Martellus Bennett trashes Jay Cutler, entire Bears roster

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Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett says things. Many things. No, really, a lot of things.

And when you deal in that kind of bulk, it’s inevitable that some are colorful, and some are inflammatory.

His latest target is Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and the Chicago roster at large, taking some shots at his old team in an E:60 piece on ESPN.

“Some people that you want to be a leader are not the guy that’s the leader,” Bennett said, via “And everyone in the locker room knows that this is not the leader, but this is what you want the face of the team to look like.”

He also took a fairly direct shot at the entire roster, and the way things were handled during his three years there.

“We just had a bunch of b—-es on the roster — that’s why we didn’t win games — and coaches liked the b—-es,” Bennett said.

He’s now on his fourth team in nine years, and while he’s very talented, it’s also hard to separate the player people want and the guy teams keep getting rid of. They both exist in there.

The Bears went 19-29 in Bennett’s three seasons there, then traded him and a sixth-round pick to the Patriots for a fourth-round pick.

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  1. Oh Marty B. – plenty of talent, but will wear out his welcome quickly! This isn’t his 3rd stop for no reason!?

    Complacency will kick in eventually then Coach and Tom will send him packing! Book it!

  2. It’s easy to be loudmouthed when you just turned in a career game, not that he hasn’t been outspoken his entire career, but success brings out the worst in him.

  3. Well he is playing on a team with real men and led by the greatest coach of all time “B.B” who tells him…”DO YOUR JOB” catch the ball and run….for him this is paradise!!!

  4. Bennett is a pretty smart guy who owns his own business and writes books for kids. He’s not a typical jock just spouting off, but he’s developed a reputation as a malcontent because both he and Michael aren’t afraid to speak publicly. I’ll definitely watch the ESPN thing on these two tonight at 8 pm. For what it’s worth, Marty is probably not long for New England. He’ll use this season to get a big contract somewhere else. He could be the 2016 version of the 2014 Revis.

  5. He is a guy that is very very talented but I just can’t pull for. Quite the opposite actually. He is the kind of guy that I wouldn’t mind bad things happening to him. Terrible to say but it’s true…

  6. His comments are a little surprising coming from a Patriots player. Not the type of stuff Belichick normally allows from his players, regardless of who they are. Bennett may feel he gets one free shot before the gag rule goes into full effect. But I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Belichick enforces his own kind of discipline to ensure Bennett understands the rules. Just like Sun Tao in the Art of War, he needed to decapitate the two favorite concubines of the Emperor when they pranced around rather than following the military leader’s marching orders so that the other 998 concubines fell into perfect unison. It worked with Sun Tao and it works with Belichick. Bennett better be careful.

  7. “He’s now on his fourth team in nine years, and while he’s very talented, it’s also hard to separate the player people want and the guy teams keep getting rid of. They both exist in there.”

    And yet the Pats seem to be able to separate them out. Why is that? Is it because they are all business?

  8. Marty got his ankle rolled up on and when asked if he needed a cart, said “no, that will make me look weak” ( except more colorfully). Retaped the ankle, came back and scored three touchdowns. That’s the kind of player that can call other people b!!!h. That’s what you want other players to see. As for his remarks, the man has a brain and comes off pretty smart. Quickly becoming one of my favorite players.

  9. great talent but a VERY me first person. Enjoy his ability Pats fans, but when its time for a contract…..he will be a problem in the locker room whether its the patriot way or not

  10. Look, buddy, you’re awesome on the field and we’re all thrilled to have you on the team, but shut the hell up. That is not how Patriots players conduct themselves. All the talent and TDs in the world aren’t going to help you if you let your mouth land you on the bench. Suck it up and put a sock in it before you and your remarkable talent wind up on the trading block.

  11. Of course Marty was such a model citizen while he was with the Bears.

    He’s a tool but there is truth in what he’s saying. The Marc Trestman debacle had to do with a lot more than just too many old, slow and generally not good football players on the roster. A big-time losers culture took hold those two years and John Fox still has not successfully turned that around as seen by the numerous winnable games the Bears have found ways to lose under his watch (including last week).

    As for leadership, when guys like Lance Briggs and Julius Peppers blatantly quit on your coaches, how can you not expect the rest of the team to follow suit? Trestman and Mel Tucker were incompetence personified but the way that some of those Lovie Smith holdovers acted out was thoroughly unprofessional and embarrassing.

  12. I wonder how many people care about what this guy says. I’m guessing maybe only himself. He’s a malcontent and I’m sure after he wears out his welcome with the Patriots he’ll say the same thing about them. Once a terd, always a terd.

  13. Surprised Bill hasn’t told him to shut his mouth yet.

    Yes, Cutler sucks. Everyone in Chicago knows it. You’re not there anymore, so maybe get over it?

  14. Belichick will not appreciate this. Bennett needs to keep his mouth shut and stay focused on the next team the Pats are playing, not his old one.

  15. harrisonhits2 says:
    Oct 12, 2016 9:47 AM
    Belichick will not appreciate this. Bennett needs to keep his mouth shut and stay focused on the next team the Pats are playing, not his old one.

    This is just rehashed stuff from the August interview he and his brother did. It’s not like it just happened

  16. You guys are great. This was taped over the summer, its airing this week. So Bennett said this stuff over the summer, not recently. Belichick probably already told him to keep quiet when it comes to some of the things that come out of his mouth. Its not like he walked off the field into an interview and just started ripping on Cutler and the Bears.

  17. eagleswin says:

    It’s easy to be loudmouthed when you just turned in a career game, not that he hasn’t been outspoken his entire career, but success brings out the worst in him

    Was filmed over the summer. Also, hasn’t said a lick since he joined NE.

  18. The Bears still suck. That will never change. However, Patriots fans are the absolute worst. There is no less educated, more obnoxious fanbase in the NFL.

  19. Randy Moss Circa 2007… Same Ol’ Same Ol’ … This is what happens when you have a little success. I don’t think his stay with the Pats will be a long one… He will have tremendous success here… Brady will make him super star…

    and then…

    “I wanna get paid…”
    “BB lied to me”
    “That offer was disrespectful”
    “I am underpaid”

    Blah Blah Blah

    He will shoot is way out of town and will be out of football a year later… I’ve seen this movie.

  20. bspn made news with this in August and is milking the same cow now, and PFT followed their lead both times. bspn should be emulating PFT not the other way around.

  21. Best run organization in professional sports.

    Winning culture focused on bringing tough, hard working guys together and exposing them to a disciplined, strategic brand of football.

    Players probably work hard in the weight-rooms for every NFL team. But in New England, they’re exposed to an intellectual approach that demands much more of their minds.

    For some guys like Bennett, its like discovering a little piece of heaven. He’s on cloud 9….I think we can cut him a little slack. As long as he doesn’t call anyone out by name, I have no issues with his comments.

  22. Nobody is calling Cutler a great leader. He is what he is.

    I like Marty while he was with the Bears. He caught 90 balls from the non-leader 2 years ago and was happy as can be. His problem with the Bears came up when SURPRISE! he wanted more money.

    Now he plays for one of the most secretive teams in the NFL that notoriously keep their players quiet. Just a hunch but Marty will probably be searching for his 5th team in another 2 years.

    Also, why did this tough guy wait till he was long gone from Chicago to call them all bitches. I think Kyle Long, Parnell McPhee, Willie Young, and several other guys would love to ask Marty about this in an alley.

  23. Chicago has some good people in it, but the City is rife with corruption and incompetence with the same clowns and crooks and race-hustlers in charge for decades.

    Getting out of there to some place professional was a blessing.

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