Art Briles working as guest coach with Browns

Ex-Baylor coach Art Briles is working as a guest coach with the Browns.

Briles was on the practice field Wednesday and worked with the team’s quarterbacks in the portion of practice open to the meda. Per, he’s participating in meetings and practices this week and Browns coach Hue Jackson told reporters Briles will be around for a little longer, but not for an extended period of time.

Briles was fired last spring amid allegations that his coaching staff and members of the athletic department were aware of sexual assault allegations against players but did not pursue discipline.

“This happened at a different time and not here, so I can’t judge that,” Jackson said. “I understand everybody has an opinion about it, but I get to judge here and what goes on here in our building and I don’t think those things have affected our building that way. Nothing happened here. I have to be able to judge by my relationship with him and what he’s here doing for me now and that’s what’s important.”

Jackson said he got the OK from the Browns’ front office before having Briles in.

“I’ve gotten to know Coach Briles and I think he’s a tremendous offensive-minded football coach,” Jackson said. “I’m always looking for different ways of doing things and preparing things and, again, what happened at Baylor is at Baylor.”

Briles visited the Browns and several other NFL teams as part of a training camp tour in August. Briles has no prior NFL experience. He coached in Texas high schools for 20 years before joining the college ranks in 2000 and was head coach at the University of Houston before getting the job at Baylor.