Steelers add Karlos Williams to practice squad

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Karlos Williams has found work again, sort of.

The Steelers announced they signed the former Bills running back to their practice squad Wednesday.

There were reports he was expected to rejoin the Bills, who cut him in August, after he gained a bunch of sympathy pounds and before his four-game suspension for violating the substance abuse policy. But that either wasn’t an option or he simply preferred his chance in Pittsburgh.

He’s certainly been productive when he’s on the field, averaging 5.6 yards per carry last year with the Bills.

The Steelers have three running backs on their active roster now that Le’Veon Bell’s suspension is over, with DeAngelo Williams and Fitzgerald Toussaint in reserve.

His brother, Vince Williams, plays linebacker for the Steelers, giving them a chance at daily reunions.

19 responses to “Steelers add Karlos Williams to practice squad

  1. Vince shut this rumor down on Twitter a few weeks ago… i guess Karlos had a change of heart.. or Hes just that unwanted in the eyes of NFL teams.. either way he should be a nice addition if he stays in shape!

  2. 93 attempts
    517 yards
    5.6 yards per carry
    7 TD’s

    If he is in shape, could be a nice addition. 6 feet 1, 230 pounds. Compliments Bell and Williams

  3. Can somebody please fill me in on the PS eligibility rules? I’ve read tons of different things, the one I see most is a player is ineligible if he’s on the active Gameday roster for 8 or more games, which he was. I mean, it just really blows my mind that Buffalo would let him walk without assigning him to their own after they cut him in August. Or was it due to the suspension? Google has not come through for me on this one.

  4. Let’s see, be part of the 53 for the going-nowhere Bills, or join the Steelers PS and collect a SB ring in 5 months. Tough choice.

  5. “Karlos Williams has found work again, sort of.”

    Really???? Practice squad players make $6900 a week!!!
    He found work again, playing a game, period.

  6. best of luck karlos. I loved watching you play for the bills. I hope he does well. I would be concerned with all the concussions. A few mil is not worth a lifetime of problems

  7. hamlet423 says:
    Oct 12, 2016 11:33 AM
    sigh the jets should have tried to sign him they need major rb help now
    Dude…I almost fell out of my chair laughing….. I believe they are in need of MUCH MORE help than RB…

  8. Bills did Karlos wrong…so what if he is a fat slob with no discipline and a concussion history?

    This is why the Steelers are a 1st class organization. Talent trumps EVERYTHING. As it should.

  9. Buffalo gave him a shot to come back, but when you no show someone they don’t forget. For his sake he better hope for an injury somewhere around the league… because that will be the only way he gets on the field this season.
    The biggest reason for Williams 93 rushes for 517 yards (5.6ypc) and 7 td’s was the great run blocking he received from the 2015 Buffalo Offensive Line, which is fully intact this season… Hence McCoy’s 85 rushes for 447 yards (5.3ypc) and 3 td’s after 5 games this year… IMO, It was not Buffalo that lost out from Williams’ no show, It is his loss.

  10. EJ: you would rather have the Bill’s offensive line than the Steelers offensive line? No way



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