Eifert sits out practice again

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Bengals tight end Tyler Eifert, who appeared to be on track to returning from ankle surgery until he had a back issue last week, did not participate in practice Wednesday.

Bengals Coach Marvin Lewis didn’t share much about Eifert’s back injury last week but made it sound like the team would continue to play it safe until Eifert feels significantly better.

The Bengals listed both back and ankle injuries for Eifert on their injury and participation report.

Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green was also listed as a non-participant in Wednesday’s practice due to a calf injury. Running back Jeremy Hill was limited due to a chest injury.

The Bengals play at New England on Sunday.

16 responses to “Eifert sits out practice again

  1. Doesn’t matter whether Eifert plays or not with that joke of an offensive line. If the Bengals don’t get it together, Sunday is going to be another laugher.

  2. Damn shame he can’t seem to get on the field, he’s a heck of a player and fun too watch. The absence of Eifert has really shown up in Cincy this year more so than in ’14, Dalton had really come to count on him. Gronkowski may be the better overall TE but between them Eifert’s contribution is more important to the Bengals than Gronkwski’s is to the Patriots and that’s saying a lot.

  3. grogantomorgan says:
    Oct 12, 2016 4:50 PM
    Wait … how can you say Eifert is more important to Cincy than Gronk is to New England when Cincy has AJ Green.

    Just saying

    You also have Tom Brady and Bill Belichick

    We have Giggles Lewis and a really bad OLine coach who apparently will never get fired.

  4. You also have Tom Brady and Bill Belichick

    We have Giggles Lewis and a really bad OLine coach who apparently will never get fired.


    Sorry I was just speaking to the offensive contribution … not the whole team make-up.

  5. The Patriots managed to roll to 3-1 without Brady or Gronk. Both of those players matter a lot, and Brady more so than Gronk, but Bellicheck can survive without them. He is a scheme master and a coaching genius.

    The Bengals are 2-3 without Eifert, and we have lots of problems (O-line, D-line, cornerbacks, running game), but a big one is our redzone efficiency, which is worst in the league. Eifert was a huge part of our efficiency in that area last year. Marvin Lewis is not a scheme master and is not a coaching genius.

    We have a lot of issues, and I expect this weekend’s game to be more depressing than last weekend’s, but getting Eifert back would help tremendously.

  6. shame. He might still play but it sounds unlikely. I was looking forward to seeing three premier TE’s on the field in one game but I guess we’ll all have to settle for Gronk and Bennett.

  7. Doesn’t matter if he plays or not. We are still stuck with Marvin and Zimmer is gone to Minnesota. Most Bengals fans really hoped Zimmer replaced Marvin but of course not. Is there any coach in history to coach this long without winning a playoff game? Just look at his face on TV before big games.

  8. It’s not really a big game so Dalton might actually play well. If this game was to get into the playoffs or a postseason game Dalton would choke as usual. That said the Pats most likely win in any case.

  9. I don’t even have to see them win this weekend I just want a fight and for them to be competitive like they actually give a crap. It will be important for them to set the tone for the rest of the season.

  10. We will see how much they want to win, how much pride they have. Last week was such a thorough beat down by the Cowboys that this weekend will be a good measuring game for them. Hoping they win.

  11. I wonder if Eifert is too fragile for the NFL?

    Anyway, he won’t be the fix.

    The Bengals issues are they’re too predictable on both sides of the ball. They haven’t changed their game up in the last 5-6 years, teams already know what they’re going to do based on the personnel.

    I mean there are 3 head coaches that use to be cooordinators… the cat’s out of the bag, right?

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