Ryan Tannehill: Player cuts send a message

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The Dolphins cut a pair of offensive linemen who started on Sunday, and if the goal was to send a message to the rest of the team, it worked.

According, at least, to the one guy who already has received an assurance that he won’t be benched this year.

“I think it sends a pretty clear message,” quarterback Ryan Tanehill told reporters on Wednesday. “Obviously, it’s a tough part of the business. [They are] guys that you spend a lot of time with — good people — but it sends a message to everyone on this team that, ‘You’ve got to get your job done, or we’re going to find somebody who can.'”

For Tannehill, that message won’t be delivered until after the season at the earliest, based on comments from coach Adam Gase after Sunday’s loss to the Titans. By March, however, Tannehill could indeed go the way of Billy Turner and Dallas Thomas, given that Tannehill has another $14.475 million in 2017 base salary that becomes fully guaranteed on the fifth day of the next league year.

The good news for Tannehill is that he already has $3.5 million in fully-guaranteed salary for 2017. So if he gets cut and in the unlikely event no one gives him a chance next year (given the offset language on the guarantee), he’ll make at least $3.5 million to do nothing next year.

The bad news for Tannehill is that the offensive line isn’t giving him enough time to set up and throw. The worse news is that he arguably called out his blockers when responding to a question regarding the difficulty of throwing the ball to second options and beyond when he doesn’t have the time to do it.

“It’s tough whenever you don’t have a chance to even really start your progression, or if you do, to get to [the] number two [progression],” Tannehill said. “There’s no chance of that. It makes it tough. It makes it tough on everyone. The receivers have to be able to get open quickly. I think several of those were on third down situations, so it’s tough to get to the open guy if you don’t have time.”

But Tannehill didn’t completely blame the situation on what Peyton Manning once called “problems in protection.”

“Part of that is on me being able to move in the pocket and find an open guy,” Tannehill said. “You have to be able to move.”

Then again, he said this, too: “You have to have time to move. If your eyes are downfield and you’re looking at one [and] you get hit from behind, it’s tough to move at that point. As a quarterback — as a guy who has the ability to move — I feel like I need to be able to escape the pocket some and get out of harm’s way.”

Tannehill, who started down the path in response to specific questions about Gase calling out the blocking put the blame on everyone.

“I have to find a way to get the ball out,” Tannehill said. “Receivers have to be able to get open quickly. I have to see them get open quickly and use my feet, if necessary. Hopefully we don’t have that continued issue. It’s tough in any situation when you’re getting quick pressures. I think the offensive line is working hard to correct that and skill positions are working hard to be able to get open and get the ball out quickly.”

He’s right on, on every count. Whether the way he expressed himself in a way that will keep his offensive linemen from being upset with him is a different issue, entirely.

It’s one thing for the coach to call out the blocking. It’s quite another for the quarterback to do it, especially when he’s not nearly as accomplished as someone like Manning, who was widely criticized for saying what he said following a 2005 playoff loss to the Steelers.

47 responses to “Ryan Tannehill: Player cuts send a message

  1. I have never seen a QB get so many chances to develop.

    Miami has completely counted on this guy for years and will soon find themselves buyers in a thin QB market.

  2. Ryan Turnoverhill is the one player who needs to go from this franchise, he was handed the starting QB position in 2012 without ever earning it and still hasn’t earned it to this day.
    This franchise has blamed every player, coach and everything else in south FL for Turnoverhill’s never ending failures.
    You cannot take a career college WR and turn him into a productive NFL QB, Ryan still to this day cannot read defenses, has no accuracy, urgency, pocket presence and no leadership skills.
    I am truly amazed this franchise seems to think he will improve and be a top 10 QB when he hasn’t progressed in 5 years.
    The biggest shocker was awarding him a $100M contract before the 2015 season, this was beyond insanity.

