Josh Lambo: When Sebastian Janikowski says something funny, you laugh

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Chargers kicker Josh Lambo ticked some people off after Sunday’s loss to the Raiders when he was seen laughing while talking with Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski on the field after the game.

Some of his teammates were among that group, leading to a conversation between Lambo and coach Mike McCoy about why that didn’t sit right with everyone. On Tuesday, Lambo said he understood it was “a bad look” but that it was a “misinterpretation of what happened” to say that he wasn’t upset about losing the game and that he’s only human when it comes to laughing at things that are funny.

“In the kicking world, he’s a superstar. He’s a rock star,” Lambo said, via the Associated Press. “He’s a guy I look up to, a guy I consider a growing friend. We had a word, we had a laugh. We’re people. The work day was over and he said something funny and when Sebastian Janikowski says something funny to you, you laugh.”

Until the day of the robot kicker comes to pass, there’s going to be a chance of a kicker laughing on the field after a game. Lambo seems to have handled any negative reaction as well as possible, which leaves him more time to get used to the new holder that the Chargers are expected to employ after Lambo’s last partner Drew Kaser made a more egregious error than giggling at the end of the Raiders loss.

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  1. When players are actually talking to the opposing team and laughing with them after a game it snaps me back to reality that these aren’t wars, but simply GAMES. We take this crap way too seriously folks. SERIOUSLY

  2. What a non-story. People are upset at a kicker for laughing AFTER the game. Get over it. The Chargers have a lot of losing left in them and it’s not the kickers fault.

  3. I would get it if the guy who botched the snap was laughing it up. But Lambo didn’t even get the chance to kick the ball. He should be able to chat with a friend afterwards.

  4. I would be more disappointed about your players running onto the field and exchanging jerseys. This isn’t the pro-bowl.

  5. That organization’s issues go far deeper than worrying about a kicker laughing after the game. The ship be sinking.

  6. The kicking world needs better superstars if they are looking up to guys that carry around roofies and beat up women in night clubs.

  7. Al took MANY lumps at the time for selecting a KICKER in the first round – seriously, a kicker???

    That being said, at pick 17, the only other player really worth a thing in retrospect was Shaun Alexander.

    And here we are SEVENTEEN YEARS LATER and Sea-bass is STILL winning games for us…and, this past weekend, continued his record of most 50+ yard kicks.

    One only has to look at the number of BAD kickers teams go through looking for the guy who can give some stability in such an integral part of the game.

    He was a GREAT pick by Al. He IS a rock star (and once he stopped partying like one, became the franchise kicker we have today).

    I’m SURE the folks down in Tampa had Jano in mind when they moved up to grab Roberto A. As we’ve seen time after time with kickers though, Jano is a rare breed.


  8. Laughing at a joke by a star opponent: unacceptable.
    Insulting the flag in front of millions: Let’s make you a starter.

    21st Century NFL problem in a nutshell.

  9. My brain hurts that anyone would make this a thing. Everyone knows everyone regardless of team in the league. There are many who are friends. Wearing a different jersey doesn’t make them the enemy and that idea is ludicrous.

  10. jjackwagon says:
    Oct 12, 2016 8:50 AM
    The kicking world needs better superstars if they are looking up to guys that carry around roofies and beat up women in night clubs.
    That happened when he was in college, when he was very young. He’s been squeaky clean since then.

    I guess you never screwed up when you were young.


  11. How could anyone make a big deal out of this? It’s not like the Chargers lost because Lambo missed a kick, they lost because the snap was botched. Completely out of his control.

    I’m sure there were plenty of other players from the Chargers yucking it up with old college teammates and no one bats an eye, but when a kicker does it everyone loses their minds!

  12. This country has become so pathetically sensitive it makes me sick. We complain about people being violent and aggressive but yet it’s not acceptable that 2 grown men can share a laugh after a football game. Sometimes I wish we could turn the clock back to the 1980’s and just stay there.

  13. Personally, I could care less. Players meet and greet after every game. Like he said, SeaBass is a rockstar in the kickers world, so the kid is probably star-struck by him.

  14. “oscarxray says:
    Oct 12, 2016 10:04 AM
    The fact some of his teammates were upset shows this is serious.He should have been cut.”


    “Yeah, if they cut the kicker, maybe they’ll leave me alone!” – every player on their roster.

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