he will be able to get out of San Fran and trick some other franchise he can win now for a system that is lacking just a QB.

  5. bassplucker says:
    Oct 12, 2016 6:33 PM

    Looks to me like the actions of a guy who is desperate to get out of his current situation but also realizes his marketability has tanked and the only way to build it back up is to get on the field.


    Well put.

  6. lol – nah – has nothing to do with he worst owner/gm/front office. everything to do with him killing his reputation as a qb the past few years on top of his stupid “protest”

    wouldn’t surprise me if sf didn’t say “rework the deal or get cut”

  7. This guy is toast. He just gave up how much thru 2020?????? Wow!

    Locker room says the best SF qb currently is Christian Ponder. Man, what a mess! Good job Chippy!

  8. “Kaepernick is betting on himself in a very narrow and specific way. He’s giving up his injury protection in exchange for the ability to make more than $14.5 million in 2017 and to escape the three ensuing years of a contract that, if he’s playing at a high level, is incredibly team friendly.”

    It’s really a risk/reward scenario as seen from 2 particular, and vastly different, points of view. Kaepernick isn’t just betting on himself to showcase his talents for future contract purposes, he is doing it because it was the only way he was getting on the field. Short of being the SB MVP he knows he is done like yesterday’s dinner in SF and if he couldn’t get on the field for that team he comes with too much baggage to carry a clipboard anywhere else. He has to show he can be an effective starter, not too mention the increased attention he so desperately craves that goes along with that.

  9. The Feds just cited the S.F.P.D. with bias and violence against minorities. Although Kaepernick may not have chosen an “acceptable” method of protest, it is now documented that what he was talking about is true.

  10. First they bench him for a white QB. Then they cut his pay? Oh the humanity!

  11. If I were a 49’s I’d be looking for a new team.

    I would never give a dime of my money till they get rid of this guy.

  12. This year must be a misery for him (self inflicted). If he does not play all year who will sign him next year? His last season was pretty bad. He had a serious injury. Brings all the BLM distractions. And he didn’t play a snap this year.

    Dead cap to cut after 2016 would be 4.93. His cap hit if staying would be 19.36.

    He was getting cut after this year if he did not restructure and play.

    His career would have been over. This way if he does well may get a shot somewhere else. But he needs to play really well to be worth all the distractions.

  13. Before the restructure, didn’t the 49ers have until April 1 to make a decision on whether or not to cut him? If under the new agreement he has the ability to be a free agent at the beginning of the new league year that gives him a lot more flexibility.

  14. SF has nothing to lose in this scenario and Kaepernick has everything to gain. Sure would like to know what the cost of that disability/future earnings insurance is. The AFLAC duck would choke taking that one on. There’s a lot of risk involved, what with all the potential oppressors flying around out there and all.

  15. vbe2 says:
    Oct 12, 2016 6:44 PM
    Hopefully someone reworks his knees soon too.

    I know don’t the like the guy but never wish an injury on him. Or anyone else for that matter

  16. The injury guarantee hurt both Kaepernick and the team. It was an obvious move by both sides. If the team played him and he got hurt, they would have to pay hi $14.5M. So, he wasn’t going to play and that would kill his market value. This is a win/win for the player and the team. If he does well, the team can resign him or move on. For his part, maybe a team will sign him. He’s still a signing risk as his actions insult fan bases and he gets hurt with his style of play.

  17. If Kaepernicks agent didn’t secure Kaepernicks 14.5 million guarenteed payment in some form or fasion I would say he failed his client.

  18. Since you don’t like using any word that any person on this earth may find racist or offensive, please refrain from using the work Kaepernick in the future.

  19. What a joke that “Team Friendly” deal was that Paraag Marathe, Jed York, and Trent Balkee were boasting about since 2014, and local media ran with. Keep will be bolting outta Santa Clara as quick as he can after the final game.

  20. He’s an idiot, and his agent is committing malpractice. The upside here is pretty low, especially considering the team around him is poor. Even if he plays well, the odds are the results will be poor, so his free agency will not be worth $14.5 million. Moreover, if he gets hurt, as is likely, given the porous offensive line, lack of running game, lack of receiver talent and Kap’s own reduced size, he will get nothing.

  21. It’s a good move for both parties because it allows both parties to separate at season end. This is, in essence, a franchise deal except for the twenty + million $$ price tag that average QBs like Kirk Cousins and the $18 million that QBs like Brock and Bradford got from their respective teams for doing nothing in the NFL careers. Kaepernick will get a chance to showcase his talent to 31 other teams if he decides to forego the final year of the 2-year contract.

  22. Lol at all the PFT GMs saying he’s stupid for giving up next year’s guarantee. News flash morons: he wasn’t getting the team option anyway. And if he didn’t restructure, he wasn’t getting on the field. Either way, he won’t be a niner next season.

  23. You know what, I may disagree with his stance on the Anthem. I may dislike his twitter feed full of hate.


    I respect him for hedging his future ON HIMSELF!!!

    He is basically saying, if I stink I’m screwed. If I play well, I’m going to possibly get a monster contract along with getting out of this goofy SF locker room.

    Good for Kaep!!!!