  3. Those Lineman blow! They should have been cut before camp. Every Dolphins fan under the sun knows those guys suck yet the new coaching staff not only kept them but wasted 2 weeks of camp on them as the starting guards. That 2 weeks could have been used to get Tunsil and Bushrod acclimated to their new spots. Tannehill is far from free of blame but anyone who’s watched Dallas Thomas and Billy Turner knows they are terrible.

  4. Tough decision for the Phins. His salary is guaranteed way before the draft takes place. If they cut him, they can have Matt Moore possibly starting if they can’t draft a QB in the 1s round. Probably depend on where in the draft they land.

  5. Texans should look at the cut linemen. We desperately need help. Why wouldn’t the Dolphins have just made them backups? Seems strange to cut starting players.

  6. As a huge Aggie fan I never understood why he was valued so high as a prospect…I was blown away that someone thought he was a first round pick…granted Weeden went in the first round that year to

  7. Ah Yes, Gase assured ALL of us he’d stick with you through the the remainder of this season – but I’ll bet he’ll be saying
    SAYONARA to you BEFORE March rolls around!
    Now if Ross would wise up & grow a pair and answer our other prayer too – He’ll fire Tannenbaum and us Dolphin fans will really have something to look forward to in 2017.

  8. The game is still won/lost in the trenches. The only reason that rookie QB and RB for Dallas are looking so good is because they have one of the strongest offensive lines in the NFL.
    Tennehill may not have time to find out if he has the talent as their O-line has been a revolving door for a long time.

  9. Miko was fun and only spoke the truth, however no one wanted to hear it.
    Turnoverhill apologist will tell you “look at his stats” they’re awesome” the only problem is 70% come in garbage time with the dolphins trailing by double digits.

  10. They practice almost every day ,if Moore or any of the other quarterbacks on the rooster were better they would be starting.
    Tannehill is their only option this season and the coaching staff will watch him closely to see if he is worth his salary ,barring a trade.
    I just hope this new line starts Showing signs of improvment, not only for Tannehills sake, but for the whole organization

  11. Don’t blame Tannehill. The main reason why he was taken so high in the draft was that he was already familiar with Mike Sherman’s offensive system. Great move by the Dolphins to draft this kid and then fire Sherman two seasons later. He’s had a multiple OC’s sense. Give that guy some stability!

  12. Tannehill is awful. He has never shown any indication of leadership or even a basic understanding of football. Fourth and eight with two minutes left in the game down by 4? Let me throw this two yard dump off. Now I’ll walk off the field like it wasn’t my fault the RB got tackled immediately.

    Forget the skills of Brady or Manning or Marino. Look at their competitiveness. They never accepted mediocrity or losing. When they went three and out, they were ticked off. They didn’t just walk to the sideline and shrug their shoulders. Brian Hoyer is a competitor and teams respect him. Tannehill is this decade’s Jeff George.

  13. The Tannehill extension was not insanity. It bought the team 2 more years to evaluate if He was the the GUY. Now, if they decide to keep him after the escape hatch this offseason…..THAT’S INSANITY

  14. The whole team stinks, but Tannehill has had the longest tryout of any QB in NFL history. Every time he has a good game and I think, “Maybe he’s got it now,” he goes back to having a bad game the next week – or 5 bad games, or 10. If there’s an NFL-ready QB in the first round, take him. It’s ok to take one who needs a little coaching – Matt Moore can be a decent placeholder for a few games, and we’ve all seen what Wentz and Prescott have done with a little break-in period (very little, in Prescott’s case.) Ryan is tough and determined but can’t get it done.

  15. While it is certainly true that Tannehill is awful, not enough of the blame has yet to hit Tannenbaum. Two years ago I put my name to it, on these very same pages, to my assertion that Tannenbaum would do to the Dolphins what he did to the Jets. Cause their downfall. And I stand by that opinion. He gave a very ill-advised and foolish contract extension to Mark Sanchez and then he did the same dumb thing with Ryan Tannehill.

  16. He was a wide receiver in college?!?!? Maybe Gase can figure out how he can throw the ball and try and catch is own inaccurate passes.

  17. A QB should never throw linemen under the bus even if it really is their fault. They know it’s their fault, but the QB shouldn’t publicly say it. Let the coach say it. Look at Andrew Luck. He’s taking the blame for the sacks when anyone can clearly see his line sucks.

  18. The only message I got out of the cuts is the Dolphins had lots of bad players make their roster. And that they’re awfully slow in figuring that out as evidenced by the fact the one guy started all 16 games last season.

  19. getitrightflorio says:
    Oct 12, 2016 7:10 PM
    Tannehill will bounce back and bet Big Ben this Sunday book it!!!! Fins up!

    What will he be betting Ben about? Fins are up alright, unfortunately they are the pectoral ones.

  20. I love the bandwagon jumpers that like to blame Ross, Ross is not the problem, Ross has an open wallet for his team and will do whatever it takes. The problem, much like Qbs, is there are only so many top notch execs ( qb’s) to go around. Like Ross they are learning as they go. Thill is an interesting problem, he has never has a line that protected him as he has had to learn 3 offenses. I would love to see where Thill would be if he had only 1 O to learn and a protective O line.

  21. Turner is a 3rd round pick. Just about everyone except Jarvis Landry from that draft is a non factor. And we got lucky with Landry because it just happened to be a great WR draft that year and whoever fell off the tree into your lap would be great. Any other year the WR would be a bust.

    What Tannehill doesn’t seem to know is that he’s one of the people who should be cut. It’s incredulous that so many people have come and gone, including coaches, and he’s still here.

    If you have a great QB it makes everyone more motivated, and elevates everyone’s play, and opens up the offensive playbook. This has to be Job#1 for the Dolphins.

  22. Is Tannehill doing his Jay Cutler imitation? One thing a player NEVER discusses is other players getting cut for non-performance. That’s for GMs, coaches, and owners…and that’s IT.

  23. A lot of experts on this blog, let me know when one of them has a top NFL job. We need to give this new and very young head coach some time to get this team fix. It will take more then his first year, remember the first NFL head coaching job Jimmy Johnson had?Bill

  24. 1) Whoever said Tannehill’s above average career stats have come in garbage time have likely only seen his games from this year. This is a small and inaccurate sample of how he’s earned his numbers over his first 5 years in the league, a likely excuse to bag on him for his lack of success in Miami.

    2) He still may not be the solution in Miami under Gase, and if Gase actually doesn’t believe in him I wouldn’t mind seeing the Phins trade for Cutler since they’re both worth about the same next year. Gase has already seen success with him and I know Chicago must be looking for a way to cut loose.

  25. Gase is in way over his head. Tannehill just following suit to not break from the ranks of the HC. Looks like Dolphins gambled and lost on this coaching hire. That’s what happens when you let a first time HC hire an inexperienced staff that is not ready for the pressure of the responsibility.

  26. While I’m not 100% sold on Tannehill, please feel free to name one qb capable to be behind this line in recent years. Brady? Don’t think so… The receiver patterns are ten yards down field they never find separation. That said yes he hangs onto the ball too long and will most likely be done after the season for a new qb, but all that is good and holy (not a religious man) thankfully Thomas and Turner are gone. As for his contract, crap on him all you will it was a short term deal heavily front loaded but he’s getting killed. Take the money retire with your beautiful wife and lets draft Watson…

  27. Tannehill is no Dan Marino, for sure, but he really does not have more than half a second to get the ball out with that sorry excuse for an O-line. They made the Titans defensive front look like the 85 Bears last sunday.

  28. Russell Wilson has an awful O-Line too, and he’s done pretty well fro himself.

    thepopefromtv says:
    Oct 12, 2016 9:21 PM
    1) Whoever said Tannehill’s above average career stats have come in garbage time have likely only seen his games from this year. This is a small and inaccurate sample of how he’s earned his numbers over his first 5 years in the league, a likely excuse to bag on him for his lack of success in Miami.

    No, that’s been said for the last 3 years now.

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