  24. The Niners have to be happy that he may be a free agent in 2017. If he sucks this year, starting “now,” they have a way out. If he’s good, he is the one with way out if he wants but the Niners gotta be happy for the chance to close the door behind him if he does leave.

  25. The 49ers need Kaepernick. As a gambler, Jed York hasn’t done well. He gambled and listened to his GM when he told him they could win without Harbaugh. That Harbaugh just so happened to come along at the right time when all the talent was peaking. He told Jed they could win with any coach. They could win with Tomsula. Jed bought it and lost. Kaepernick was upset when they got rid of Harbaugh, and he took Harbaugh’s side. The GM didn’t like it, and told Jed they could win with Gabbert. He told Jed they didn’t need Kaepernick. Jed bought it and lost again. It’s a good thing Uncle Eddie gifted the Yorks a lot of money, because they don’t seem to make any good decisions.

  26. Hmmmm,
    Reworked Contract/Deal Inked!
    Elimination of Injury Guarantee!
    Wait a second, did they just say……..
    Elimination of Paid Injury Guarantees?
    Now, how many fans, as well as other football players
    are waiting to see Mr. Kaep be Capped for total disregard and disrespect by which he made his selected stance?
    Goodbye, Mr. Kaep.
    You were never that good a QB, sorry!
    And, “You” just allowed San. Fran. to get rid of you in the most hideous of ways. In no way do I wish this upon you, but you painted a huge target on your back son.

  27. Kaep’s dishes were done after the loss to the Ravens in the Super Bowl. NFL defensive staffs had a whole season of tape to figure out how to stop him in the offseason. Kaep has no answer to the updated defensive styles.

  28. vbe2 says:
    Oct 12, 2016 6:44 PM

    Hopefully someone reworks his knees soon too.

    What the hell sort of patriotism do you and other bozos like you suffer from?

    After reading the Declaration of Independence, King George III was heard to say, “I hope someone declares independence on Thomas Jefferson’s hands.”

  29. On the surface it looks like Kaepernick gave in to the team. He’s not getting any more money this year than he would have if he was scratched every game, while giving up the potential of keeping the golden goose alive for the future. I think there are aspects that haven’t reached the public. His surgeries and rehab schedule since he was benched and left the team a year ago were sketchy to say the least. This compromise may have come about to avoid a legal battle by both sides. I think the 9ers had enough of a case to void his current deal to at least make things interesting in a court of law, but no one wants to roll those dice unnecessarily so they reworked his contract to get the team off the hook for the future.

  30. This is the best way for Chip to demand a quality Q.B. next year. I don’t believe they would play Kap with an injury clause. I don’t think Kap will do well but he has been given a chance. This allows the team to wash their hands of this guy and show why they will be parting ways. Kap will be released and it will have nothing to do with his “race” or his protests,he will suck at Q.B.

  31. Jed to Trent: “Big-guy, what say you and I hang out a little while longer after the rest of the staff goes home today. I love this new contract for Kap and I’d like to show my appreciation.”

  32. Kapernick looks like a cross between Bozo the clown and a Chi-pet and plays about as well as Bozo the clown. 49’ers made a big mistake in signing him to this new deal.

  33. Could one, just one, person so bent out of shape regarding the protests answer this simple question:

    How do Kaepernick’s and other player’s protests effect you personally? Do not answer with the “they are disrespecting the flag/anthem” gibberish. How do the protests specifically effect you and your family? Has your personal situation worsened as result of the protests?

    If your personal situation has not changed, you care way too much about this.

  34. For a guy who misses receivers by 3 feet I don’t know if betting on himself was the smartest thing to do.

  35. In Chip Kelly’s offense Kelly makes all the reads, and calls all the plays. He believes any quarterback will succeed, so it’s no surprise he’s not afraid of a athletic failed quarterback that’s less than intellectually gifted. It’s a desperate attempt to hang onto his job, but unfortunately, a mental midget like Kaepernick will ultimately send Chip Kelly packing from the NFL permanently.

  36. rcali says:
    Oct 12, 2016 8:31 PM
    So, let’s bring this up again, will he finally scratch off that check for a mil’ that he said he was going to do?


    Great point, and remember he said it would be the “First $1M from his jersey sales” after the mediots tried to make him look like he was receiving support by saying his jersey was leading in sales.

    I’m sure he led, but I bet it was for like a 12 hour period, and the virtue signaling maggot media had to try and “Fix” things because they are smart and know better.

  37. Hasn’t he already had “a chance” throughout his career to prove he’s a good QB? And he’s ended up as a backup on one of the worst teams in the league. Why would it be any different now?

  38. Maybe to bring the fans back, SF should make a cardboard life-sized image of Kaper-doodle standing with an American flag in one hand, and his other hand on his heart, and display it during the anthem. It would be much more interesting than the real guy

  39. I can see him getting injured by an upset opposing player taking a cheap shot (whether you feel deserved or not) due to his kneeling during the national anthem..

  40. @thermalito – Because you are feeling offended over something that realistically means nothing to you. If every professional athlete kneeled during the anthem it would not change your, my, or anyone else’s life one iota.

    Disagreeing with the protests is acceptable. Being “offended” or having some kind of strong feelings about it is simply unhealthy.

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